Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lennay Kekua

O.K. I may not be the best blog writer but this should be the easiest FIRST Sports Blog I've ever written. I'm not an English major, or a well known writer for your local sports team, but to some I may not even exist. This is how I am similar to Lennay Kekua, at least for now. To many, (I don't exist and I'm not that special) I'm just a guy who wants to eventually become a school counselor, make $40 K a year, and live off food stamps to feed my five kids. Actually I'm kidding, but you get the point; Average lifestyle. I'm a psychology major at the Harvard of the west, but maybe only for those majoring in Bio-Chemistry attempting to get into medical school. As I end my digressing, I want to get into this Manti Te'o story as I dive into my sports blogging endeavors. By the way, I have a Sports Vlogs and Twitter if any of you are interested. The links will be provided once I figure out this whole "interconnected" stuff. Anyways so about Lennay...

From what I hear, she was a hoax. At the same time, she has been viewed as a cover-up. I don't know what to believe but I do know that either way, "Manti, you're an idiot!" What was this dude thinking? No matter the way this hoax started, no matter the scenarios he'll bring up in his future 30 for 30 on ESPN, Manti can never live this down. Like many of us where our life blood is connected to the internet and our social world becomes enamored with the likes of Twitter and Facebook, Many of us guys receive spam constantly from fake internet women grasping for our lust. As quoted by ESPN's Monday Night Countdown "C'MON MAN!" I mean seriously this is the biggest C'MON man of the entire year, maybe the entire decade, and who knows maybe even the century.

When I first heard the story working out at the gym, I was like... "Hold on, I need to read more about this." So then I went home, dove into Reddit (which by the way my name is dialectdan), and I was stuck on there and Twitter for the next seven hours laughing at the jokes, ideas, and people who's brains could not handle Morpheus and the blue/red pill scenario. I read that Manti was either: gay, a moron, or covering up for something even bigger than that. Or, that Notre Dame was covering up something which makes more sense considering nobody was around to speak to the press after the initial "victim" speech by Jack Swarbrick. Manti Te'o even came out in an "off camera" interview with Jeremy Schaap and expected us to believe that the entire thing was a hoax. Not that ESPN's credibility has taken an entire step down to Deadspin, but how are we suppose to believe an off camera interview three days after the first time hearing of the story.

Also, tell me how I'm supposed to believe it's not a cover up when Manti was interviewed on December 8th and still talking about his girlfriend two days after he reportedly received a call from the same number telling him she wasn't real?

Those two days. That's what ESPN needs to address. What was Manti thinking? What was Notre Dame doing? What happened within those 48 hours between that interview and that phone call. All the other clutter around this story doesn't matter except those two days, December 6th and 7th. Even though it took Notre Dame twenty days to receive the news from Dec. 6th to Dec. 26th, none of us really knows what happened. Plus, why would they tell us? Why would they want to ruin their good, warmhearted story prior to the National Championship game? It all makes sense, Money talks. But then if you want to talk money what about all that money that went to Lennay Kekua and that leukemia foundation, or those sympathy votes for the Heisman, Voting during the regular season for the couches poll on a weekly basis, or the improper benefits Manti received after the death of his "girlfriend". We are all so lucky that Manti Te'o did not win the Heisman, or that Notre Dame did not win the National Championship because if they did both, we would have a serious College Football meltdown on our hands and this story would overtake every other scandal america has ever seen. Or would we?

Maybe for now, I'll just stick with calling Manti an idiot... It's appropriate.

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