Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 NFL Preseason Predictions!

7 months of no football… no professional football at least… It’s been a grueling, long wait for the boys of fall to show up for training camp once again. Another opportunity to play for the most coveted trophy in American sports, the 48th season to fight for such trophy. 32 teams, 17 weeks, 3 playoff rounds, and 1 magical night in New York to play for the biggest prize in America’s most covenant championship; Super Bowl XLVIII.

I picked the winner in all 256 games of the NFL Regular season along with picking the 10 playoff games and eventual Super Bowl XLVIII champion. It took a little over 3 hours at my night shift rehabilitation job where I usually do paper work in about 40 minutes and sit and read the rest of the time till about 6 am when I slowly have to start waking up kids to get their daily breakfast before I leave and hand off my duties to morning shift people. I looked at each team and what I had seen in the first couple of preseason games to get an idea of what each team had to offer. I also decided to base my judgments on what I had seen when it came to offseason acquisitions when it came to the draft and free agency and how those teams improved their chances heading into the 2013 regular season. Obviously, these are all rough estimates and clearly I’m no expert. But with my expertise and watching this sport since I was 9 years old (now 22 years old) with the amount of attention to detail as I have, I believe I have a pretty keen view of what I have to offer when it comes to giving you an idea of how the season will play out.

Nothing is handed to anybody. Nothing will be easily attained. It takes hard work, no days off (as Wale would say it), and a spirit that only the fiercest warriors can aspire to achieve. This is all on paper. These predictions are clearly from analysis by a very amateur sports prognosticator like myself. But I digress, and get you my 2 cents of sports knowledge that I do out of my labor of love, a love that doesn’t plan on dying anytime soon. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this research and backing that I call my NFL preseason predictions. Enjoy the regular season, and bask in the warmth of every hangover filled, fireside friendly, and spiritual Sunday these next 5 months will bring.

Let’s start off with the AFC and we’ll promptly begin with the East. We’ll go from bottom to top so that we can start with the cellar of each division and end with the winner of each division.


New York Jets:
This team is simply the worst thing since sliced bread and I don’t see any way this team can get out of the cellar any time soon. The only thing this team has going for them is a constant Friday highlight of a play called “the butt-fumble” replaying every single week since last thanksgiving. The amount of angst for this team will finally hit it’s peak this season as the New York Jet’s only have one key name player on their offense, and his name is Nick Mangold. Everybody else is expendable and I don’t see any way this team wins 5 games this season. With the loss of Revis Island and only having Antonio Cromartie anchor the secondary, winning will come very difficult for this Franchise. If Rex Ryan can put together a less than 10 loss team this season, it would simply be a miracle.
Prediction: 2-14

Miami Dolphins:
I honestly could see this team doing much better than I have picked them to do this upcoming season. Ryan Tannehill is a player that makes me weary when it comes to his ability to adjust in his second full season. He is a great talent and I think he will eventually become a good quarterback in the league, but it’s still too early to determine his ability. The key to the success of this team really relies upon the clock management the offensive line can provide for their newly inserted full time starter in Lamar Miller. He will be the key that could open up deep opportunities for Ryan Tannehill when throwing to new teammate Mike Wallace and savvy veteran Brian Hartline who has only recently started becoming a household name. When it comes to their defense, the only key players I see is Cameron Wake (15 sacks) who is probably one of the best front four players in the league, and Dannell Ellerbe who last season helped out the Baltimore Ravens get to the Super Bowl. He could be a key figure in providing some leadership on that defense which could be a spark they need to breakout this season as a potential sleeper team. I personally don’t see it happening, and considering they play in the same division as the Tom Brady Patriots, they shouldn’t be relevant for another year or so. But don’t be surprised if they make a leap this season and show signs of things to come.
Prediction: 6-10

Buffalo Bills:
This team is a legitimate contender and could be a serious threat this season to contend with the Patriots for the division. Reason being: C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson. Kevin Kolb and E.J. Manuel will be the story all season but I think with #1 receiver Stevie Johnson and the combo rookie receivers in Robert Woods & Marquise Goodwin along with blanket tight end Scott Chandler, there is no way this team is getting left out of the playoffs when it comes to this potentially dangerous attack in upstate New York. The only thing stopping them is inconsistent play at the offensive line. If they can get anything up front, this team will make the playoffs on ground-and-pound alone. Their defense also has a bunch of no names similar to the Dolphins. Kiko Alonso is the only recognizable name because he played for the Oregon Ducks the past 4 seasons and got drafted in the 2nd round. He should be able to do some things this season and make a serious run at the defensive player of the year award, especially if the Bills are to do anything this season. I think they will, even if Kiko doesn’t do anything because the time management of C.J. Spiller can carry this team to a potential playoff spot.
Prediction: 10-6

New England Patriots:
With the obvious loss of Aaron Hernandez to murder charges and Rob Gronkowski partying till the cows come home and treating his body with reckless abandon, the New England Patriots will be a little less powerful at the “blanket position” (Tight end). They also lost Wes Welker and replaced him with little-little-Danny Amendola and are placing more emphasis on Julian Edelman instead of relying on his special teams abilities. Ridley and Vereen are going to more than likely split time in the backfield as they will just be blocking for the franchise in Tom Brady. If Tom Brady gets hurt this season, you might as well throw away their season because this team can seriously do nothing without him at the helm. The Patriots do come into this season with possibly one of the best linebacker cores in all of football with Mayo, Spikes, and Hightower, at least that’s what it looks like on paper. The Patriots actually may be a force on defense this season unlike in past seasons where they banked on Brady to take them to the promise land (which he can still do). They still have a strong secondary with McCourty, Talib and Dennard leading the way and really shouldn’t have much of a problem stopping opposing teams and allow Tom Brady to build on his already hall of fame legacy. They win the division easily if Brady is healthy.
Prediction: 13-3
The AFC North will take a dramatic turn based upon the predictions I had throughout the regular season. I really don’t see an obvious team taking over the division this season and honestly, anybody could win it this season.


Baltimore Ravens:
If you haven’t turned off the blog by now, you probably will after I tell you the Ravens have a legitimate shot at finishing last within the AFC North this season. Reasons being pretty obvious, they have completely annihilated their Super Bowl Championship roster and are now banking on Joe Flacco to pull a Tom Brady within this division. Do you really think this guy (with his track record) is going to make Torrey Smith a viable #1 receiver option for the next coupe seasons and expect to be successful with their only major weapon as Ray Rice in the backfield? If you said yes, get into the treatment and I might see you some day. This team is a shell of itself and to be honest was on a hot streak in the postseason and it was the only reason they won the Super Bowl. It also doesn’t help their #1 tight end Dennis Pitta is also out for a lengthy amount of time putting Ed Dickson in the 1 spot. Last season, the Ravens squeezed everything they had out of their wily veterans and put together a run that will go down in Baltimore lore as one of the most dominant defensive performances led by one of the greatest linebackers to ever play the game. That is all gone now. It also didn’t help they let go of EVERYTHING (Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and more) when it came to defensive talent. Except for the addition of Elvis Dumerville, this team will take a huge step back this season and Joe Flacco will be viewed as a joke considering he signed the NFL’s most overrated contract this off-season.
Prediction: 4-12

Cleveland Browns:
Ok, I know what you’re thinking, this team has been known as a cellar team since forever, but why am I placing them higher than the Ravens? Simple answer, they have way more potential and have possibly one of the most potent backs in the division. Trent Richardson will take a massive step forward this season especially if he stays healthy. Other than that, Weeden has to prove himself, this receiver core has to prove themselves, and everyone on the offensive line other than Joe Thomas have to prove themselves. In this situation, no pressure is good and this team has some serious room to grow on the offensive side of the ball and having a great running back will help everybody’s cause (Just look at the Vikings). Again, the Browns have another no name defense but they also picked up another former Baltimore Raven from a year ago in Paul Kruger, and he is expected to give them a boost when it comes to experience and what it takes to put together an acceptable defense. Other than that, the Browns look like a team built to grow or built to wilt. I think they can grow, my prediction might be a tad low. I’m a poet, I should stop.
Prediction: 4-12

Cincinnati Bengals:
I don’t understand why I have this team underperforming this season to mightily with the weapons they have on offense. This team is clearly better than what I have them predicted at. Oh wait, let’s take a look at their schedule shall we? Starting from week 1: @CHI, vsPIT, vsGB, @CLE (rivalry game), vsNE, @BUF, @DET, vsNYJ, and that’s only their first half of the season. If there is a harder first half the season you let me know. I can only count 1…2… maybe 3 wins in the first 8 games of that schedule which is absolutely brutal for a team on the brink of becoming an elite team. Their offense has the Red Rocket (Andy Dalton) who could explode this season with AJ Green, Greshem at the tight end position, and Sanu who needs to step it up this season if the Bengals are going to do anything relevant this season. Their running back position has a mass of potential with Benjarvus Green-Ellis and rookie Giovani Bernard their second round pick out of North Carolina. If their offensive line can hold up, points should come in bunches for them this season but considering those first 8 games, I see that being a real struggle for Cincinnati. Geno Atkins and Michael Johnson are both double digit sack guys that will need to perform the same way this season for them to have any shot at getting back to the post season, and Rey Maualuga will have to get some help (besides from Vontaze Burfict) if the Bengals are going to stop anybody on defense. I really don’t see it happening with the schedule they have lined up and I see a very disappointing season of them this year.
Prediction: 5-11

Pittsburgh Steelers:
With the type of weapons the Steelers have coming into this season and Big Ben running the show, this team has got to be in the running for winning the division. Ben Roethlisberger finally has some legitimate weapons on the outside with Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown to give their plethora of running back talent room to run making them a legit threat since their Super Bowl 45 threat and if Heath Miller gets back playing sometime in September, look out. Hopefully this season Troy Polamalu can stay healthy and reconnect this defense back into its championship form we all know it can be. Their secondary should be stout this season, but hopefully guys like LaMarr Woodley can step it up and take the place of James Harrison and Larry Foote can improve upon his stellar 2012 campaign. This team has all the pieces of getting into the playoffs, but also knowing they have been hit by the injury bug the past couple of seasons, they still give me questions on whether they can stay consistent enough to make the postseason. Either way, this division is wide open, but with how the schedules line up for the Steelers, I see them squeaking out a division title and making an appearance in the postseason at best. But on the whole, this division is up in the air.
Prediction: 8-8

On to the AFC South now where there are really only 2 teams worth mentioning while the other teams get fat and happy on draft picks the next 4-5 years.


Tennessee Titans:
Since Jeff Fisher left, I have had no hope and I think this team is in the same position as the New York Jets when it comes the sight of needing to implode the current system in place. The only real new toy they picked up this offseason is Delanie Walker who, let’s be honest, was a sneeze at tight end compared to Vernon Davis of the 49ers. Jake Locker, I wish him the best of luck but I think by the end of this season he will be a washed up project and won’t be relevant in the NFL (unless he proves me wrong, which I hope he does). He has Nate Washington and Kenny Britt to throw too who hopefully can make Jake look good unlike the now washed up Chris Johnson. CJ2K hasn’t really done anything spectacular since putting pen to paper when it came to his new mega deal he sign last offseason. I don’t see him changing anytime soon and if anything, falling off even more. There’s a reason they signed Shonn Greene this offseason because of the lack of consistency by CJ2K. Do I really have to talk about the Titans defense? All they have is Jason McCourty and new Baltimore Raven Bernard Pollard. Other than that, Akeem Ayers is the only other name that rings a bell, nobody really strikes me as worthy candidates to get this team out of the Top 5 draft picks in the 2014 draft. It’ll be a long year Tennessee.
Prediction: 2-14

Jacksonville Jaguars:
MJD will be healthy… Luke Joeckel will probably be one of the best rookie tackles in the league this season… But the QB position is still holding this team back. Blaine Gabbert needs to make some serious strides this season if Jacksonville decides to make their jerseys relevant on anything four letter related. Marcedes Lewis should provide Gabbert with a decent blanket this season and hopefully Justin Blackmon can get back to the way he played at Oklahoma State a couple years ago because if not, another couple years of Top 5 picks are in the running for the Jaguars. The only real defensive threats on the Jaguars last season were Paul Posluszny, Jason Babin (who joined mid-season from the Eagles), and Derek Cox (who had 4 interceptions). Derek Cox is now on the Chargers and Babin will be entering his first full season in Jacksonville. I don’t see much happening for this team defensively but do not be surprised if they snuck up on some teams this year especially with their ability to run the ball and blitz the QB. If Blaine Gabbert can give them anything to chew on, they will be competitive, but that won’t be this season.
Prediction: 4-12

Indianapolis Colts:
I see the Colts coming back this season and having another legitimate shot at making a playoff run. Their offense this season is set up to be very lethal especially in the passing game as veterans Reggie Wayne, long time Colt, and Darrius Heyward-Bay, former speed demon of the Oakland Raiders, lead the way for this team to throw darts down the field. T.Y. Hilton has also made a name for himself playing very well this off season in the slot, which could provide the 2nd year QB in Andrew Luck an opportunity to have a third weapon down the field. Luck still has his side-kick in Colby Fleener on his team, but Luck’s blanket is more than likely going to be Dwayne Allen, a second year guy out of Clemson who caught 45 balls a year ago. The Indianapolis backfield is stacked of potential drag ‘em out runners such as Vick Ballard, Donald Brown, and the new acquisition in Ahmad Bradshaw who, when healthy, could be a huge goal line option for them when they need a big 3rd down conversion. Their defense has a couple names could give other teams fits this season. Undrafted Jerrell Freeman had 145 tackles last year in his rookie season and Antoine Bethea (a safety) had 100 tackles. You are not going to win a ton of games if your safety has 100 tackles again this season. Robert Mathis had 8 sacks last season, and hopefully, he can keep that up going into his 11th season. Dwight Freeney was let go to the San Diego Chargers and only had about 5 sacks last season for the Colts, so losing his productivity is not going to kill the team. What I think is going to kill the team this year and prevent them from getting back to the postseason is the ability to maintain their point differential. Last season they were the only team to have a negative point differential (-30) out of all 12 teams in the post season. This year, that will not get it done, and honestly I see them just missing out on the postseason because Andrew Luck has an entire year of film on him now. Tendencies will be exposed and I see the Colts having a successful season, but just missing out on the postseason.
Prediction: 10-6

Houston Texans:
This Texans team has no excuses this season to put together one of the best seasons in NFL History. They have the tools to do so in their 4,000 yard QB in Matt Schaub, they have one of the best receivers in the NFL when he’s healthy in Andre Johnson, a talented young flashy receiver in De’Andre Hopkins, a top five runner in Arian Foster, and a tight end in Owen Daniels who is one of the most clutch tight ends in football. Add all that up and it almost feels like the 1998 Vikings (an offense ready to breakout). Their defense is almost unstoppable and this year who’s going to get past them? With J.J. Watt and Antonio Smith up front (27.5 sacks combined), the best secondary in the AFC (Jackson, Manning, Reed, Joseph) and a young linebacker crew ready to erupt in the middle of that defense? They have a legit shot at getting their team into the Super Bowl this season. They did lose some guys on the defensive side in Glover Quinn (Detriot Lions) and Bradie James (released), but they didn’t lose much when adding a guy in Ed Reed who is on the last few seasons of his Hall of Fame career. He’ll bring that same leadership that Ray Lewis brought to his defense and everybody will step up their game to make this defense one of the most vaunted in the NFL. I see this team grabbing the a top slot in the AFC and waiting for their opponent in the Divisional Playoffs in the AFC Playoffs.
Prediction: 15-1

The AFC West is a division that has some serious dark horses who could erupt this season and give the Broncos a run for their money. But let’s be honest, if the Broncos stay healthy, there is nothing to worry about in Denver.


Oakland Raiders:
O.K really, do I have to break down this team? O.K I know, they picked up Matt Flynn which I think will be a fantastic fit for him and he can help this offense tremendously. The only thing that makes me laugh is their backfield which has felt to always be injury prone with Darren McFadden leading the way. When healthy he is a top ten back in this league, but when he’s injured, he’s as useless as dog giving birth. Denarious Moore should be a legit threat again this season and should be more involved considering the loss of Brandon Myers to the Giants and Darrius Heyward-Bey going to the Colts, he’ll have to step up his game as a #1 guy. Let’s get away from that mess and talk about an actual mess in the Raiders Defense. The only cool story about this team will be the return of Charles Woodson returning back to where he started. Except, this time, instead of being the young stud he was when drafted by the team back in the late 90’s, he’ll be the old guy surveying the field as every opposing offensive player heads his way because nobody else can do anything on the Raiders defense. Phillip Wheeler, their leading tackler last season (who is that guy?) with 109 tackles is now on the Dolphins. Other than that can we give the black hole something to cheer about on defense? Oh yeah, Charles Woodson, I already said that. It’s a new day in Oakland, and they might be top ten in the draft for a couple years before they become relevant again, or Matt Flynn can play like he did when he replaced Aaron Rodgers a couple years ago for the entire season and lead the Raiders to the promise laaann…. Let’s not get carried away.
Prediction: 5-11

San Diego Chargers:
The Chargers are another one of those teams that has some serious dark horse potential similar to what the Miami Dolphins have to offer. Phillip Rivers has proven to be Tony Romo 2.0 but without the national spot light. Antonio Gates is moving up in the age scale and is practically a shell of his former Hall of Fame self. The Chargers also have some questionable receivers that could go either way when it comes to their ability in guys like Malcom Floyd, Eddie Royal, and Vincent Brown. Rookie Keenan Allen can hopefully hop on I-5 south and show up in San Diego performing similar to how he did at CAL, because San Diego will need it. Ryan Mathews is also another one of those players that could bust out this season with his collar bone breaking days behind him (hopefully), but he could also fizzle like many of the threats on that San Diego offense. Now the Chargers defense… a washed up Dwight Freeney, an imaginary girlfriend in Manti Te’o, Eric Weddle who is probably one of the best Safety’s in the league after his performance last season (97 tackles, 1 sack, 2 forced fumbles, and 3 picks)… this team is very average on the defensive side of the ball right now, but they definitely have room to improve. And with no expectations right now, they could come out with no worries and absolutely shock us all… but I highly doubt it.
Prediction: 6-10

Kansas City Chiefs:
This team is the definition of dark horse and their stock is just waiting to bounce off the stove ready to pounce on whoever they face. Andy Reed, coming over from the Eagles, will be in a new environment and will be handed the most talented team he’s seen since the Eagles went on that great run playing in all those NFC championship games. The Chiefs stock is so high right now people need to seriously start thinking about this team on the offensive side of the ball. Don’t be shocked if this team breaks 450 points this season and sniffs 500 points in the next couple of season. People forget this team had 2 offensive linemen in the Probowl a year ago, they have Dwayne Bowe and Donnie Avery who are ready to explode onto the scene with an efficient Alex Smith ready to deliver them the ball. Alex Smith also has 2 solid blanket tight ends ready to throw to in Anthony Fasano and Tony Moeaki who have been staples in the KC offense the past 2 season and who are also ready to pounce on some red-zone TD’s this season. And how could I forget the beast in the backfield, Jamaal Charles. The man who has literally carried this team to the cellar of the AFC West the past two season is ready to take this Kansas City team into contention for the AFC West title and a shot at competing in the playoffs this season. Don’t sleep on this team. Their defense might not be up to snuff on what the offense has done on the offseason but they do have some weapons on the defensive side of the ball. Justin Houston and Tamba Hali had 19 sacks combined last year, breaking out as legit forces to rush the QB this season and wreak havoc from the linebacker position. Derrick Johnson is the same old story with his 125 tackles a year ago, a perfect guy to anchor the KC defense this season once again. And the KC secondary is up their with one of the best in the League with Flowers (3 Interceptions), Eric Berry (86 tackles), Sean Smith (59 tackles, 3 forced fumbles, & 2 interceptions), and Dunta Robinson (acquired from Atlanta, 80 tackles) who can still get it done going into his 10th year of his NFL Career and has the experience this secondary can use to help shut down top receivers in the AFC all season. This team is geared up to make some noise this season and I would not be shocked if they battled for the AFC West division this season.
Prediction: 10-6

Denver Broncos:
Do any Broncos fans still think they are dreaming with Peyton Manning at the helm? They should be. He’s got another 2-3 years of solid football left in him especially if that offensive line can keep him clean. The backfield with Ronnie Hillman and the rookie Monte Ball and Knowshon Moreno, if needed, should be a terrifying backfield considering defenses will be worried about those dangerous receivers Denver has on the outside. Let’s name them shall we? Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, and Eric Decker. Straight up lethal. All they have to do is have a foot of opening and Manning will find them. Not to mention the token pass to Joel Dreessen and Jacob Tamme at the tight end positions. If there is a better offense heading into the season, please let me know. The only one I can think of to be honest is the other team within their division who only has dark horse potential unlike Denver who has legitimate beef as the #1 offense for this season. The Defense is no slack job either. Their front line with Wolfe (6 sacks) leading the way, their linebacker core with Von Miller who is suspended the first 6 games, but still have Wesley Woodyard (117 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 3 interceptions, 1 forced fumble), are nothing to sneeze at heading into the season. Speaking of nothing to sneeze at, Champ Bailey (the future Hall of Famer) is still looking for that elusive Super Bowl championship to sew up his legendary career. Not just Champ Bailey, but Mike Adams (80 tackles, 1 sack, 2 forced fumbles), Rahim Moore (72 tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception), and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (51 tackles, 3 interceptions) will all help this very fluid defense of the Denver Broncos reach the promise land, which is what the expectations are for this 2013 season. Other than KC’s potential dark horse abilities, this team should win the division with flying colors and ride into the post season with ease.
Prediction: 12-4

Summary of my AFC Standings

Patriots 13-3
Steelers 8-8
Texans 15-1
Broncos 12-4
Bills 10-6*
Bengals 5-11
Colts 10-6
Chiefs 10-6*
Dolphins 6-10
Browns 4-12
Jaguars 4-12
Chargers 6-10
Jets 2-14
Ravens 4-12
Titans 2-14
Raiders 5-11
AFC Playoff Seeds
Reason for Seeding
1.        Texans 15-1

2.        Patriots 13-3

3.       Broncos 12-4

4.          Steelers 8-8

5.             Bills 10-6
Win over Chiefs; Week 9
6.          Chiefs 10-6
Win over Colts; Week 16

The playoff predictions will be after I discuss the NFC predictions, which are next! We’ll start in the East once again because that is where the entire world revolves around. Also can we be honest? Predicting the NFC East is practically impossible considering how even all of the teams are, especially this season.


Philadelphia Eagles:

I really don’t know how the new Chip Kelly era is going to work in Philadelphia especially with the Eagles playing in such an even NFC East. Mike Vick is another year older, LeSean McCoy is only adding more pounding onto his body. They seem to be the key to this new formula of “success” in Philadelphia. They still have DeSean Jackson who will have to be the key weapon down the field with Jeremy Maclin out for the year. Brent Celek will do be a huge factor within the offense, and even more so if the Chip Kelly project goes to waste. The defense has a couple big name players in Cary Williams (75 tackles, 4 interceptions), Fletcher Cox (5.5 sacks), DeMeco Ryans (113 tackles), and the well renowned Patrick Chung should help keep this defense in games in the tough NFC East. Overall, I think this is a one year project, and hopefully it is better than I expect for fellow Eagle fans. I say next year they take the big jump, but this year… not yet.
Prediction: 5-11

Dallas Cowboys:
Again, this division is so difficult to determine. I honestly could see this team winning 10+ games and winning the division in flying colors with the amount of talent they have especially on the offensive side of the ball. If Tony Romo lives up to anything his contract he signed this offseason entails, they will win the division. But, with the history of Tony Romo, I cannot pull that trigger just yet, especially in this division with its unpredictability. But let’s talk about the toys Tony has anyways. You got Dez Bryant (top 3 wide receiver in the NFL), DaMarco Murray (who when healthy is a top 10 back in the NFL), Miles Austin (Probably one of the best deep route runners in the league), and Jason Witten (Who is the toughest, and coolest, tight ends in the national football league). Tony Romo has the Cadillac to drive, he just needs to deliver the goods. The Defense is solid too with DeMarcus Ware (The best defensive player in football), Anthony Spencer (the biggest compliment to DeMarcus Ware, and possibly a top twenty defensive player in football), recent newly signed Sean Lee (who runs the linebacking crew relatively well with Justin Durant [103 tackles] as his sidekick), and their secondary with Brandon Carr (3 interceptions), and second year man Morris Claiborne who should light up other receivers this upcoming NFL Season. So much talent, yet so many years wasted with terrible offensive line play and poor coaching decisions. It doesn’t help that the spotlight is solely on this team to perform at such a high level and every year they choke under the immense pressure. This year, they can rise above it, but again, the driver of the ship will more than likely let them down again (Tony Romo).
Prediction: 6-10

Washington Redskins:
This team is all predicated on its health of RGIII, and even if he doesn’t perform to expectations or gets hurt, Kurt Cousins can come in and provide enough offense to give this team a shot to make the postseason again. But let’s assume RGIII will stay healthy this season and Alfred Morris improves upon his fantastic (underrated) rookie season, this team has a legit shot of making noise in the postseason once again. They still have Pierre Garcon running deep patterns in Washington (Where I think he is the best deep route runner in the NFL), and they have a very powerful offensive line ready to keep RGIII in the game. Fred Davis will be heavily utilized this season if RGIII cannot find targets down field. The defense will also come back this season ready to pounce on another postseason chance. London Fletcher will not fall down this season as his 38 year old (16 year career) body will hold it together another season hopefully leading this season to great heights this year. Ryan Kerrigan should also become the primary defensive threat especially after his performance a year ago (8.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 1 interception), and Perry Riley should continue to be a steady force in the middle with London Fletcher (129 tackles, 3.5 sacks). Brian Orakpo will also be coming off the injury list and should bring another dynamic force to this already stout linebacking core in Washington. Their secondary is also set up to be a top five crew in the league. DeAngelo Hall (95 tackles, 4 interceptions) and Josh Wilson (74 tackles, 2 interceptions) should anchor this really good secondary and raise guys like David Amerson to become legitimate defensive standouts for years to come. Again, with how tough this division is, and the fear of RGIII and his knee, I can see this team missing the playoffs this season, or shooting out of the gate quickly and making a serious playoff push with their great defense. Either way, I have them missing the playoffs strictly because of how difficult this division is.
Prediction: 7-9

New York Giants:
Why do I have the New York Giants winning this tough division instead of the stout Washington defense taking full control, or the powerful Dallas offense? That’s an easy answer. Because Eli Manning has won 2 Super Bowls and is due to get back to the post season for another shot. He has Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz on the outside, David Wilson is going to dive into his role as the lead back on this offense, with Andre Brown coming in for scat back duties. Brandon Myers will be a huge role in this offense with being a big time blanket for Eli when Cruz and Nicks are not open. I see the offensive line holding up especially if the running backs can find holes throughout the second half. I know this may sound crazy, but the Giants look more balanced then they did when they won the Super Bowl two years ago. I know Justin Tuck, and Jason Pierre-Paul have looked flimsy, especially last season. But they should be able to bounce back and put together some form of their 2011 selves. The linebackers need time to grow, but with their front four scheme and their secondary in the top 10 when it comes to potential talent with Corey Webster, Antrel Rolle, and Prince Amukamara, the Giants should be able to hang with the best of them. I can see this team winning the division more than they did last season and more than the teams I mentioned above, but considering their history and how they have handled themselves the past 5 years, I see them having history on their side and making a playoff push more so than the other three teams in this division.
Prediction: 9-7

Next will be the NFC North, which let me tell you I think will be a bit of a surprise after just showing you the NFC East and their records. Every team in this division has a shot at making the playoffs with the talent they possess on both sides of the ball. This is the best division in football and this year will only be another testament to that. Every team in this division is stacked on offense and can bust out if they so choose. I see it potentially happening that way this year.


Detroit Lions:
The Detroit Lions could probably win the AFC North this season of they played in that division. They are loaded on the offensive side of the ball and may mimic the Rams “Greatest Show on Turf” from a little over a decade ago. Matthew Stafford, who was very inconsistent last season, still had over 10,000 yards passing over the past two seasons and a majority of them last season were in the direction of Calvin Johnson (who broke the single season receiving yardage mark a season ago). Brandon Pettigrew will still hold a popular position for dump off plays when CJ and Nate Burleson are not open down the field, and the newest key addition in Reggie Bush could become a 1,000 yards rushing, 1,000 yards receiving type back this season. They will need it if they want to become relevant in this division or at least a topic of discussion in this powerful division. The front four of Detroit is clearly one of the most vaunted in all of football with Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley, rookie Ezekiel Ansah, and Jason Jones (3 sacks last season). The real question will be the guys behind them with DeAndre Levy and Stephen Tulloch who put together solid seasons a year ago and Safety Glover Quin who came over from Houston to help this young developing secondary. I don’t see how this team can compete defensively with the rest of this division other than the fact that their front four is the most lethal in the division. If teams start to figure out this defense, which they should considering the lack of talent past the front four, then there will be games played in the 30+ point range every weekend. They should still be good though despite these potential defensive woes.
Prediction: 10-6

Minnesota Vikings:
I’m a well renowned Vikings fan and I support this team whole heartedly, but some of us have to recognize this team over achieved a little bit even with the team we put together last season. You’re wondering since I have the Lions at 10-6 where will I have the Vikings, I think they can win more than 10 games, but will struggle getting into the playoffs because of how loaded this division is. Every team in this division could win it but I don’t think the Vikings have the fire power of a say, Detriot or Green Bay or even the Bears. All the Vikings have is All Day. Adrian Peterson is the face of the franchise and quite frankly, the face of the NFL. Christian Ponder needs to prove himself in a division where he frankly is the worst QB  in the division. I see him getting it done because of his new toys in Greg Jennings, Cordarrelle Patterson and returning guys in Jerome Simpson and Jarius Wright. The loss of Percy Harvin will affect the team but only really on the special teams side of the ball which will look different. Kyle Rudolph will become a huge factor into weather this team takes it to the level I expect on offense with his ability to bail Christian’s lack of decision making that strikes over him every now and then. On the whole, I see this offense doing some major things this season. The defense will be very good and much better than people think. Brian Robison, Kevin Williams, and Jared Allen are all still absolute beasts on the front line. Erin Henderson and Chad Greenway will still light it up in the middle of that defense and the secondary with Harrison Smith leading the way in his second year should make a huge improvement from last season which wasn’t all that bad. If this team clicks they could be a serious contender in the NFC especially if Christian Ponder is anything above average.
Prediction: 11-5

Chicago Bears:
With how the Bears ended the season last year at 10-6, you would have thought they were 3-13 because they didn’t make the playoffs, let go of their coach, and released face of their franchise. But they still went 10-6 which is a playoff contender outside of this division and outside of the NFC which is really tough. This team is going to be much better this season with guys like Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery running the outside for Jay Cutler to throw to, Matt Forte and Michael Bush ready to bruise up the rest of the division with their grind it out style. I also have this feeling this team is out for blood after last season, and with the amount of intensity they have come out with this preseason, I see them coming out firing during the regular season. Their defense is still the same old smash-mouth/turnover machine that they were a year ago with Charles Tillman still holding court as a top 10 cornerback in the NFL. Lance Briggs will help transition this defense into the form they have been at since Brian Urlacher took over this defense a little over a decade ago. The front four will still have Julius Peppers running the squad attracting double teams to get other players involved with the blitz. I don’t see how this team does not finish this year starving for a Super Bowl run come post season time.
Prediction: 12-4

Green Bay Packers:
The only thing this team doesn’t have is a defense that can compete with its offense. The Green Bay Packer offense might be the best offense in the NFL when comes to continuity and the ability to spread it around at such an even contribution. You can all give the credit to the best QB in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers. The guy is the best thing since sliced bread and he proves it year in and year out with receivers having very low name recognition because of how often Rodgers spreads the ball around. But, by spreading the ball around, it puts everybody on their toes because they could get the ball at any given moment. Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, and Jacoby Jones are the receivers I’m talking about. Jermichael Finley is still a guy who gets left out the equation but still impacts the team on crucial plays when he’s thrown the ball. The running back situation is still by committee and who knows who is going to win the starting job with four potential guys in the running. It looks like right now DuJuan Harris is going to be the starting back come week 1 of the regular season, but I feel like that could change by week 3 with the talent they have at that position. Their defense features “Teach me how to” Raji who is still bumbling and stumbling his way towards opposing QB’s on the front line of that 3-4 defense. Clay Matthews, A.J. Hawk, and Nick Perry are still major factors in that middle order of the defense. The secondary is in the same position as the Lions when it comes to the questions marks, especially since Charles Woodson is now back in Oakland instead of playing safety like he has for the Packers the past few years. I see this team still winning the division because of the dominance of Aaron Rodgers and his ability to run the offense like it’s a clinic every week. With his precision and presence on this team, he will be the ultimate factor (similar to Tom Brady) in deciding where this team goes.
Prediction: 14-2

The NFC South is another division where I could see anybody winning the division, especially since Sean Payton is back for the Saints on the sidelines this season post bounty gate suspension. With him coming back, it puts a whole other perspective on how this division could play out. And with the growth and development of other teams within the division, this won’t be an automatic division to predict this season.


Carolina Panthers:
I could seriously see this team playing much better than a bottom dweller for another season in this division. The only way they could do so is if someone other than Steve Smith steps up on the offensive side of the ball to balance out the throwing attack for Cam Newton. They have a plethora of running backs to carry the load in-case somebody gets hurt especially after they picked up Kenjon Barner in the 6th round in the 2013 draft and he is 3rd on the depth chart behind Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. Greg Olson will still be a top 10 tight end with his importance to improving the short route throwing of Cam Newton in the middle of the field. Greg Olson may be a very important key to improving the other receivers on the team. The Panthers defense is also nothing to sneeze at for the upcoming season. They have a top 5 front four with Greg Hardy (11 sacks in 2012), 2013 first round draft pick rookie Star Lotulelei from Utah, Dwan Edwards (6 sacks), and Charles Johnson (12.5 sacks) who can seriously put pressure on opposing QB’s and allow the rest of Luke Kuechly’s crew. Kuechly (164 tackles, 1 sack, 3 fumble recoveries, 2 interceptions) is coming into this season as a top 10 linebacker and could be top 5 by the end of the season. Thomas Davis (105 tackles, 2 forced fumbles) is also another threat on that linebacking core and could put together an even more stout season as (Batman) Kuechly’s new Robin. The only real question the Panthers have on the defensive side of the ball revolves around the secondary which be the only drawback of this team besides the lack luster offense. I see this team falling short of being anything prevalent for this season because of the lack of offensive fire power, but their defense will keep them in games and next season they should be a legit contender.
Prediction: 5-11

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
This team is not your run of the mill greatest defenses in NFL history anymore like they used to be in the previous decade. The Buccaneers offense is actually decent now and is a formidable threat to do some serious damage if they put everything together. It’s all up to Josh Freeman if he can take this team to the next level or not. He has the tools around him with a now top 5 back in Doug Martin holding court in backfield along with Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams on the outside, both big receivers who can go up and get the ball with the rest of them. They are a little thin at tight end, but Luke Stocker should be able to provide some type of compensation on short throws over the middle. The defense isn’t too shabby, even though Ronde Barber retired this offseason. They have a front lined anchored by Gerald McCoy (5 sacks) that has its work cut out for them if they are going to make any noise this season. Mason Foster (105 tackles) will anchor that linebacker core to the best of his ability this season hopefully improving on an average 2012 campaign. That secondary will improve though, especially with the addition of Dashon Goldson and Revis Island to wreak havoc on opposing receiving corps. 2nd year men Leonard Johnson (3 interceptions) and Mark Barron (88 tackles) should also have improved seasons with guys like Revis and Goldson anchoring the defensive backfield for the Bucs this season. If the consistency of Freeman picks up this season and he goes back to playing the way he did a 2-3 years ago, I could see this team making a huge leap in this division, but with the teams in front of them, that could be a huge challenge, but the potential is there.
Prediction: 5-11

Atlanta Falcons:
What the Falcons did last year was not fluke, in fact, it should be an expectation as they have the best receiving duo in the game in Julio Jones and Roddy White catching passes from the man they deem Matty Ice (Matt Ryan). They reached their first NFC Championship birth this season and fell short against a vaunted 49ers team that they really, never should have played. In one of the best playoff games of the year last season with the Division week matchup against the Seahawks, they were lucky to advance in the fashion they did. Their regular season was no fluke though as they stormed through the league with their high powered offense with Michael Turner stumbling through the backfield. Now they have a wily veteran in Stephen Jackson who’s work load should be hampered by the great play of 17 year man Tony Gonzalez, along with the best passing threat in the NFL. Don’t be shocked either if Jacquizz Rodgers has his coming out party this season as he will do back up duty for Stephen Jackson this season in case something were to happen to Jackson. I feel as though their defense under achieved last season which makes me curious heading into this season; can they improve upon last season’s level of success? They picked up Osi Umenyiora (6 sacks) from the Giants this offseason who should give them more of a legitimate threat on the inside when it comes to front four pressure on opposing QB’s. Sean Weatherspoon (95 tackles, 3 sacks) and Stephen Nicholas (97 tackles, 2 sacks) should be able to keep the middle of the defense afloat if the Falcons are to do anything when it comes to their front seven this season. Their secondary will be a tad suspect as well especially since they drafted a guy in Desmond Trufant, who will be able to catch any receiver in the league, but won’t be able to tackle them. Overall, the secondary will be led by Asante Samuel who this year will need to bounce back after a silent 2012. If the Falcons can get their defense into the middle rung of the NFL this team has a legit shot at being a Super Bowl contender, if they cannot achieve that possibility, then it will be arena football in every game they play in this season, which they can do with the best of them. It just won’t be conducive to winning big time games in the playoffs.
Prediction: 12-4

New Orleans Saints:
I believe this team had a setback in 2012 with the loss of Sean Payton and the cloud of Bounty gate hovering over the team all season. I think now this team will come out hungrier than ever and should be at the top of the league once again like they were in 2011. Drew Brees is still a 5,000 yard passing machine and he still has Marques Colston and Lance Moore on the outside to throw too along with a top 3 tight end in Jimmy Graham who’s abilities rival an “in his prime” Antonio Gates. The crew of Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram, and Darren Sproles in the back field should be able to switch it up enough to keep run defenses in check as they attempt to keep Drew Brees from destroying them. Their defense will also have Jonathan Vilma for the entire season which will do wonders for that defense as they hopefully can bring back the intensity they had from 2009 to 2011. They also have Curtis Lofton (123 tackles) who could help Vilma get this team back into contention with the rest of the NFC. Cameron Jordan (8 sacks, 3 forced fumbles) will also be a huge threat on the inside of that 3-4 defensive scheme the Saints will play this season, freeing up the linebackers to all focus on other offensive weapons other than the offensive line. Malcolm Jenkins (94 tackles) should be the leader of the secondary which should make some serious strides this season if they want to win this division and take it away from the Falcons. I see them doing it, people quickly forget about this team and how good they were before the bounty gate scandal hit them last season. They will get back to form and somehow get back to the playoffs this season although it wouldn’t shock me if they flip-flopped with Atlanta this season quite often.
Prediction: 13-3

I think this is the division we have all been waiting for as potentially two of the best teams in the NFL sit in this division stewing over one another’s presence and want to destroy each other at one another’s craft. People do forget though, that the Rams were quite a difficult task this past season within the division and that the Cardinals finally have a QB to call their own.


Arizona Cardinals:
Just because they picked up Carson Palmer doesn’t make me think they will run train this season. In fact, I still think they are a top 5 draft pick in the making. Other than Larry Fitzgerald, who do they have as weapons on the offensive side of the ball? A shaky Michael Floyd and an injury stricken Rashard Mendenhall? No thanks. Especially when it comes to the power of this division. They don’t even have a tight end worth mentioning, so no breath will be wasted here. Their defense has Calais Campbell (6.5 sacks), and, when healthy, a lethal Darnell Docket who could stir up some front line havoc for the 3-4 defense of the Cardinals. Kaslos Dansby (134 tackles) is not a name to sneeze at in this defensive scheme as he has been a steady force throughout his whole career, but the rest of the linebackers in this group (Sam Acho, Lorenzo Alexander, and Jasper Brinkley) all have a lot of catching up to do. Tyrann Mathieu could end up being a huge steal for this team down the road, especially if Patrick Peterson (Both former LSU Cornerbacks) can keep this him in check. If not, the rest of the division will pounce on them like pit bulls at a prize fight. Nothing special here, just a team with potential in the wrong division, and if you think they have a shot at doing anything, I’d really like to hear your opinion.
Prediction: 2-14

St. Louis Rams:
This is the year the Rams could make a serious leap, or land flat on their faces once again. I could see them ending somewhere in the middle, especially with the way they played within the division last season. They are a serious dark horse in a division with 2 kings at the top and have the opportunity to sneak into the playoffs if everything goes perfectly. But come on, do you really think Sam Bradford can pull it off? I hope so for their sake because he has all the tools to get this team to respectability this season. Tavon Austin is his new speed demon weapon out of West Virginia and he is Percy Harvin 2.0. He also has Chris Givens, Austin Pettis and Jared Cook to throw to which should give him plenty of options when they throw the ball. They have a running back by committee this season as the new era without Stephen Jackson begins as Daryl Richardson and Isaiah Pead will split time in St. Louis behind Sam Bradford in the backfield. The St. Louis defense has 2 twof the best defensive ends in the game in Chris Long (11.5 sacks) who is just entering the prime of his career, and Robert Quinn (10.5 sacks) who is going into his third year off a breakout 2012 campaign. If they could just help the rest of their defensive line pick up the rest of their play, then they would be a top 5 force to be reckoned with. James Laurinaitis (142 tackles) and Jo-Lonn Dunbar (115 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 2 interceptions) are both excellent linebackers who have gone completely unnoticed within this division and could help get Alec Ogletree the Defensive Rookie of the Year. The Rams clearly have a top 10 defensive front 7 in the NFL and could scare the top two teams in this division with their under the radar abilities. Cortland Finnegan (101 tackles, 3 interceptions) is another player under the radar as he had over 100 tackles as a cornerback which is unheard of in the NFL. Janoris Jenkins (73 tackles, 4 interceptions) and the rest of that secondary will need to step up this season especially if they want to compete for a shot at a playoff opportunity within this conference. I just don’t see how the offense can keep it going this season as they still have some holes to fix. I think their defense is way ahead of their offense when it comes to talent and they can hang in there with anybody next season, but with what they have to compete with at the top of the division, I see it being a struggle this year.
Prediction: 5-11

San Francisco 49ers:
Ok, now we can finally talk about these two teams. You may be shocked by where I put this team when it comes to their chances this season of making the playoffs. I think Kaepernick will have an amazing season and he’ll blow us all away when it comes to his abilities. At the same time, I think he will be held back based upon the talent he has at the receiver position. Yes he has Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis to throw to, but other than that, he’s going to have to pull an Aaron Rodgers to get everybody else involved and make a name for themselves. He still has Frank Gore in the backfield and LaMichael James who will see more playing time this season, and an offensive line that may be the best in the NFL. I just don’t think they were as good as last season though especially with Crabtree out for a long time, and Randy Moss now gone and out of the league. Yes I see Boldin filling some shoes, but he didn’t really become a huge name until the playoffs last season and that’s not what the 49ers expect out of him. The defense is going to be stout still, but I wonder how much will they drop off with Deshon Goldson now in Tampa Bay? They still have Aldon and Justin (the Smith Brothers) playing on the right side, but I feel that Justin Smith is getting up there in age and that may affect his play this season and since the 49ers play a 3-4, their linebacker core will be a huge part of their success this season with a very poor front three. Yes they have Ahmad Brooks, Navaro Bowman, Patrick Willis, and Aldon Smith, the best linebacker core in the NFL. There is no question, but how important will they be if their front three can’t get pressure? I think they will be fine, but I worry and think they may not play to the level they did a year ago. The loss of Deshon Goldson in my eyes is going to be huge for this team. Yes they have Carlos Rogers, and Donte Whitner, but they still drafted Eric Reid from LSU because they were scared of the loss of Goldson. Don’t forget, teams who lost the Super Bowl the year before generally don’t so as well as the year before, or rarely improve. I see this 49ers team being competitive but there is no way they can compete with the team who I have winning the division this season, especially with the loss of Goldson and the injuries hampering the offense.
Prediction: 11-5

Seattle Seahawks:
The time is now. This is the best team on paper in the National Football League and they have every single position covered when it comes to needs on the offensive, defensive, and special teams side of the ball. The way they finished out the year last season along with the way they clicked on offense down the stretch, if they mimic anything similar to that this season, the sky will be the limit. Russell Wilson will win MVP’s if he stay’s healthy, the guy has nothing but upside and this will be the year he gets this team to the next level. Marshawn Lynch is a top 5 running back, and his backups are nothing but ground eaters in Robert Turbin and Christine Michael who have similar running abilities and could start for other teams in the league. The receiving core is one of the most deadly in the NFL with Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, and (when healthy later on in the season) their new addition Percy Harvin. Early on in the year Percy won’t be around, but he won’t necessarily be needed. Look at how this team played last season without Harvin and then compare the team to what they will look like come December when he’s back out on the field playing the slot, catching screen passes, and returning kickoffs with Golden Tate. This team’s offense is going to be beyond explosive for the upcoming season and once Zack Miller becomes healthy, they will have 4 legitimate threats to throw too and that’s before Percy Harvin touches the field. Obviously the Defense is stacked with talent. Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane (56 tackles, 3 sacks), Chris Clemons (11.5 sacks) and Cliff Avril (9.5 sacks, on the Lions last season) all can bring the heat on opposing QB’s. Bobby Wagner (140 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 interceptions) is only in his second season and all he can do is improve, Bruce Irvin (8 sacks) can still improve on a season where all he did was light up QB’s in which will be his second year out of West Virginia, and K.J. Wright (98 tackles, 1 sack) has only more room to improve in this being his third season. Last but not least, the Legion of Boom, which only got better this offseason by adding another secondary stud (even though he is on the tail end of his career) Antoine Winfield. Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Brandon Browner, Walter Thurmond, and now Antoine Winfield? Stop it. This is a fantasy secondary that may only get better, which should make you pee your pants if you’re an opposing offense. Have fun going up against that juggernaut this season because the best secondary in the league only plans on getting better this time around. The only real question for this team will be if they can improve on rushing the passer and if their offensive line can hold up like they did last season. With adding Cliff Avril and their offensive line only adding an extra year of experience to the youth they already possess, it’s a done deal. It’s Super Bowl or Bust.
Prediction: 13-3

Summary of my NFC Standings

Giants 9-7
Packers 14-2
Saints 13-3
Seahawks 13-3
Redskins 7-9
Bears 12-4*
Falcons 12-4*
49ers 11-5
Cowboys 6-10
Vikings 11-5
Buccaneers 5-11
Rams 5-11
Eagles 5-11
Lions 10-6
Panthers 5-11
Cardinals 2-14
NFC Playoff Seeds
Reason for Seeding
1.           Packers 14-2

2.       Seahawks 13-3
Win over Saints; Week 13
3.             Saints 13-3

4.              Giants 9-7

5.          Falcons 12-4
NFC Record 9-3
6.             Bears 12-4
NFC Record 8-4

Are we ready to break down the Playoffs that I have projected into January 2014? Who is going to make it to Super Bowl XLVIII? I have it below for you, all 10 playoff games, and the Super Bowl XLVIII prediction! First off, the reason why I have the Chiefs and Bills in the playoffs is because over the past 5+ seasons, the NFL has had new teams make the playoffs every year, hence why the consistency is off and you're probably wondering, why those teams? It's simple! Unexpected teams enter the playoffs every year!

Wild Card Weekend


#6 Kansas City Chiefs 17 @ #3 Denver Broncos 27

I could see Kansas City coming into this game and having a legit shot at beating the Broncos. But with the way Peyton Manning is wired, and with the amount of hunger the Broncos will have coming into this game, a home game in the mile-high stadium, Kansas City will have a tough time keeping up by the end of the game.

#5 Buffalo Bills 17 @ #4 Pittsburgh Steelers 14

This will be a knockdown, drag ‘em out game and I see the team with the best running game in the cold weather at Pittsburgh winning the showdown. The Bills have the better running team and should be built for the cold by this time of the year. I would not be surprised if the Steelers put something together and won though, considering the home crowd in Pittsburgh is very difficult.


#6 Chicago Bears 34 @ #3 New Orleans Saints 23

The Bears have a lethal offensive attack and the Saints do not have the defense to matchup, while the Saints also have a lethal attack, the Bears do have a defense to match them. I think this game will be much more even than the score indicates with the Bears putting together a game winning drive to put it out of reach for the Saints.

#5 Atlanta Falcons 35 @ #4 New York Giants 31

In the stadium that the Super Bowl will be played, the Falcons will get an early preview playing a team they can outmatch on offense. The Giants with their inconsistency will show once again, even though they normally perk up come postseason time. This game could go either way, but I see the steadier offense taking the victory.

Divisional Playoffs


#3 Denver Broncos 45 @ #2 New England Patriots 27

This will be another classic with Brady and Manning facing each other once again in the ultimate showdown. Peyton will get it done though because of his better offensive threats around him and a more balanced defensive attack. The Patriots should make it a game, but the lack of talent will catch up to them in this one.

#5 Buffalo Bills 13 @ #1 Houston Texans 31

The Bills simply do not have the type of team the Texans have, in fact, whoever plays this team in the playoffs in the second round should lose, especially since the Texans are so powerful on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. The Bills just don’t have the talent, plain and simple.


#5 Atlanta Falcons 7 @ #2 Seattle Seahawks 48

All you need to know is that the Seahawks don’t lose when it comes to playoff football, and adding more to their plate, the team they lost too in the playoffs last year will have the Seahawks wanting to destroy them even more. The Falcons simply stand no chance in this environment.

#6 Chicago Bears 24 @ #1 Green Bay Packers 28

A classic rivalry meets again in the postseason as a rematch of the 2011 NFC Championship game squares off once again in the 2014 playoffs. This will be a close one and could honestly go either way, especially since this will be the third time these teams will have seen each other. I see the Packers squeaking out a win and heading to the NFC Championship game.

Championship Sunday

AFC Championship

#3 Denver Broncos 31 @ #1 Houston Texans 14

This Denver team is on a mission and they do not intend on leaving the playoffs without some kind of hardware to their name. The Texans will put up a fight and show they are worthy of a Super Bowl bid, but this is Peyton Manning people. He will not go denied on his way to his third Super Bowl appearance of his hall of fame career.

NFC Championship

#2 Seattle Seahawks 31 @ #1 Green Bay Packers 30

There will be so much smack talking before this game they may need to sensor the previous weeks banter. This is the official “Fail Mary” rematch, post-season style and on the home field of the team who got robbed in the 2012 regular season. This would be an instant classic if it happened and I could honestly see either team winning, but you got to go with the team that has the better defense, and clearly the Seahawks have the better defense in this game and the Legion of Boom will lead the Seahawks to their second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history.

Super Bowl XLVIII

Denver Broncos 23
Seattle Seahawks 24

I honestly have no clue who wins this game and the only reason I pick Seattle is because of their stout secondary and multi-faceted offense that could stifle the Denver Broncos defense into a tizzy. I don’t see how these teams do not meet up in the Super Bowl with the amount of talent they both have and honestly I don’t know who would win. Unfortunately I have to pick a team, and I think the Seahawks have all the pieces to put together an unforgettable year. The Broncos could easily take it this season as well, but I think the dynamic ability of the Broncos offense is a tad off from what the Seahawks can provide which makes picking the Seahawks too good not to pass up. Knock on wood, because if everything goes to plan, both these teams are championship contenders.

NFL Playoff Prediction Summary

Wildcard Weekend
Divisional Playoffs
Championship Sunday
Super Bowl XLVIII
Super Bowl Champions
#6 Chiefs 17
#3 Broncos 27
#3 Broncos 45
#2 Patriots 27
AFC Championship
Broncos 23
Seahawks 24
Seattle Seahawks
#5 Bills 17
#4 Steelers 14
#5 Bills 13
#1 Texans 31
#3 Broncos 31
#1 Texans 14

#6 Bears 34
#3 Saints 23
#5 Falcons 7
#2 Seahawks 48
NFC Championship

#5 Falcons 35
#4 Giants 31
#6 Bears 24
#1 Packers 28
#2 Seahawks 31
#1 Packers 30

Enjoy the 2013 NFL Regular Season everybody! It should be a doozy!