Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Unknown; The NFL Draft

So here we are in the last full week of April and the NBA playoffs are already heading into round two with some teams waiting in the wings. We have The Miami Heat, and San Antonio Spurs as of Sunday, and we'll see where the remaining teams end up. There was some hardware handed out this week as well.

Paul George for the Pacers won most improved as he can now pretty much do everything for the Pacers as he showed earlier this week in one of his games. Marc Gasol won first place in the Defensive Player of the Year award. There were many up for the award even LeBron James who finished second. Speaking of LeBron, his former coach Mike Brown was rehired by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The L.A. Lakers had their show finnish on Sunday after getting swept by the Spurs, and Dwight Howard along with the star studded crowd left as the Spurs put the Lakers away early making this Lakers team possibly the most over hyped team in sports history. Russell Westbrook was also injured later in the week and eliminating him from playing any more time this post season. Time will only tell how much further the Thunder will last. Also did anybody see that Bulls/Nets game on Saturday? Nate Robinson was doing his best Michael Jordan impersonation as he carried his team in the fourth quarter with 23 points in the quarter, only 1 point shy of Jordan's record. The Superstar from Seattle Washington ended the game with 34 points as the Bulls came back from a 20 point deficit to win in a triple over-time classic!

Shall we talk some football? Barry Sanders was voted to be on the new Madden 25 video game as Madden NFL Football has reached it's 25th year in existence and they now dawn a player who his own opponents would say his style of running was only suited for a video game. He received 58% of the vote and beat out the Minnesota Vikings superstar running back, Adrian Peterson. Speaking of the Vikings, in round one of the NFL Draft the Vikings were the first team since the 2001 Rams to have three first round picks. The first round entailed another first as they had no running backs selected for the first time since 1963. Other then that, the NFL draft is something that really can't be discussed because it's one of those things that can never really be criticised because nobody knows how the good the players will be.

The NHL Season ended today and hockey will be back in the mix soon as the playoffs begin this up coming week. It was a short week this week, have a great rest of the week everybody!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another Sad American Moment

This weeks blog should be viewed as a reflection on what America has best to offer. The events in Boston were something close to on par with how our hearts and souls were effected like the 9/11/01 attacks. Granted, the destruction was nowhere near what happened on that day in New York, but the impact it has had on us has caused us to come together again. The events in Waco were similarly impacting and only has us asking ourselves as a country once again: Are we strong enough to get up off the canvas, or are we going to crumble. To quote the great David Ortiz to represent our entire country, "This is our fucking city." The FCC let David's words ring true as they did not sensor the f word when he made his statement about the eventual catching of the suspects in the Boston attacks. This is our fucking country. I'm proud to be an American. Let's get back to sports.

The Oregon Ducks were caught cheating. This is not shocking considering their immense rise in the college football landscape the past 5 years. I like how they tried to cover up what they did with taking away one scholarship. Do they really think they will get off that easy especially after what happened at Ohio State? They are so funny, I expect Oregon to get their socks knocked off and anticipate at least a three year ban coming. There is a reason Chip Kelly left, just read between the lines people.

Pat Summerall died on Tuesday this week at the age of 82. The man made some of the best calls and was one of the best broadcasters I had ever heard. I think enough people have said their piece better than I would say something about the great Pat Summerall. All I know is when I was growing up in the late 1990's and early 2000's, I heard Pat call the big games on FOX with the great John Madden, and I could not be more satisfied with the product I was listening too. He was the voice of football, and did nothing but spark the interest with his minimalist style making the game speak for itself. Look at the NFL today and don't tell me Pat Summerall didn't have a huge impact on the popularity. He changed the way the NFL was heard, and was the diamond in the rough when it came to personality. Rest in peace Pat. Your voice was late Fall bliss that may never be repeated as long as I live.

The Lakers got the #7 seed after networks were mapping out the drama of their season all year long. They were expected to be an NBA Finals favorite after signing Dwight and Steve Nash in the off-season. Now they are in and playing possibly the best franchise in sports of the last 10 years. This Lakers team does not deserve the press so I am going to move on, all I know is how they are playing right now is better than if Kobe were on the floor. If anything, it should show you that Kobe is one heck of a player, but it really does take a special dynamic to have a guy like Kobe in your lineup and utilize him to the best of his abilities. This year I think he has been a hindrance to his "team's" performance, and that him being gone will make this team better because Kobe does have the tendency to put everything on his back when that isn't always the answer. The Lakers are a scary team coming in, the Spurs definitely have their work cut out for them in the first round.

If you want to see my NBA Playoff Prediction Blog, it is up on here and it is good. Click here!

When it comes to the NFL, their regular season schedule was released and now everything is set in stone for the 2013 Regular season to get underway. Yes, I know it's 4 months away, but we can dream right? The NFL Draft is next week, I'll have my blog up talking about it. The Jets should have the 13th pick with the tradeing of Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay looks like they are trying to get back to form with what they were about 10 years ago with their vaunted defense. Other then that, the NFL is heading into the draft relatively quiet... too quiet. Expect big news soon.

The MLB is now 3 weeks in the books. Derek Jeter is now projected to not return until sometime until late July, and the Yankees can only prey to be contending at that point in time of the season. The teams that are looking good, and hot out of the gate are the Boston Redsox who a year ago were under scrutiny with Bobby Valentine of not being the same franchise as they once were. With what has happened in Boston over the past week, they deserve nothing but praise and will probably play off emotion for the rest of the month. Just prey they don't burnout at the end of May and go back to their ways from a year ago. The Atlanta Braves and Colorado Rockies are also playing on fire and look like teams that will stay near the top for a while unless the Dodgers and Nationals have something to say about that. Other then that, both Central divisions have been middle ground city for the entire year. You know when the Kansas City Royals are leading the division, it's still early. Either way, the Miami Marlins are already eliminated from the playoffs. It looks like they will be letting the Miami Heat celebrate in their nightclub in June because by then they will be 30 games out in the NL East. Other than that it's early, but the MLB season is slowly starting to take shape. Give it another 3 weeks and trends will start to develop and we'll all get a true sense of how the season is going.

I'll see you all next week as I break down the draft because none of us will be right until the prospects play the game. Enjoy the NBA Playoffs!

Pray for the survivors of the events this week.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 NBA Playoff Predictions

So here we are. The best time of year when it comes to professional basketball. The year where a champion will rise, a banner will be fought for, and a ring will be molded for the number one team in the land.

We have the 2013 playoffs here, we have the reigning champions in the Miami Heat, and we have a couple teams in the west who could challenge them. The Knicks could make a run at Miami, but can we be honest and understand that this is Miami's championship to lose? I really don't see how anyone competes with them in the east. The west is definitely another story, but we'll start in the east to let you know what I think will happen.

Eastern Conference Playoffs


#1 Miami Heat vs #8 Milwaukee Bucks

Do you really want my input on this series? I got the Miami heat in a sweep in this one, I like what the Bucks have developing with Ellis and Jennings, but they just aren't there when it comes to Miami's strength and defensive prowess. I see this as a really good warm up for the Miami Heat to get to the 2nd round. 

MIA 4-0

#2 New York Knicks vs #7 Boston Celtics

I see this being an intriguing series and I could see Boston making it a series early, but the Knicks will prevail eventually. Once Carmelo starts getting to his spots and the Knicks start establishing down low, the Celtics will have no chance. Garnett is just too old, and this Knicks team will crush them in the post. 

NYK 4-1

#3 Indiana Pacers vs #6 Atlanta Hawks

Really? Do you think I'm going to give the Hawks a legit shot in this one? They are about as useless as any other squad who would go up against the likes of Indiana in the first round. Indiana is a team on a mission and if it weren't for some guy named LeBron and another in Carmelo, maybe they would be the #1 seed in the East.

IND 4-0

#4 Brooklyn Nets vs #5 Chicago Bulls

This is actually one of the best match-ups in the entire eastern conference playoffs that could possibly occur. The only problem is the Bulls have been struggling recently and the Nets have just been chugging along hanging under the radar. I think the Nets will pull this one out because they are coming in healthy and their defense has been rather poor. I see the Bulls pushing this series turning it into a potential seven game series, but the Nets will adjust and dominate down the stretch.

BKN 4-2


#2 NYK vs #3 IND

This is going to be a seven game series and maybe one of the most intriguing series of the entire NBA Playoffs. If superstar power can lift a team, then Carmelo Anthony is the man to do it in this series. The Pacers are a team that can play with anybody they want to in this league, but can they do it in a seven game series with a Knicks team that has the fire power they do? I honestly could see this series going seven and I have no clue who to pick. Considering the Pacers will be so under the radar, I think they will pull it out because the entire world will know the entire Knicks roster by the time this series starts and they will have all the fuel to want to dominate this team and put a scare early in the series. As much as I say this series can go seven, Carmelo will get special treatment and the Pacers will shock the sports media world. IND 4-2

#1 MIA vs #4 BKN

Jay-Z, LeBron, D. Wade, and Brooklyn. This has the making of a rap song just oozing from it's roots. The only thing Jay-Z will be rapping about is how much Joe Johnson will get destroyed by D. Wade and LeBron. The Heat will not lose a game in this series, they will steamroll to the Eastern Conference Finals. MIA 4-0


#1 MIA vs #3 IND

Nobody matches up with what the Heat have for the Pacers. I could see the Pacers putting a scare into Miami the first couple of games, but that will only be a wake up call and Miami will get back on track. Nobody is stopping LeBron from getting back to the Finals. MIA 4-1

Let's look at the Western Conference Playoffs shall we?

Western Conference Playoffs


#1 Oklahoma City Thunder vs #8 Houston Rockets

Analysis? Why do you need that? This series is too easy to call. I see Houston waking up the Thunder for one game, other then that nothing. OKC 4-1

#2 San Antonio Spurs  vs #7 Los Angeles Lakers

O.K. this series scares me a bit as a Spurs fan but I think the Spurs can get it done. The main reason is because we really don't have anybody physical enough to stop Dwight Howard in the post and if he gets in position, we are toast. Other than that, we have them beat at the guard position, and our bench will shred them. If the Lakers get hot and play a brand of basketball where Steve Nash can operate by slinking into the lane and bring back some youthful days of his great Suns days, we could be in for some trouble. I see a good series but not a seven game series. SAS 4-2

#3 Denver Nuggets  vs #6 Golden State Warriors

Denver is a really good team and the only reason I see them winning this series is because they have the Manimal in Kenneth Faried. I could see Golden State making this a series, but I just don't think it's their year to make a statement. They will be more well known after this series as they will push the Nuggets for a couple games. DEN 4-2

#4 Los Angeles Clippers  vs #5 Memphis Grizzlies

Is it just me, or is this the series that reminds everyone how average the Grizzlies played the second half of the season, while the Clippers and "lob city" haven't really done anything else to prove they could make a run in the postseason? Yes, the Clippers are an entertaining team, but can they really handle the team mentality of the Grizzlies? This will be the best first round match-up in the playoffs and it will prove whether team play or athleticism will win. I think the Grizzlies have put themselves into a large dark horse role, especially with the way they have played this second half of the season, but the Clippers are the spice of the year. I see this going seven, and I'm picking because somebody has to win. LAC 4-3


#1 OKC vs #4 LAC

Lob city vs Thunder Buddies for life? Wow the match-ups in this are actually pretty intense. I think the Clippers have a legitimate shot at doing something pretty miraculous in this... Hold on, Thunder Buddies for Life? Durant will go off in this series and get your popcorn ready for the best point guard match-up we may ever see in NBA history. CP3 and RW0, how could you ask for anything more? The only difference I could see the Clippers having is their 6th man with Jamaal Crawford who is the best 6th man in the game. If he lights it up, the Thunder could actually have a problem on their hands. Other then that, this one is in the bag for Oklahoma City. OKC 4-2

#2 SAS vs #3 DEN

This will be a high scoring series, but I think the Spurs are just too good and the Nuggets are 1 year away. If this series were next season, I would reconsider my choice but I think the Spurs will lock it up in what will be a great entertaining series. I could see either team advancing in this one but I think the chemistry of the Spurs is just too much this year and the Nuggets will be a legitimate team heading into next season. I'm just weary on picking them this year over the Spurs. 2014, it will be a different story. SAS 4-3


#1 OKC vs #2 SAS

So... We meet again. A year has past and all that has happened is teams have flip-flopped from a year ago, Tim Duncan is looking like Timmy of 10 years ago, and the Spurs have only gotten better on their bench. This is the year I could see the Spurs taking a serious stab at the Thunder. Last year the Spurs did it on the starting five and would burnout in the second half and they did that in the last 4 games of the series which they lost every single one. The Spurs this year have incorporated their second team so much into the way they run their organization that it is almost as if drones come off the bench to put up the same production. I think this season will be a reversal of last season. I see the Thunder coming out strong, and I could see the Spurs bench creeping in on the Thunder over the remainder of the series. This series will be all about the Spurs bench for we know what may happen to their starting five if they repeat what happened last season. If their bench steps up, which I have full confidence in them doing, this series will be done in San Antonio. 

SAS 4-2 

And now... We move onto the NBA Finals where it shouldn't shock you as to who I have winning it all. I think this is a year similar as to what the Kentucky Wildcats had a year ago as we all knew going into the tournament that they were the best team in college basketball.


EAST - Miami Heat vs WEST - San Antonio Spurs

The Heat are just too good. If the Spurs had home court I would think other wise, but the only way this is going past five games is if the Spurs steal one on the road. If the Heat win the first two games, this series is over and the Miami Heat will hoist the trophy in San Antonio. Duncan will be burned out by this point, Parker can only do so much, and LeBron will destroy whom ever the Spurs put on him. Team play can only go so far and I will be very excited if the Spurs make it to the Finals, but if LeBron is waiting, you won't hear anything from me saying we could win it all. 

MIA 4-1 (LeBron MVP, duh)

Those are my predictions for the 2013 NBA Playoffs, Enjoy the Playoffs everybody!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The 2013 Masters; Kobe Injury

On a week where I was not inspired to focus on the sports world as much as I would have liked (because I'm a senior in college, and I have school work to focus on), the Masters was on and I wrote my rough draft of my thesis while listening to the whispers of Jim Nantz and Verne Lundquist during the last couple rounds of the Masters. First lets get to Kobe.

Kobe Bryant. One of the ultimate competitors in sports today ruptured his Achilles on a drive to the basket in a pivotal game against the Golden State Warriors to keep the Lakers playoff hopes alive. The Lakers won, but Kobe Bryant's career may have taken a harder landing than one would have hoped for. My favorite part about the Kobe Bryant injury is that people second guessed after he got hurt, "Oh he should have played less minutes!" "Oh he should have listened to Mitch Kupchak!" Guess what people, Kobe doesn't quit and no matter what we think, Kobe wasn't going to listen to anybody. He was going to play to will his team into the postseason even if it meant averaging 46 minutes per game the last 7 before his injury. The man is an absolute beast, but on a day like Friday, we are reminded that he is only human. I just hope that he can come back and take storm of the league one last time in October when he is healed, and we all know he won't pull a Derrick Rose.

There was a base-brawl on Thursday! That was all I really heard about. Some dude tackled and dislocated Greinke's collar bone. I also saw that Jose Reyes twisted his ankle sliding into second on a steal... This is why you slide head first (I'm kidding). Other then those fireworks, not much has transpired when it comes to baseball excellence here the past week. There were some more opening weeks, but other then that, just your typical baseball. I'll have a report next weekend on what I've seen so far throughout the season.

This whole Tiger penalty thing, I'm sick of hearing about it. The guy followed the rules and did what the PGA asked of him. Yes, should he have considered Disqualifying himself? Of course! The guy didn't have to though, and considering the amount of money he brings to ratings and endorsement dollars for golf, do you seriously think the guy would have left? No! So stop the arguing about morals. Tiger is just that much bigger than golf and without him, the Masters would be broad casted on TruTV.

Louisville couldn't get the women's team to follow through by getting the sweep in college basketball championships. Looks like UCONN's 2004 reign will stay another year. Speaking of basketball, the NBA Playoffs start in a week, and Stanley Cup playoffs start soon after that. This is sort of like the calm before the storm for next weekend when the playoffs for these respective sports start. For for this week, it's all about the Masters.

Angel Cabrera & Adam Scott played one of the most epic 72nd holes I've ever seen. Adam Scott with his long birdie putt to take the lead at -9 with Angel waiting to take his second shot which would not disappoint. Cabrera needed a birdie as well and stuck his second shot about three feet from the hole in the mucky Augusta weather. He nailed it and the playoff ensued. On the second hole in the playoff, Cabrera missed a crucial putt to force Adam Scott to continue the round, instead he missed and gave Adam a golden opportunity. Adam Scott hit his lengthy putt to win another incredible Masters Tournament. Adam Scott was 2013 Masters Tournament champion, and boy was it well deserved. The first Aussie to ever win a Masters Tournament. Fantastic stuff.

I'll see you all next week as it should be a big week for news as the NBA Playoffs will get started and we will already we 1/8 of the way through the MLB Season. See you next week!

***I should have a special NBA Playoff prediction blog. It will be really quick and informative on who I think is going to win it all. This year should be rather easy considering that one team has the best team in the NBA is still dominating.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So on the same week Carmelo Anthony goes off for an average of 40 points every night, the Final Four was played in Atlanta capping off a captivating National Championship on Monday night. Although the way Louisville got there was through the pain of Kevin Ware, they pulled it out in a classic over Michigan who again are wondering about the days of the Fab 5 and keeping Chris Webber under wraps yet another year. USC also picked up the Florida Gulf Coast coach, it looks like they will try to bring some excitement to their program similar to the high flying Cinderella story of dunk city in the 2012 tournament.

Shaq also got his number retired by the Lakers this week, and Kobe Bryant answered the party with a triple-double as the Lakers kept their playoff hopes alive. By weeks end, they were struggling to stay with the Jazz to keep their playoff bubble going.

Britney Griner is thinking of going to the NBA, or at least it's an idea that was thrown out this week. Do I really have to discuss this? Mark Cuban would take her and I would commend him. I legitimately think she could play about 5-6 minutes a game in the NBA, but for her to be anything more would be a disservice to what the NBA represents.

The MLB opened up this week with it's buttload of home openers. Yu Darvish was one out away from a perfect game, Harper hit 2 home runs on opening day, Clayton Kershaw hit a home run to propel him to his first win of the season, and Middlebrooks hit 3 home runs in Boston on Sunday. Talk about a first week of crazy things that happened.

Matt Flynn and Carson Palmer went to different teams this week. Flynn went to the Raiders and Palmer went to the Cardinals making them a legit contender heading into this next season. Other than that, the NFL has been pretty quiet on big time moves again. It looks like they are just now starting to prepare for the NFL Draft here in the next couple weeks.

O.K. so the big story that took over the week was clearly the Mike Rice news at Rutgers. This story to me wasn't that big of a deal considering I as an athlete have been treated similarly in other sports. I have never had anything thrown at me directly, but I've been pushed, shoved, kicked and berated by coaches when I didn't do something right. I also have had things thrown to get my attention, but not directly at me. I feel this story was completely overblown, and considering how it was handled by the media, they disappointed me by making this a headline news story because it is nowhere near the level of coverage the Penn State scandal deserved. If you want to fire the entire campus for it's lack of institutional control, but for the over reaction that has come about this, it's flat out ridiculous.

I'll see y'all next week on Sunday night April 14th!