Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 NFL Postseason Predictions

The 2013 NFL Season is now over, now the real season begins in 2014: The NFL Playoffs. This year’s playoffs promise to have some serious matchups and I see some difficult picks this season. I don’t think anyone can go perfect making their picks, but, I think I have some good insight on the matchups this postseason. Here we go!

We’ll start off with the NFC because the NFC is the strongest division. A 10 win team got screwed out of the postseason (Arizona) and the Saints, who were the #2 seed heading into the December, are now limping into the postseason as the #6 seed. The Panthers are now the #2 seed while winning 11 of their last 12 games. The Seahawks, well, they pretty much stole the show all year long in the NFC while also stumbling a bit in December. The 49ers look like they never dropped a beat even though they stumbled early in the 2013 season, but they nearly stole the division on the last month of the season. The Eagles just snuck into the playoffs but have been playing hot as of late and Nick Foles could rewrite the narrative in Philly when it comes to their postseason success in the past decade. The NFC North representative; Green Bay Packers, have the best QB in the NFL back at the helm but they barely got in and needed a win in Week 17 over the Chicago Bears just to slip through that terrible division into the postseason. The teams going to the Postseason this year in the NFC make it very difficult to pick a winner through this conference, but I think I can manage the difficulty

NFC Playoffs Wild Card Weekend

#6 New Orleans Saints 11-5 @ #3 Philadelphia Eagles 10-6 Saturday (January 4th)

8:10 pm/et NBC

I think the Saints on the whole are very well rounded team but they have had some serious issues away from the Super Dome. Considering this game will be played in chilly Philadelphia (an 8 pm game too), they have won 7 of their last 8 (only losing a random game to my Vikings), and needing to win the last two games just to have a shot at the postseason, I think the Eagles have had that win or die attitude for a while and considering the elements at hand all the factors lead to them getting this victory. This matchup is absolutely incredible though, I wouldn’t be shocked if it went to double OT considering the way the Eagles can run the ball, how the Saints can stop the run, how Drew Brees can pick apart the Eagles defense, and how well Nick Foles has been playing as of late. One defense has to show up, and I think Philly will come through in the clutch.

Pick: PHI 24-20

#5 San Francisco 49ers 12-4 @ #4 Green Bay Packers 8-7-1 Sunday (January 5th)

4:40 pm/et FOX

So this is a game that makes you want to reseed the entire playoff picture. How the hell does a team with 8 wins and a tie host a game over a team with 12 wins? Easy. The NFC West is just that good. Think about how good the NFC West is for a second, the Rams finished with 7 wins this season and finished last in the NFC West when they have the talent to easily win the NFC North and the NFC East… shoot maybe even the AFC North and South. Green Bay has the best QB in the NFL by far and he proved it in Week 17 beating the Bears to get to the postseason, but his ability alone will not carry them past the 49ers. But… crazier things have happened and I could see them pulling off a miracle. As much as last year’s postseason game was a scoring fest, this will be low scoring because apparently it gets cold this time of year in Wisconsin. Yes, the game won’t become it’s coldest until after halftime, but those receivers hands will turn into stone and the run game will need to prevail in the second half for the best team to win. The other obvious factor that hasn’t gotten better for the Packers is that their defense is just not on the same level as the 49ers. Defenses generally show up when the weather outside is frightful and I wouldn’t be shocked if Aaron Rodgers has to get his collarbone restructured in the offseason for hitting the frozen tundra floor on the last game of the weekend. 49ers should get it done but it should be another good matchup.

Pick: SF 31-14

NFC Divisional Weekend

#5 San Francisco 49ers 13-4 @ #1 Seattle Seahawks 13-3 Saturday (January 11th)

4:35 pm/et FOX

This game should get interesting. I feel like the 49ers have finally hit their stride and the Seahawks will be regaining it in this game. This will be the third matchup of the season between these two and I see the first team to 20 wins. I think the first quarter will go to the 49ers, but the Seahawks will warm up in the second quarter making it an intense 2nd half which will happen no matter what. It’s going to be a game of field position and a game of chess in the ultimate matchups of wit and grit and the Seahawks know a thing or two about a thing or two. I think since it’s at home and that crowd will be louder than any regular season game (even louder than the Saints game) because tickets don’t come cheap in the postseason making everybody on the edge of their seat for advancement in the postseason. It will be a war in the 4th and somehow I just see the Seahawks pulling it out. With how well the 49ers have looked in the past month it wouldn’t shock me if they shocked the world because of their level of play recently, but I think it is the Seahawks time and I don’t see another way out.

Pick: SEA 23-17

#3 Philadelphia Eagles 11-6 @ #2 Carolina Panthers 12-4 Sunday (January 12th)

1:05 pm/et FOX

Everyone thinks that this Carolina Panthers team is the sleeper team in the NFC and they have a legit case to run the table to the Super Bowl, but this Eagles team has hit a stride that can have their offense stay with anybody. Call me crazy, because this Carolina Panthers defense is sick, but I think the Eagles can put a 30 spot on them and get it done. Yes, I know, Nick Foles ooo he beat the Saints in Philly and now they will be in Carolina against a guy in Cam Newton and that sick defense. People forget, Carolina almost lost to the Falcons on the final game of the season and it was in the Georgia Dome where conditions are perfect. They will be back in the Carolinas in the outdoor conditions the Eagles can play in and with the offense they can put together in the cold conditions, they will be no push over. This is a game that could go either way but I see Philadelphia getting it done. Carolina is a learning squad and, yes, they have risen to a top 5 team in the NFL, but the Eagles have this guy in LeSean McCoy who is a serious threat on the offensive side of the ball and can really trip up this top 5 defense. On the offensive side of the ball for Carolina, who do they have other than their Tight Ends and a banged up Steve Smith? Nothing, and that’s what will make the difference because matchups are huge in the Playoffs and the Eagles have the advantage at running back. If he gets loose, it’s over.

Pick: PHI 34-24

NFC Championship Game

#3 Philadelphia Eagles 12-6 @ #1 Seattle Seahawks 14-3 Sunday (January 19th) 

This game seems so easy to pick. It will be the best team in the NFL all season versus the team from Philly, who has to fly all the way out to Seattle, to compete in the Jet Engine Century Link Field. Doesn’t it seem like a hardcore Rocky movie that needs to be made without the old fogey Sylvester Stallone? Gosh I really want to pick Seattle in this game. It feels like they will have all the momentum going into it. They have the crowd, the quarterback, the defense, and the swagger. They have it all. Seattle is Goliath, and Philly is David. I picked Seattle before the season to win the Super Bowl and I can’t pick against them now, but honestly don’t be shocked if Philadelphia went into Seattle and won because the way the Seattle offense has been playing of late (and considering they will be coming off a pounding against San Francisco) Philly could easily come in in the 12th round and throw a haymaker for the ages. I just can’t see it happening though. Seattle will create a crater in pioneer square and they will be on their way to New York for Super Bowl 48.

Pick: SEA 41-28

So we have the same representative in the NFC as we had at the beginning of the season. Should that shock anybody? Seattle, having been a top five team all year going to New York, no it shouldn’t. But the AFC is a whole other issue.

The AFC has been a mess this season and it ended in a pretty interesting manner on Sunday. Other than Kansas City heading into Week 17, every other seed (including the NFC) hadn’t been determined. The 6 seed had Miami, San Diego, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore all having a shot at a slot in the postseason. The craziest part, Pittsburgh needed all teams to lose (and get a win) to even have a chance and Miami and Baltimore lost in the early games with Pittsburgh, but San Diego decided to ruin their fate and make Ron Burgundy proud as his great city went to the playoffs playing the studded roster of the Kansas City Chiefs (who played all bench players). It took until overtime but the Chargers locked up a slot by stumbling to their inconsistent 9-7 record. The Broncos locked up the AFC West rather easily, the Patriots did their part, Cincinnati and Indy wrapped up their divisions rather early, and Indianapolis was rather inconsistent the second half of the year, but they still nearly wrapped up a first round bye. The AFC was a mess, but we are here to clean it up and give you our in-depth analysis on the picks leading towards the Super Bowl.

AFC Playoffs Wildcard Weekend 

#5 Kansas City Chiefs 11-5 @ #4 Indianapolis Colts 11-5 Saturday (January 4th)

4:35 pm/et NBC 

These teams just played each other a couple weeks ago except in Week 16, KC had nothing to play for. This time the game will be in the Indianapolis (Week 16 the game was @KC) and KC will show all the fire power to keep up with Indianapolis. I honestly think if Indianapolis is clicking on all cylinders, which they haven’t proven to me that they have been since the early portion of the season, then they really can beat anybody. They beat Seattle, Denver, and San Francisco before the Bye Week, but after the Bye, they just destroyed their division and lost to solid teams like St. Louis, Arizona, and Cincinnati. Granted, they did beat the KC but for what? KC had the playoffs locked up after Thanksgiving and they really had no shot against Denver did they? Once they lost to Denver, they knew playing hard didn’t matter as much, so resting and taking it easy the last couple of weeks might have been the best option. I think this game will be very well played and if Indianapolis plays their A game, they win. But they have shown me that they are not the same after the bye week and I think Kansas City will pull it off although it honestly wouldn’t shock me if Indy put them away and proved me completely wrong.

Pick: KC 21-10

#6 San Diego Chargers 9-7 @ #3 Cincinnati Bengals 11-5 Sunday (January 5th)

1:05 pm/et CBS

I really don’t need to break down this game do I? The Chargers, the most inconsistent team in Football this season by far. Perfect example: They lose to Oakland Week 5, 27-17, and then beat Indianapolis in Week 6, 19-9. They lose three straight games right after the Bye Week including the first game after the Bye Week they lost to a 3-13 Washington Redskins team when they had 2 weeks to prepare! They also lost to this Bengal team in Week 13, 17-10, in San Diego then decided to win the rest of their games to make it to the postseason (4 straight) They almost sound like the 2012 Minnesota Vikings, just lucky to make it in while considering the division they are in (AFC West with KC and Denver) and the odds looked too bleak to make it but they won the games they needed to just to screw over the other teams and steal the 6 seed. The Bengals? 8-0 at home, Top 10 defense, and consistency throughout the season. If you’re in Vegas, bet the Bengals straight up, because the Chargers need a miracle to win. If the Chargers do win, I’ll be in shock… Ha-ha, get it?

Pick: CIN 24-3

AFC Divisional Weekend

#3 Cincinnati Bengals 12-5 @ #2 New England Patriots 12-4 Saturday (January 11th)

8:15 pm/et CBS

I think we have all read the writing on the wall with the Patriots for a while when it comes to their potential playoff success and with where they stand with their talent heading into the postseason, they really stand no chance. The Bengals have a challenge of going into Foxboro, but against Tom Brady and what army? He has no tight ends, his receivers are as nameable as John Doe, and his running game has been beaten up all season. The defense is a little above average but other than that, they aren’t that special. The only thing they have an advantage of is their legendary crowd that shows up consistently every season ready to cheer on their fantastic organization of the past 12 years. They don’t have much fire power and considering the Bengals beat them earlier this season (13-6; Week 5 in Cincinnati) I think the Bengals have improved since then and after a week of getting their feet wet at home versus a terrible Chargers team, it might be the perfect warm up to put Tom Brady in the dust and hopefully remind Robert Kraft that he needs to get pieces for Brady to work with. Andy Dalton gets it done in Foxboro.

Pick: CIN 23-13

#5 Kansas City Chiefs 12-5 @ #1 Denver Broncos 13-3 Sunday (January 12th)

4:40 pm/et CBS

Is the third time the charm for Kansas City? I don’t think so. I could see Kansas City winning, but considering what happened last season for Peyton Manning and how his season ended, there is no way he loses this game. He’ll get at least 3 TD’s and make the KC D look like Swiss cheese again for a third straight time. The only chance KC has is to really knock Peyton around, but other than that they really don’t have an answer. Unless Alex Smith becomes Tom Brady and doesn’t just play as a game manager, the Chiefs can’t compete with the greatest offense in NFL History. You want me to say more, no I don’t wanna. Peyton for 320, 3 TD’s, a ball cap, and a beer.

Pick: DEN 31-10

AFC Championship Game

#3 Cincinnati Bengals 13-5 @ #1 Denver Broncos 14-3 Sunday (January 19th)

This Bengals team by this point in the Playoffs should warm up to the rest of the NFL fans and they will be coming into this game with a legit shot at going to New York to hold the title. They have a defense that is just that good and they really can hold their own against the best in the NFL. If there is one thing that can cause the Denver Broncos to lose their rocker, it will be the coverage and defensive pressure. They have one of the best front lines in the NFL with Geno Atkins holding the line and no-name guys like Wallace Gilberry and Carlos Dunlap who both have 7+ sacks to go along with Geno Atkins’ 6 sacks. They are truly a team defense with no real superstars carrying the load and considering they are so silent in the way they win games through the eyes of the media, they may come into this game with little opportunity to shine. Yes they went 3-5 on the road, yes they lost to bad teams on the road. But every time they have played in a big time game, they have shown up to do more than play, they knock you out. Denver may not be ready for the Bengals and America may not be ready for the Bengals but the only person who can be ready (and we know can be ready) is Peyton Manning. He will have to dissect a game plan that will get this Bengals team off balance on defense because if they get in a rhythm and do what they are capable of, the Bengals will be in the Super Bowl. I think Peyton is done with the games, and he gets it done.

Pick: DEN 33-28

Let me be frank on Philadelphia and Cincinnati. These two teams could easily get to the Super Bowl with the wave they have been riding and the way they have been playing football should be national news. Lucky for them, they are completely under the radar and that makes them terrifyingly attractive to pick. But I have to stick with my guns and pick Denver and Seattle in Super Bowl 48.

Super Bowl 48

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos Sunday February 2nd

In a perfect world, these two teams need to meet in the Super Bowl. Something tells me it won’t happen, but the likelihood and the fantasy needs to come true. A New York Super Bowl with a potential snow storm in the making, how does that not spell Seattle/Denver? The Seattle Secondary and Peyton Manning… where’s my popcorn and chicken? Oh and can I get a hells yea on the honey barbeque with the potential hitting that could be going on in this game? The fierce hits across the middle in a snow storm blizzard on a frigid Sunday afternoon where the whole nation is watching. That’s what will bring many new fans into the game and raise the nation back into the hard hitting country that we need to get back to. I really have no clue who wins this game, but the matchups tell me that Russell Wilson will just need to game manage (~250 total yards, 2 TD’s) because the Manning/Secondary matchup will take care of itself. I think the Secondary will swag out beyond all compare and the nation will dawn a new form of Legion Of Boom after this Super Bowl. It won’t just be a local thing anymore but you’ll see boroughs in the Bronx pimping out the likes of Legion of Boom T-Shirts and Russell Wilson Jerseys because of the amount of swagger they will bring to this game. If the Seahawks play the perfect game, they can beat the 85 Bears. They play the perfect game in New York, just remember how they played on December 2nd, they will mirror that performance on February 2nd.

Pick: SEA 37-13         MVP: Russell Wilson

Those are my predictions. Don’t sleep on the #3 seeds. I’ll see y’all after the National Championship game. Lots to talk about.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Slow Yo Roll

So this will be my year ending blog of 2013. This has been a year of some weird, intense, and magnificent story lines (if there were more words in my vocabulary bank, I would express them) but I also started writing my blog this year which should make all of you cringe with either excitement or pure fear. I've been grateful for the little bit of life I have to actually write these blogs over the past year and 2013 has been a year of exploration and success for me personally and I hope going into 2014 only more comes of it for me and for my audience that I am so humble to have on a weekly basis.

Weather you actually read my blogs, or you just click the link and think "Spam!" which I'm sure is about 80% of my views a week (it not 99%) then thank you anyways for taking 5 seconds out of your life to think how lame my time, effort, and love are for the world of sports. I do this for a hobby and if the cards line up correctly and somebody of great care see's this someday, maybe it could mean more :)

We started off the year with a fake girl friend, then we dabbled in many summaries of how the sports week came about. We got bored in the summertime, then we dunked into some stories of amateur article bliss. I, by no means, have the capability of writing like a Sports Illustrated article entrepreneur, but I could do this for the rest of my life knowing I've made someone's sporting interest spike maybe a tiny bit more than the day before.

2014 will be a year of great excitement as College sports should rule the landscape once again as I will be covering more college football, and College Basketball scores and stories will be on the horizon much more often in the coming weeks when I come back within the first week of January (I'll write my NFL Playoff prediction blog next week, but that will be about it before I come back January 6th with some more stories on college football and other important sporting stories). 2014 maybe the year where I decide to write my blog everyday once I get into a routine but we'll see what happens with my schooling and where my life takes me (It may be more of a 2015 project to do my blogs 5 days a week). I'll try to jump to 3 times a week, but again that's all dependent on what happens with life (because believe it or not, I have one).

Considering the huge number of views I get on my blog weekly (100+ on some weeks) I may just do it twice a week starting in February, but again, the cards need to fall in line with life. February may have a Friday and Monday Blog but again we'll see. I know many of you (many = very little) care about what I have to say about the world of sports and would much rather have me go on writing about things that actually matter (government shutdown, what my girlfriend wore to bed last night, ect.) than what I have to say about LeBron James's nose hair, but the fact of the matter is I CARE ABOUT THAT NOSE HAIR DARNIT! And darnit, I want to improve upon it in 2014.

I hope you all have enjoyed my blogs for this 2013 and I hope to make it much more enjoyable next year. Watch for my NFL Playoff Prediction Blog next Sunday Night/Monday as I'll more than likely pick something new than at the beginning of the season. Have a great Holiday Season!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

BCS Bowl Bonanza

The finals season of the top two instead of the final four format will begin to take place starting on December 21st. The 35 bowl games will be a battle for who has the most guts in picking the most wins and at the end of the day nobody will care about 80% of the games because they won't matter in our minds. But for the holiday cheer, I'll give a quick blurb to each bowl game this college postseason. I'll give more for the BCS games or the games with good matchups, but on the whole, don't expect a ton of in-depth analysis on all the games except the big ones. I'll give my pick after the analysis as well. So here we go!

Washington State/Colorado State GILDAN NEW MEXICO BOWL

Ok honestly I'm from Washington and the way the Cougars played against the Huskies in the Apple Cup, I have no doubts this team is good enough to win their first bowl game since the turn of the century. They have 6 wins, but don't let that fool you, they suck, but they are hungry for a first bowl win in a long time.
Pick: WSU (Confidence: 5 out of 35)


Fresno State plays in a very weak conference and they have only one loss which makes them look very good in this game against a generally shaky USC team the past couple of seasons. But, recently, USC has turned it on and has jumped into the top 25 to finish out the season. With the new found energy they have found this late in the season and their ability to compete with good teams down the stretch in the Pac-12 I see USC winning this game, but I could see it going either way.
Pick: USC (Confidence: 4 out of 35)


I know nothing about these teams but I know that San Diego State has played well down the stretch and that Buffalo started off strong and tapered off near the end of the year. Both teams don't really have any strong outstanding candidates to do much but I think San Diego State has a better chance at winning this game considering their play near the end of the season.
Pick: SDSU (Confidence: 7 out of 35)

Tulane/Louisiana Lafayette R+L CARRIERS NEW ORLEANS BOWL

I know a couple things about this game. Tulane has a pretty good defense granted they played in a pretty crummy conference, but their opponent isn't much of a powerhouse to begin with. Also Nick Montana was on UW before transferring and there was a reason he was recruited by a PAC-12 team. I see Tulane getting it done, but I wouldn't be shocked if it went either way.
Pick: TUL (Confidence: 8 out of 35)


I'm riding conference USA this year when it comes to their abilities to compete in their bowl games this year. Eastern Carolina is a juggernaut on offense and they have the ability to blow any team out of the water on the offensive side of the ball when it comes to mid level opponents and Ohio is just that. With averaging 40.4 points all season and playing an opponent who they can clearly compete with, I see Eastern Carolina taking this game.
Pick: ECU (Confidence: 16 out of 35)

Boise State/Oregon State SHERATON HAWAII BOWL

Both these teams came into this year with hopes of making it to a big time BCS game or at least to a bowl game in January. Both teams fell short by a landslide. I think the better team recently has been Oregon State and considering the way they played against Oregon in the annual Civil War game, I think they figured something out and they will get Boise State knocked off their block and with the Boise State coach heading to UW, why wouldn't the PAC-12 decide to make a poi sandwich in Hawaii?
Pick: OSU (Confidence: 19 out of 35)

Pittsburgh/Bowling Green LITTLE CAESARS BOWL

A team that wins 10 games should not be left off your radar as a team that can potentially compete with an upper conference opponent hence why this game is compelling in the eyes of the average sports fan. Bowling Green was a powerhouse in the MAC this year and, yes, Pittsburgh played in the same conference as Florida State (ACC) but just because they played in the same conference as the number one team in the nation doesn't mean they can claim their right to beating a team like Bowling Green. I think Pittsburgh might hit a wall in this game and Bowling green can get it done.
Pick: BGU (Confidence: 13 out of 35)

Utah State/23 Northern Illinois University S.D. COUNTY CREDIT UNION POINSETTIA

In the mouth twister bowl, the new Boise State (N. Illinois) will dominate and Jordan Lynch will show why he went to New York for a Heisman Trophy candidacy spot. If Utah State wins this game it would be a miracle, I don't see how they even come close and Northern Illinois will get it's due down the road to jump to a bigger conference if they keep playing the way they have been the past couple years.
Pick: NIU (Confidence: 22 out of 35)

Marshall/Maryland MILITARY BOWL

I have no clue who wins this game from the perspective of my own self and for how average and under the radar both these teams have been. Maryland plays in the ACC and they were supposed to make a leap this season and fell flat on their face, but I think they'll make amends in this game, or not. Pick: MARY (Confidence: 1 out of 35)

Syracuse/Minnesota TEXAS BOWL

Both of these teams will be completely out of their element by playing in Houston and I think it'll be a low scoring game because of it. I see Minnesota pulling it out because they put their season together rather nicely other than losing to 3 ranked opponents and one bad loss to Iowa way back in September. Since their second loss against Michigan, the Gophers have been within 14 points the past 6 games showing me that they have put themselves in situations to win ball games. Syracuse... they are just another 6-6 ACC team playing in a game against a good opponent because they have their ultimate representative playing in the National Championship game (FSU).
Pick: MINN (Confidence: 21 out of 35)


If anybody picks the Mormons in this game, they clearly don't know Bishop Sankey. I live out here in the Pacific Northwest and saw this guy throughout his career at UW, and he is one of the best backs in the history of the school and it's a fact as he now holds the UW regular season rushing record, and has the school career rushing touchdown record in school history passing up guys like Napoleon Kaufman and Corey Dillon. If you don't know, now you know. He will be a decent pro and could be a second option on many squads heading into the draft. Either way, if this is the same UW team that can compete with Stanford, blowout Oregon State, and finally step up to beat their rival? The Mormons don't have a shot.
Pick: UW (Confidence: 23 out of 35)


This is clearly an east coast laden game and I expect Rutgers to come out and play their best football of the season. These New Era Pinstripe games have been classics the past couple seasons and I wouldn't be shocked to see another one. But this year I think Notre Dame has the edge because they are actually playing somebody they can compete with during the bowl season this year (unlike last year; Alabama National Championship throttling). Hopefully Manti didn't give tickets to any other fake girlfriends this year either.
Pick: ND (Confidence: 12 out of 35)

Cincinnati/North Carolina BELK BOWL

Look... I know I've harped on this already, but the ACC is really overrated other than maybe two or three teams. Need I say anymore? North Carolina is just not as good in football this season as they were the past couple and they will fall back into becoming a basketball school shortly. Cincinnati has a 9-3 squad that should be able to put something together and get the win in this one.
Pick: CIN (Confidence: 11 out of 35)


This might be the bad bowl game that I would actually go buy a ticket to because of the intrigue of the "U" and how well Teddy Bridgewater will play against that vaunted Miami defense. People forget this Miami team went 7-0 before losing three straight (starting with a shellacking by Florida State), they finished the season with a 9-3 record and both of these teams were definitely preseason favorites to finish in January. The intrigue has got to be through the roof for scouts as I anticipate there being a ton of them at this game focusing on the Quarterback of Louisville, Teddy Bridgewater. I really don't know who is going to win this game, but if I had to choose, I'd take the QB. I have faith in Teddy and I think he'll make his draft statement game in this one, showing everyone he's ready for the NFL. I wouldn't be shocked if it went completely the other way as well.
Pick: LOU (Confidence: 2 out of 35)


Two teams that are middle of the road in their respective conferences but have played well down the stretch, should be a fun matchup and game to go get some wings at BWW for. I think Michigan has the upper hand because they played so well against Ohio State and Gardner is definitely scary in the backfield with his talent to spread the ball the way he does. I think Kansas State can keep it close and make this a fun matchup, but Gardner is the difference and the only reason I see Michigan winning.
Pick: MICH (Confidence: 6 out of 35)


I don't know anything about either of these teams, but I do feel that considering it is an Armed Forces bowl, Navy gets the edge. I do feel like Middle Tennessee may have the upper hand because they play in a crummy conference but that they can at least get into a rhythm of who they are playing every week, every year unlike Navy who plays random teams every year. I see this game going to Navy, but if Middle Tennessee wins it, I wouldn't be shocked.
Pick: NAVY (Confidence: 9 out of 35)

Ole Miss/Georgia Tech Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl

Are you kidding? We are getting into SEC territory now! That doesn't mean the option at Georgia Tech won't get it done, but an SEC team vs. an ACC team sounds like a drubbing in most cases. I think Ole Miss gets it done because of the competition they faced throughout the season, an option bound team like Georgia Tech shouldn't strike fear into the Ole Miss defense considering their schedule all season long. I could see this going either way, but you know I got to pick SEC!
Pick: MISS (Confidence: 10 out of 35)


This is the easiest game to pick all season. Texas has been overrated for about 3 years now and for them to sniff the top 25 those past 3 seasons (since they went to the national title game against Alabama in 2009-10) is an absolute joke. Oregon has been on the verge of going to a national title the past 2 seasons and went to one in 2010-11 against Auburn where they lost because the Dyer play. This team will walk into San Antonio and beat down the sad Mack Brown Longhorns and give him a reason for why he never needs to come back to coaching. No way Texas wins this game, if they do I will be completely stunned. Oregon should put up 40 with ease. I expect 50.
Pick: ORE (Confidence: 35 out of 35)

Oh the holiday bowl, the bowl game where the runner up of the PAC-12 faces a crummy Big 12 opponent. Great fun, with little inspirations for both teams. I wouldn't be shocked if Texas Tech came in and won this game because of ASU's lack of concentration and care, but then again, Texas tech started off the season 7-0 till they lost 5 in a row to end their season. ASU was in it all year but now they get the crummy Holiday Bowl to make their tummies all warm and fuzzy. If ASU doesn't win, I wouldn't be shocked because who really wants to get pumped up for the Holiday Bowl? Besides, Texas Tech is due for a win... bah humbug.
Pick: ASU (Confidence: 20 out of 35)

Arizona/Boston College AdvoCare V100 BOWL

Is it just me or do PAC-12 teams really get screwed in Bowl game selections? Granted, Arizona is a middle of the road PAC-12 team but they are far more superior than Boston College. Why? BC plays in the ACC, while Arizona plays in the PAC-12. It's pretty self-explanatory. Arizona has had a great offense for a while, while BC is just well...Rushing the ball with their 2K Rush man Andre Williams and that's about it. Unless he goes off, I don't see how Arizona losses.
Pick: ARI (Confidence: 14 out of 35)


Yay! Another PAC-12 team getting the screw job! The Sun Bowl! We are moving on up! If you don't have UCLA in this game, then congrats to you for getting the best dose of medicine in the world because Virginia Tech will get a straight fist to the face in this ball game. Brett Hundley will destroy VT and take their children too.
Pick: UCLA (Confidence: 33 out of 35)

Rice/Mississippi State AutoZone LIBERTY BOWL

This is a harder game to pick than just to say SEC and leave. Rice has had a really good season and their 10 wins is no joke even though it is in the sorry conference USA. Their defense really can come to play and I think they may be able to stop some of Mississippi State's offensive threats... But nah it really is just all about SEC! Rice can put up a fight though and I think this will be a good game, just too much strength on the Mississippi State side.
Pick: MISS ST. (Confidence: 18 out of 35)

24 Duke/21 Texas A&M Chick-fil-A BOWL

This should be a good game... HAHAHAHAHA, I had to laugh at that. If Johnny Football doesn't have 400 total yards of offense I will be shocked. This Texas A&M team should be able to get it done. After how ripped up Duke just looked against this years Heisman Trophy winner, last years Heisman Trophy winner should have no problem. Pick: TAMU (Confidence: 25 out of 35)

Nebraska/22 Georgia GATOR BOWL

Yay New Years day games begin with the underachiever game. Two teams that could have come out this season and put together a championship season decided to play below their abilities and that couldn't be more true than with Georgia. This team was a couple plays short of the National Title game last season now they are in the Gator Bowl looking to regain some credibility for their pathetic effort this season. I think Georgia can put together something that will get them to overtake Nebraska because they truly are that good, this season was just a mess for the Bulldogs.
Pick: GEO (Confidence: 24 out of 35)


Who? So you're telling me they have this as a prime time college game (I know it's on ESPNU but still) on New Years day instead of all the PAC-12 teams I just mentioned... this is why the BCS is crap. UNLV... North Texas? My cooker is COOKIN'! Really? Come on man. I got North Texas but I really don't care.
Pick: NTEX (Confidence: 3 out of 35)


Best matchup of the college football season, just kidding. Who really thinks Iowa will win this game? LSU is going to pummel this team and it's even funny we are talking about this being a New Years day game. I just don't see how LSU doesn't win this game. This should be an easy win for LSU considering who they have faced all season. W's for days.
Pick: LSU (Confidence: 34 out of 35)

19 Wisconsin/9 South Carolina CAPITAL ONE BOWL

This is actually a damn good matchup. I know Wisconsin isn't the team of the past couple of seasons, but they can still play at a really high level and South Carolina is no joke per usual. I see the SEC pulling this one out again because of the inconsistent woe's of the Badgers this year. But I anticipate this being a great game and I think Clowney will get another big hit like last New Years day.
Pick: SCU (Confidence: 32 out of 35)

5 Stanford/4 Michigan State 100th ROSE BOWL GAME PRES. BY VIZIO

The best defense in the land vs. the best power threat in the game. A game that should be in the 20's, and a game that should really be one for the ages. Both teams came at this season from different angles. Stanford was looking at a potential National Championship birth while MSU lost to Notre Dame early in the year while rallying to win the rest of their games and shocking #2 Ohio State in the Big 10 championship. These are two powerhouses in football and they are the best at what they do offensively (Stanford's power offense) and defensively (Michigan State) and it should be a grind it out, field position game for the ages. I have Stanford, but if it goes either way, it wouldn't shock me.
Pick: STAN (Confidence: 29 out of 35)


Let's just say if you were feeling sick and hung over after your New Years Eve party, this game won't help you. I feel like the combination of these teams in such a big bowl game (especially their jersey combinations which I'm sure will be dreadful on the national stage) will not live up to the hype of what a BCS game is supposed to be. Yes, both teams can score, but let's not fool ourselves. This is not Oklahoma State and Stanford of a couple years ago, the talent in this Tostitos Fiesta Bowl is just not there on the whole. I expect a drubbing from Baylor, and I expect about 50, maybe 60 points. Defense will be non-existent so if you like back-and-forth football, this is for you. Pick: BAY (Confidence: 26 out of 35)

11 Oklahoma/3 Alabama ALLSTATE SUGAR BOWL

This will be fun. This is a great all red matchup that should get you thinking about the National championship and who could have been in it. Alabama could have easily been there, Oklahoma (if it wasn't for the Red River Rivalry loss and the Baylor destruction) would have been there. This is definitely a fantastic matchup of offenses and which ever defense shows up to play will ultimately win the ball game. I think Alabama will win on principle because this is where they shine and when it's a non SEC opponent they generally destroy who ever they face, but from the standpoint of these two teams and where they stand in the lore of college football, this is a very creamy game to watch... But I got Bama.
Pick: ALA (Confidence 31 out of 35)

13 Oklahoma State/8 Missouri AT&T COTTON BOWL

Former conference buddies but now fellow conference runner ups, this game should have some mental payback for both past conference foe reasons and also considering they were so close to attaining either a National Championship birth (Missouri) or a huge BCS bid (Oklahoma State). Either way, this matchup is fun and the offenses should be rather lively, but I think Missouri's defense will show up after about 3 weeks of rest and they should really put the petal to the metal against this Oklahoma State team. The lead up to the game should be great as the old geezers talk about the past Big 12 and what it used to look like, but the SEC will still remain king.
Pick: MIZ (Confidence: 28 out of 35)

12 Clemson/7 Ohio State DISCOVER ORANGE BOWL

I really feel like this is one of the most awkward matchups ever because both of these teams really don't want to be here. Both of these teams got robbed (Clemson getting wiped out by Florida State earlier in the year; Ohio State getting beat in the Big 10 title game and losing the biggest winning streak in college football) and both teams would rather be sitting at home or fighting to play in the Final Four in next seasons set up for the National Championship. This game is REALLY AWKWARD.  But I think the team that probably wants to be here most (at least right now) is Clemson. They didn't just lose their entire season's goal at the end of the season, they lost it back in October, they've let it settle in, and they have one of the best QB's in the nation in Tajh Boyd who has a serious NFL future. Boyd was a Heisman favorite before Winston took it from him in October, but it doesn't mean he doesn't have what it takes to compete. I think Ohio State will compete in this game and I think it will be a good game, but to me it will feel very strange considering both these teams have the talent to be in the National Championship game and just didn't quite make it.
Pick: CLEM (Confidence: 27 out of 35)

Vanderbilt/Houston BBVA COMPASS BOWL

This is just one of those "Nobody cares" games heading towards the National Championship game. I think Vanderbilt will win because they play in the SEC, they had 8 wins this year along with a .500 record in the SEC which is good no matter which way you look at it. Houston doesn't have Case Keenum anymore so I really don't care how good they are, but they can't compete with the smart school from the SEC. Pick: VAND (Confidence: 17 out of 35)

Arkansas State/Ball State GODADDY BOWL

Another "Nobody cares" games, but I think Ball State has this game in the bag. They have 10 wins for a reason and only two losses to teams from the North (Northern Illinois and North Texas). They can score and they can stop teams within their level of competition and I see Ball State getting a victory.
Pick: BALL ST. (Confidence: 15 out of 35)

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here!

#1 Florida State (13-0)/#2 Auburn (12-1) VIZIO BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

This is the game that was supposed to happen. Auburn, the story book team (3-9 a year ago; Started from the bottom now we here) that made it through with 2 miracle victories and getting lucky just to make it to this point with losses by Ohio State, Baylor, and Oregon late in the season. Auburn slipped through the cracks and truly are fortunate (but deserved) of getting the #2 seed to face the impeccable Famous Jameis Winston who is no doubt the best player in the Nation. Is it so weird to call this David and Goliath when David is the SEC team? The SEC has won the National Championship 7 straight times (last team to do so was the 2005-06 Texas Longhorns in the Rose Bowl who were huge underdogs to USC), so how does that make Auburn the underdog when FSU is the team who plays in the weaker conference? It's easy. The only loss for Auburn was @LSU in game 4 of the season (which at the time really didn't seem like much of a big deal because Auburn was seen as a joke sniffing the top 25). Since they have the loss, they have the underdog mentality, and a place where the underdog last prevailed in the best BCS National Championship game ever was Texas in that 2005-06 Rose Bowl National Championship. This year it is in the Rose Bowl again, could magic be up the sleeve of the Auburn Tigers once again? It happened against Georgia, and Alabama the next week... but they play in the SEC you say?

Look FSU is clearly the better team heading into this game, I know the history of the SEC but I'm going to shake the ground for a second. The SEC's run is up this year. Jameis Winston will show up in this game just like he did against Clemson and light up the scoreboard and put Auburn back in their 3-9, 2012, sorry place. It would not shock me (especially with what has happened up to this point) if Auburn pulls off another miracle because they have already pulled off 2 this season. But every time Jameis Winston has the ball, magic has happened, and I know the magic has been in Auburns court the past month, but the freshmen is going to set a standard of greatness among all freshmen this season and I just don't see anybody getting in his way, and his name will truly live on after this game. Famous Jameis will be real in Pasadena, and I see the Seminoles ending this horrific era of the BCS in a way that we all want it to see end; the fall of the SEC!

Pick: FSU (Confidence: 30 out of 35) Score: 44-35

Enjoy the bowl games everybody! And I'll see you all next week with a Christmas edition of the blog!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Frank Sinatra said it best

New York, New York! Yes I was there for 34 hours and I went and did everything I could to live that New York minute to the best of my abilities. The only things I didn't do were do the ferries of Staten island and view the 911 memorial. Other than that, I hiked Central Park, ogled inside Times Square, went to the top of the Empire State Building, rode the subways, flagged a taxi, and saw the legends at monument park. I did so much, but the ultimate spectacle was Madison Square Garden.

The Knicks and Bulls this season have had turmoil with the rest of the Eastern Conference, and the game Wednesday night was proof that both of these teams just cannot compete with the two top teams in the East. But the real story was how beautiful Madison Square Garden was. The transformation, as they are calling it, is definitely proof that this is the most famous arena in the world. It looks huge on the outside, but on the inside, it is small but so luxurious that even when your sitting where I was sitting, you felt like you were top of the action with a sweet seat to go along with it. It lived up to expectations and the first time I stepped out of the concession area to view the court, the awe kicked in for about a minute. My New York minute was a trip to remember even though the city smelled of dirty wet pavement and a hint of an old folks home, which shouldn't be shocking considering the age of the city.

If you haven't been to New York, let me give you a quick excerpt of my experience because I don't want to ruin your future trip. Everything is much smaller in person! Times Square is incredible along with Fashion Ave (7th Ave), Avenue of Americans (5th Ave) and Rockefeller Plaza. Things on TV look a lot bigger but in reality everything is really close to one another. The Subways are genius. They are simple, they are quick, and they are forceful. New York doesn't mess around with it's transportation. There are taxis everywhere, Subways running constantly, buses on every corner, and a Light Link Rail that is basically the modern day Railroad system. There are other layers to the city, the Underground, the Uptown, Downtown, and the marketing district where the prime time (greatest form of shopping circuit you'll ever see) takes place... But again, as big as it all seems on TV it's all really tiny in person, but it's still incredible. People in New York look worn down, but the ones that are friendly are very charismatic and very very nice. There are at least 20 different nationalities that I ran into while taking the day by storm. Many people on vacation or just stopping by the city. It is true, the city never does sleep. Many things happen till about midnight and fairies to Staten island go 24/7. from about 4 pm till midnight is probably the hardest time to be on the streets of Manhattan. There are many people and tons of cars, but it's not really overwhelming (but maybe I'm just special). If you really wanted to, you can do it all in a day, but you will be very tired.

The one thing I want to do if I ever go back is take the ferries to Staten island, see the 9/11 Memorial, go see Rucker park in the summer time to hoop it up with the Uptown New Yorkers, and visit the Brooklyn area. Central Park also doesn't get enough justice when I visited it. If there is the definition of the perfect park, you found it at Central Park. I hiked it and it took about an hour to go from the north side to the south side and it was absolutely beautiful. The statues on the south side of the park are one of a kind and really make your jaw drop if you have any kind of a soul. It's crazy how something so spectacular when it comes to natural beauty connects so perfectly with the retail world on the south side of the park. That part is what I will always remember and what really struck me as "a smooth transition." I love the shopping aspect of our culture and I love the pure sanctity of nature and the combination on the south side of the park was perfection to my liking.

Take a trip to New York. I gained a completely different perspective about the city after going and I see things around me in a much different way after going. I learned a lot along with exploring the things I enjoy the most, Sports. Yankee Stadium didn't impress me, and it's not because I'm a Mariners fan, the new stadium just didn't do it for me, but the Delta Sky Box was pretty legit along with the monument out in center field. I did get the chills in center field and it wasn't because it was cold. Those chills they speak of when you're out there, it's real. I really liked the museum they had as well and after taking the tour of the stadium, it felt as though the stadium was designed really quickly, and I wish I could have viewed the old stadium before it was demolished.

If you listen to Jay-Z on the west coast, you need to visit New York to understand a majority of his materialistic lyrics because most of what he raps about is retail that only New York can contain. Much of what we see on the west coast does not comprehend with what they have on the east coast, hence why going will open your eyes to what the lyrics of east coast rap is really pertaining to.

I had a great time and it went by really fast, but it will be memories for a lifetime and it only took 34 hours. Next week I'll talk about the NCAA Bowl games and give you my predictions! See you next week!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Deserving the Heisman

Famous Jameis, the 2013 version of the 2012 Johnny Football, is the freshmen phenomena  of this years college football season.

What makes him so special? Is it his 6-4, 230 pound frame as a true freshmen out of Alabama? Is it because of how he has torn up the competition in the ACC, one of the weaker D-1 college football conferences in the land? Or is it because he is truthfully the only one who really "deserves" the Heisman trophy this season? Let's define "deserve" for the sake of what has happened over the past couple of weeks in the name of Famous Jameis when it comes to him and the Heisman Trophy award.

Jordan Lynch. A name that many are not familiar with, is the QB for the Northern Illinois Huskies who currently sits second in many people's eyes as the runner up to the eventual naming of the Heisman trophy here in the next couple weeks. Voting ends in less than week and all we have is this guy to back up the obvious choice on the field in Jameis Winston. Why does Jameis Winston "deserve" the Heisman? Before Saturdays game against Duke in the ACC championship game, he has a 69% completion percentage, 35 touchdown passes, 8 interceptions, 3,500 yards passing, 192.6 QB rating and, based upon ESPN's adjusted QBR rating, he scores a 92 (out of 100). This is without mentioning he is the QB currently playing on the most dominant team in college football who (right now) is the #1 team in the nation (Florida State) and has beaten their opponents by an average of 42.7 points a game. In the biggest game of the year against Clemson in mid-October when FSU was ranked 5th and Clemson was ranked 3rd, FSU went into Memorial Stadium (Home of the Clemson Tigers) and didn't just beat Clemson, but pummeled them with a 51-14 victory and opened the eyes in many throughout the nation. This was also the biggest game of Famous Jameis's very young (and potentially short) career, as he threw for 444 yards, had 3 touchdowns, and a QBR of 89.4. This was the match-up of the season for FSU and all Famous Jameis did was decide to have his Heisman moment whether he knew it or not.

He is clearly the favorite by not just a big margin, but this should be the definition of a landslide when it comes to Heisman picks correct? FSU is undefeated (12-0 heading into the ACC championship game) they are the unanimous #1 team in the nation, and their QB is clearly the X-factor and leader of the this entire football team... but... (and there is always a but) does his integrity help him "deserve" this trophy?

Reggie Bush (2005 Heisman trophy winner* [* = he had his trophy striped from him due to NCAA violations]) lost his trophy due to payments he received throughout his time at USC, essentially making him INELIGIBLE to participate in Division 1 competition. He was clearly the best player in 2005, but his integrity cost him the ultimate award in all of college sports. Famous Jameis, the nickname we all know Jameis Winston by, maybe shouldn't be called by that name after the news we've heard over the past couple of weeks with alleged rape convictions from a young women who said she was sexually assaulted in December of 2012.

Now why do I say his integrity is in question? You can be the judge of that based upon this allegation, but with the news that the Tallahassee police and community members tried to cover up this story while he was going through the recruiting process, it puts him clearly in the cross hairs of a potential suspension and possible loss of scholarship because of this cover up. The questions then start to flood in of, "Would FSU have signed this guy if they knew of the allegations of rape were on his mantle?" "Would Jameis Winston even have played this season if people knew of this investigation earlier?" "Would FSU have had the season they would have had knowing that their freshmen QB couldn't play because of a character issue off the field?" These are very valid questions and questions that many Heisman voters will be pondering leading up to the last days of the voting process which will change the perception of Jameis Winston forever if he does hold the trophy in a couple weeks.

Whatever the case is, on the field, Jameis Winston holds true (to this point) as the best player in the land, but will his off the field issues hold the integrity of the award away from him even sniffing the almighty fraternity of the Heisman trophy house? When it comes to Jameis Winston "deserving" this trophy, he truly does deserve it because I believe what he has done on the field far outweighs the problem off it.

I will say one thing before heading off into the cold dark night. If this allegation holds true and he is convicted of sexual assault, he should get the Reggie Bush treatment and have his award revoked clearly based upon character issues that the Heisman does not promote. But then the question of past Heisman winners becomes an integrity flawed system if he does not get it revoked. The perfect example, 1968 Heisman trophy winner, O.J. Simpson. Granted his integrity issues happened 25+ years after he won the award, but the Heisman is a lifelong fraternity that one must hold themselves accountable for their actions. If Jameis Winston is convicted of this crime, and he gets his Heisman revoked, you better blank out that 1968 trophy too, because even though O.J. was innocent, many people think otherwise. I sniff the same stew brewing in Tallahassee.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Manning, Brady, Who's Better?

This last game against the greats of this era who define a generation of the importance of quarterback play was an instant classic. Manning was up 24-0 going into the 3rd quarter and Brady decided to show his capability of becoming the comeback kid once again. Extending Brady's record to 10-4 against the great Peyton Manning, the real question now becomes who has the better legacy? In a league where they have both left an indelible, emphatic mark on a game we now present as America's sweetheart, which player really does have the better legacy to walk into Canton with? The story is clearly not over but for now the argument can still take place at every water cooler in America.

I will make my case in this blog and you can run with it or you can leave with it with what ever opinion you want but let me be clear on something, if their careers ended today, it would be perfectly clear who the better player is.

The Case for Peyton Manning:

This guy, when it is all said and done, could be the greatest QB of all time. Statistically, Award wise, and could make some serious doe in the booth and become a great coach if he really set his mind to it. The guy has 4 MVP's, 12 Pro Bowl appearances, 6 All-Pro selections, 7 AFC Offensive player of the year awards, and the all important Super Bowl Trophy from Super Bowl XLI. He has lost 10 times to Tom Brady and has won the most recent Super Bowl, but he also lost a Super Bowl against the Saints when they were the favorites. People also forget that Peyton Manning in the Playoffs is absolutely dreadful; 9-11. Manning has had several seasons of playing behind some of the mid to low level defenses over the years, but has also had some of the best wide receivers in NFL History in Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. He has made some players better in his career (Dallas Clark and Austin Collie are perfect examples) but he has had more weapons available to him throughout his entire career compared to Brady and what he has had around him.

The Case for Tom Brady:

This is the playmate player of the decade and definitely does not have the individual awards that Peyton has, but he has a much better resume when it comes to his championship pedigree. 2 MVP's, 8 Pro Bowl appearances, 2 All-Pro Selections, 3 AFC Offensive player of the year awards, and 3 Super Bowl championships (2 Super Bowl MVP's). He has lost 2 Super Bowl's to Eli Manning, but does have the record for the most playoff wins and has a 17-7 record in the Postseason. Tom Brady also holds the record for most Touchdowns in the regular season (50) and has another thing on Manning, having the lone undefeated regular season between the two (16-0; 2007). The year Brady had those 50 TD passes was the best year of Randy Moss's career where he broke the record for TD catches by a receiver, other than that, you can't really name more than 3 receivers off the top of your head that Brady has had as marquee targets (Wes Welker, Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez? Troy Brown?). You can make the case that Brady has made many of his receivers and won his three Super Bowls with the receivers he created (except for the one Super Bowl where Branch won the Super Bowl MVP).

The case needs to be made for Brady, but believe me I have some stipulations. Right now, if the world burned to the core and we all melted, Brady is the better QB. Why? 3 Super Bowls, 16-0, 50 TD's, 10-4 against Peyton, and the fact he has the most Playoff Wins by any QB ever with 17. I will say one thing though, If Manning does break the TD record this season (which he is on pace of doing), and he wins the Super Bowl this season with 2 separate teams after the fact that he almost had to retire due to neck problems? That is when I will leap to the Manning band wagon. But for now (especially after this past game), Brady is in the lead... But down the stretch they come...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Robbery in the Making

No I'm not talking about robbery in the sense of how the Monday Night Football game ended last night where the Panthers got the win in a pretty well called final play. I'm also not talking about how the Christian Ponder robbed me of my joy at the Seahawks game this weekend (the game in which I attended). I'm talking about Yasiel Puig. Who? If you don't know, you should know right now. The man came in to this season and lit a fire under the hapless Dodger franchise that hadn't had a kick start like they did by any other player in franchise history and he got robbed not once, but twice. The first time he got robbed it was in July when he didn't receive the last vote to get into the All Star game. Not the end of the world, but seriously? The guy batted .400 his first month in the big leagues and brought his team from the dead at the beginning of the summer. It's all good, he didn't get into the mid-summer classic, I won't fault him for something that wasn't his fault. But losing rookie of the year is something a blog needs to be written about and I'm about to give you writers who think you know who your voting for a piece of my 2 pennies.

Clearly the history of baseball will mute the excellence of what Yasiel Puig brought to summer of 2013 as he literally carried his team to the greatest 50 game stretch baseball has ever seen. 41-9. You're telling me a guy who went 12-6 with a 2.16 E.R.A. beat out a guy who sprung his team from death to dusters of their division? I don't care that he only played 4 months during the regular season, He played in more meaningful games, the guy showed up and balled out harder than anybody I've seen play the game in a long time, and he made major league pitching look silly for almost 3 months, and might I add it was quite a historic 3 months. the Dodgers went 41-9 in their historic 50 game stretch this season, and the Marlins won 62 altogether throughout the entire season. From June 3rd to July 10th, Yasiel Puig batted over .400, he hit 19 HR's in 383 at bats, and he had 204 Total Bases with a .925 OPS. To give you an idea of how stupid his Total Bases stat is with 204 in 383 at bats, Paul Goldschmidt only had 332 and he had 602 at bats. To give you more perspective, Mike Trout last season had an OPS of .963, Total Bases of 315 (in 559 at bats), and only batted 7 points higher than Puig in more games. Let me remind you, Trout is heralded as the next Joe DiMaggio, and he had an ungodly 2012 where Puig had less time and was way more impressive LEADING HIS TEAM TO THE PLAYOFFS, something Trout has yet to do even though he has been "robbed" by many people of two consecutive MVP awards. How does a guy who wins 12 games on a terrible team where nobody has their mind set on winning any ways win the Rookie of the Year award when over half the time when teams go near the Marlins ballpark they are thinking of hitting the closest night club before and after the days game. Also, I never heard of this guy until the last game of the year when Jose Fernandez had a no-hitter where everybody was asking, who? Then he wins Rookie of the Year and wins it easily? No no no, there must be some confusion. Does Jose play on a winning organization? No, does he play in the spotlight? No, did he lead his team to the postseason? No... Why doesn't this add up in people's minds? Am I just that far off base where I should just get canned and people have already turned off my blog, or am I finally grasping some form of common knowledge in your brain to think that this Puig guy got scammed out of the award for not playing enough this year to earn the award that he did everything the encapsulate the definition of an electrifying rookie? Stats need to seriously stop ruining what the game provides in the front of us and we need to give the recognition to one of the greatest spark plugs the game ever saw in the year 2013, and for Puig not to receive the NL ROY it screams apathy for the sport of baseball and I weep for the future of this beautiful game.

I was at the football game this weekend and I was on tv. It was cool, but we still got our butt kicked. I promise to have more juicy topics next week, the NBA is really heating up and College Basketball is under way. The Holiday season is literally around the corner and festive cheer is in the air. Enjoy!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sorry for the Bye Week

So I’ll admit it’s been a while. Since my NBA Predictions the NBA has begun and the Indiana Pacers have out hoosierd the entire league by starting 8-0. I was in the hospital for a small bowel obstruction on my small intestine more than likely caused by an adhesion that produced due to prior surgery on my stomach back when I was 13. Yeah, I thought the same thing, it’s been 10 years and finally this happens? After all the nights I drank to oblivion, ate 7-Eleven food like it was my job (funny, I actually worked their), and was under constant stress through high school and college? It decides to happen now? I’d say put that in the win column. But I’m out of the hospital now and let me jump on my soap box for a second. NG Tubes. If you like them, seriously get yourself checked into a mental institution. Getting them put in only makes taking them out feel like popping a molly at your first party (let me be clear, I’ve never taken molly, but I know it creates the ultimate feelings of euphoria). What got me through this tragic time of my stomach hurting and my nose inflamed from the NG Tube? I thought of the dedication of Derrick Rose, an athlete who has gone through so much trauma compared to my own life and thought about his perspective and the way he approaches everything in life; Professional, Humble, Determined. Derrick Rose is PHD all day, and that was what got me through this tough blip in my life. So now that I’m back on a liquid diet till thanksgiving and ready to breakdown the last two weeks in sports with a wink and a nod to the troops, let’s get this blog on the road.

Boston Strong won the Fall classic, Ortiz made it illegal to pitch to him in the lower 48 states with his .688 batting average in the World Series, may I remind you of how utterly stupid that number is? Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Ty Cobb, you name it, couldn’t shake their magic stick at the stat. Oh and he also had a 1.900+ OPS to go along with it which makes his .688 even more stupid. Let’s just say this guy wasn’t just hot, he went dumb in the batter’s box. The only real question you should ask yourself is how the hell did this guy keep getting pitched too whenever he stood in the batter’s box? St. Louis needs to seriously fire some people and make their pitchers run laps till they report back to camp because after the guy hits everything dished out to him, you need to walk him in nearly every situation, even if Babe Ruth is standing in the on deck circle. David Ortiz, all I can say is wow, but I’m more or less looking at the Cardinals and thinking, “Really?” either put up four fingers or bean Big Papi because putting anything near the strike zone was ridiculous after Game 3.

The NBA began on the 30th of October and the first 2 weeks have been scintillating. Derrick Rose hit a game winner on Halloween, the Lakers are playing better than last season, the Thunder are still overrated, and the Spurs still look like they are going to win 50+ games once again. But, the Pacers are truthfully the story so far. 8-0 heading into Tuesday with no sign of slowing up and with their new superstar in Paul George taking the NBA by storm… let’s just say it’s been a damn good first couple weeks. It’s still early, but the excitement is in the air and the NBA at this point as become ten-fold more entertaining than a majority of the NFL matchups the past couple weeks.

Speaking of football, how about the NCAA landscape? You have 4 legitimate undefeated teams in Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State and Baylor and they are still don’t have a playoff. What a perfect year to do so but unfortunately the rich wigs want to figure out one more BCS buster where somehow they will get the SEC another national championship. I’m all about the matchups in the college game, NCAA football will unfortunately have another failed season on their hands if they have 4 undefeated (bowl eligible) teams heading into the bowl season.

The NFL is now just past their midway point in the regular season which couldn’t have come slow enough. This season for some reason has been relatively crappy with how some of the primetime games have had dud matchups and expectations smashed seemingly every week. This has been a really weird year in the NFL, maybe it’s because I’ve been so right in my predictions. The Seahawks, Broncos, and Chiefs have done so well this season and it’s looking like the two best teams are clearly the two teams I picked to go to the Super Bowl (Seahawks, Broncos) and then there is everybody else along with the Chiefs. We’ll see who’s more for real next week with the Broncos and Chiefs facing off which could be game of the year, but for now just past the halfway point, it’s looking pretty predictable. Or maybe it’s just because my Vikings suck absolute donkey doo and I’m waiting for Johnny Football at my doorstep to report for duty… hahaha duty and donkey doo… sounds about right.

The Incognito story isn’t sports news, it’s the equivalent of a fat ass baby and a Stanford graduate getting involved in a playground bantering debate that unfortunately the likes of the sports world can’t get enough. Let me jump on this quickly before I sign off, any of you who find this news worthy need to get your testies tried and your boobies felt up for tumors because this story is absolutely pointless. I find bullying a childhood problem not a grown man dispute. Yes, it should be brought up and told to the kids as an example of what not to do, but these are grown men where the media is making the situation seem ten times worse than it really is, shocking right? It’s not a sports story even though it revolves around the sporting culture. If anyone is shocked at how the locker room culture is today in the NFL after hearing through this story, then you really need to just go back to your personal manicure lady and stay out of this industry.

On one last note before I play some NBA 2K14, the NCAA Basketball season has begun and won’t be relevant till January, Byeeeeee.

Monday, October 28, 2013

NBA preseason predictions 2013-14

It’s the beginning of another NBA Season. The 2013-14 NBA season promises to be another amazing year with so many teams in contention for a title, it’s actually ridiculous. The storylines are off the hook as so many teams come into this season looking to make a new. How will the return of Derrick Rose impact the already loaded Bulls? Is Carmelo Anthony hungry enough for a tittle run? Are the Spurs going to stay at their ridiculous level of consistency? Will Brooklyn live up to the hype? Will Miami 3-peat? This season has so many questions but I’m not going to answer them all, I’m just here to give you a prediction, and if it’s anything like my postseason prediction before the playoffs in April, you better believe I’ll be close to the target. So here we go. Predictions away!

Eastern Conference Playoffs
1.      Miami Heat 59-23
9. Washington Wizards 34-48
2.      Indiana Pacers 56-26
10. Cleveland Cavaliers 30-52
3.      Brooklyn Nets 54-28
11. Boston Celtics 28-54
4.      Chicago Bulls 53-29
12. Milwaukee Bucks 25-57
5.      New York Knicks 51-31
13. Charlotte Bobcats 22-60
6.      Atlanta Hawks 42-40
14. Philadelphia 76ers 21-61
7.      Detroit Pistons 40-42
15. Orlando Magic 15-67
8.      Toronto Raptors 39-43

The top five teams in the east have a legit shot at competing for a title this season and they might all be within the top eight in the NBA when it comes to talent. I think the Heat will not be as good as they were a season ago, their supporting cast is especially thin this season and they are banking on guys like Greg Oden and Michael Beasley to help carry the load off the bench, there is no way they are anywhere near the team they were last season. People forget that last season they had one of the best teams of all-time and there is no way they come close to that output this season. The Pacers are on the rise and I see them being in serious contention as one of the top overall teams in the NBA especially with the comeback of Danny Granger and the stardom of Paul George on the rise. Brooklyn is for real. Yes, they just assembled this team over the offseason, but they carry some serious swagger as Kevin Garnett will turn the intensity of this team 180 degrees from a year ago, making them a legitimate threat. The Bulls, they are solely contingent on the success of Derrick Rose. They will still be a good team if he has any setbacks, but the play of Rose is the spurt they need to get over the top especially in the east. The Knicks have an outside shot in this conference and it depends on how much Carmelo Anthony really wants it. The Knicks remind me of the Indianapolis Colts with Peyton Manning at the helm, a flashy team in the regular season with so much potential, but they need to step it up in the postseason if they want an opportunity to be considered in the discussion with the other top four teams, but they are still elite. Dark horse teams I see taking leaps for this season are the Detroit Pistons and Toronto Raptors. These teams have two explosive play makers in Josh Smith (Signed this offseason with the Pistons) and Rudy Gay (Joined the Raptors midseason in last year) who can seriously make these teams legit threats in the east of any of the other 5 teams slip up. Two teams that I picked to finish outside of the playoff race could be better than I predicted them to be. The Celtics are in full rebuilding mode, but do not be surprised if they win 30 or more games this year with the budding Brad Stevens as their head coach and a young nucleus that could do some serious damage near the end of the season if Rondo doesn’t decide to screw things up. The Wizards could also improve this season if they get all their pieces healthy and John Wall decides to step up his game as a teammate. Wall is a beast, but he needs to distribute the ball better for the Wizards to be relevant this season. I don’t see it happening quite yet, but you never know.

I’ll do postseason predictions after I break down the Western Conference Predictions for the regular season. Here they are:

Western Conference Playoffs
1.      San Antonio Spurs  56-26
9. Dallas Mavericks 43-39
2.      Los Angeles Clippers 55-27
10. New Orleans Pelicans 33-49
3.      Golden State Warriors 51-31
11. Portland Trailblazers 31-51
4.      Oklahoma City Thunder 50-32
12. Los Angeles Lakers 30-52
5.      Houston Rockets 49-33
13. Utah Jazz 26-56
6.      Memphis Grizzlies 47-35
14. Sacramento Kings 22-60
7.      Minnesota Timberwolves 46-36
15. Phoenix Suns 20-62
8.      Denver Nuggets 44-38

This conference is wide open when it comes to dominant teams and I honestly think the top 5 teams could finish with the top spot if they really put their full potential together. I have to put the Spurs up top because the Clippers are Lob City and all they did was add Doc Rivers, who is a fantastic coach, but how much is he really going to improve this team when they were already a top ten team a year ago? I think he’ll make them better next year, but this upcoming year, he won’t do much when it comes to impact. The Warriors are on the up an up and have a legit shot of winning the title this year, especially with the addition of Andre Iguodala making them a legit force in the NBA and potentially a top three team. The Thunder are going to dip strictly because of their weak bench and because they let go of another star in Kevin Martin. They also cannot rely on Russell Westbrook especially with his score first mentality and hectic attack to the basket. The Houston Rockets added a 7’0 two year old that will find ways ruin his squads potential of reaching the mountain top for years to come. They will be good enough to make the playoffs every year because of James Harden, but other than that it all comes down to how the two year old (Dwight Howard) decides to act on and off the court. I don’t know why people don’t think the Memphis Grizzlies are going to fall off the map just because they let go of their coach. Yes, they will lose some wins, and not play as well as last year, but they won’t all of sudden drop out of the playoff hunt in the west and Marc Gasol won’t all of sudden stop playing defense. The T’wolves are the dark horse in this year’s western conference, they have a legit shot at making a run deep into the playoffs if they can stay healthy. Honestly, whoever takes the 8th spot in the west I don’t have a clue, but considering the ability of Denver to run the floor they can slip in there ahead of Dallas which I would not be shocked if either one of those teams took the last spot in the west. The Lakers are a mess, they will be lucky to win 40 games this season and if they do I will be shocked. If Kobe can come back then maybe they have an outside shot at a playoff push, but that’s about it. Everybody else in the west within the Lottery portion of my prediction quite frankly sucks too much to really discuss doing anything important this season.

Alright, who’s ready for a postseason prediction for the ages? Everybody will hate me after this because of obvious reasons, but if you know me, you know I have to pick who I’m picking for a reason so here goes nothing.

Eastern Conference Playoffs
1MIA 4 vs 8TOR 0
2nd Round
East Finals
4CHI 4 vs 5NYK 3
1MIA 4 vs 4CHI 2
3Brooklyn Nets 4
3BKN 4 vs 6ATL 1
2IND 3 vs 3BKN 4
1Miami Heat 2
2IND 4 vs 7DET 1

This is where most people will think I’m crazy and turn off my blog because they think that I actually picked the Brooklyn Nets to make it to the NBA Title over the Miami Heat. It’s ok, I understand your incompetence and that you can’t accept change, but I would like to remind people that last year it took the Heat seven games to beat the Pacers and a miracle in game 6 to take the Spurs to a 7th and deciding game to clinch their 2nd title. They barely got by with their mediocre bench play and with their deteriorating Dwayne Wade and terrible Chris Bosh, LeBron has to play like superman to get them to the next level. With the bench of the Miami Heat getting worse in the offseason and with how hard it was for them to win the title last season, there is no way they can beat Brooklyn with the bench that Brooklyn possesses. Honestly, the Eastern Conference Championship I feel will be between the Pacers and Nets in the 2nd round where both teams are so balanced it’s stupidly ridiculous. So, I think this is the year that everything clicks for Brooklyn and they pull through to get to the NBA title to face…

Western Conference Playoffs
1SAS 4 vs 8DEN 1
2nd round
West Finals
4OKC 2 vs 5HOU 4
1SAS 4 vs 5HOU 2
3Golden State Warriors 3
3GSW 4 vs 6MEM 3
2LAC 3 vs 3GSW 4
1San Antonio Spurs 4
2LAC 4 vs 7MIN 1

You guessed it! OHHH and here comes every homer call in the book! I’m not picking my team because I’m a homer, but people forget the spurs only lost 2 games in last year’s Western Conference postseason and who were they too? The team I picked them to play in the Western Conference Finals this year. The Golden State Warriors are really… really good. They will beat Lob City in the 2nd round and give San Antonio a run for their hard earned dollars and could even beat them with their ability to space the floor. That Western Conference Finals matchup might be the best playoff matchup of the year and it’s not because my team will be involved, it’s because that’s how evenly matched these teams are. San Antonio is better than last season though, and with Kawhi Leonard having an entire year under his belt, he’ll be that good.

So here we go, the NBA Finals 2014. Spurs and Nets. KG vs Duncan… Pierce vs Leonard… Deron Williams vs Tony Parker… the matchups are nuts. I honestly think the Nets have the better matchups, especially with Brook Lopez having the clear advantage over Tiago Splitter. I think that talent wise and experience wise (which is weird to say) I think the Nets have more than San Antonio… BUT… the one thing the Nets don’t have is “Championship Swagger” that the Spurs have and with the Spurs just coming off of a finals appearance and on the verge of winning a fifth title, they will snag their fifth title this season in a Black/White classic (both teams wear black and white). Prediction: Spurs 4 Nets 3

The MVP will have to be Tim Duncan for he will retire after this season if the Spurs win the title. Popovich will also leave as well, and the Spurs will start a new going into 2014-15. Ok, now that my credibility is shot for being such a homer in my pick, I will run away into the night and see you again next week… but no honestly I do really think the Spurs could win it all and Brooklyn could defeat the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals as team play will be clearly evident in next year’s season. Toddles! Enjoy the season!