Sunday, June 23, 2013

Championship "Summer Time" Heat

So how bout them Heat huh? Who was the guy who picked them to win the series back before the playoffs started along with facing the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals? You're reading his blog ladies and gentlemen. (Click here to view my Playoff prediction Blog from April) I first of all want to congratulate the Miami Heat on winning their third NBA Championship. Also as a life long Spurs fan, I would like to send my congrats to their organization for winning their 2nd title in a row, something the Spurs have never done. This Miami Heat team was a top 10 all time NBA Team with the way LeBron won his 4th MVP (which should have been unanimous), LeBrons streak of shooting 60% from the field, the 27 game winning streak (2nd longest in NBA History), 66 wins (which led the league and was also one of the highest in NBA History), Didn't lose back to back games since January 10th, and a included Big Three with 2 first ballot Hall of Famers. This team was stacked when it came to their talent and it prevailed for a 2nd title in 3 attempts. Congratulations and celebrate this team, because the chances of seeing this domination again is very unlikely.
Stanley Cup had some seriously entertaining games and it's no where near done after this week. The Blackhawks lead the series 3-2 going into this upcoming week and are looking to end it Monday night to cap off one of the quickest NHL Seasons in the history of the sport. The team that heads into this week with the 1 game lead was the same team that started the season with the most rampant pace this league has ever seen. The Bruins are not going to go down without swinging though especially with the fight they have put together in this Stanley Cup Playoffs to this point. I see this series going seven. The Bruins will win Game 6 on Monday, and I still see Chicago winning it in the 7th game on Wednesday, to be honest though, I have no clue. Both teams are so evenly matched it's absolutely ridiculous.

I think we all know what the real news from this entire week entails though. Aaron Hernandez, how does "home" feel right now? Yeah, it doesn't really feel so homey when you kill one of your "friends," destroy your phone, have your security system trashed, and have every national media reporter pitching tents on your front lawn. There is no way you are innocent in this case, although I feel like this is going to be another Ray Lewis/OJ Simpson situation where some way, some how, the richer man in this murder will get the benefit of the doubt because the richer man's group of friends is a bunch of bums compared to an All-Star Tight End who plays for the New England Patriots. Face it Aaron Hernandez, you are now in the same breath as OJ, no matter how this case figures it self out. Even if you didn't kill this "friend," the smell test is not in your favor. Even if you rat out your friends to get your self back in the league to take Gronkowski's starting spot while he's recovering from back surgery, the crowds, tabloids, T.V. Shows, radio, and twitter are going to mention your name in every single murder pun they can associate with you and football. So just come clean, take the 20 years, and let's all just remember you for the cold blooded murderer you are. All the signs lead down that path, even if you bail yourself out, you're the new murderer of the NFL.

This is a relatively short blog compared to what I usually do but this was a relatively dead week. I anticipate more of these in the coming months leading up to the NFL season, but I'll do my best to break down the biggest off-season moves, scandals, and corny stories the sports world offers till the real sports news comes back to fruition. Next week should be relatively good considering next weeks blog will contain the half way mark of the MLB season along with the End of the Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Draft, and potential rumor mills about potentially league tilting moves in the NBA. This was a short week, next week will be better. Welcome to Summer Time! While it still rains here in the Pacific Northwest, you can enjoy you're 112 degree weather at 4 am in the morning in the grainiest areas America has to provide. Freedom. Let it burn.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ugh... Where's my NFL?

So this week I heard a lot of vanilla sports talk radio discussing how they wanted the NFL back and how the dead zone in the Sports world is slowly creeping upon us and I nearly wanted to strangle somebody and say, Uh.. HELLO! We have the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, the U.S. Open going on all in one week. If you can't find something to talk about, then go on vacation or something because this was one of the most jam packed sports weeks of the the entire year so far. So let's get it going shall we?

Hmmm, where to start. Oh I know, basketball!

How about those NBA Finals huh? Danny Green. Best Finals Performance behind the arc ever! 25 threes and counting! Gary Neal in Game 3 also showed up providing a huge spark in that one giving the Spurs a 2-1 lead on Tuesday. Then the Heat struck back with 80+ points from their big three, making it look like a business trip in San Antonio as they annihilated the Spurs in Game 4 with Dwayne Wade pulling out a great performance of days past. With a 2-2 tie heading into Game 5, it was the beginning of a three game series on Sunday. The Spurs came out hot and Manu Ginobili went back in time to bring back the crafty euro-step he perfected about 10 years ago. Another thing I noticed was that Tony Parker attacks the rim more often then LeBron James does, and LeBron doesn't have a bum hammy. This series is going back to Miami and I don't need to write a blog to get you hyped about the next two games. I'm nervous as hell as a Spurs fan, but at least I can say it's at a minimum going seven games.

4 Overtimes, 3 in Game 1, 2 games, 1 Overtime in Game 2. Boy, the Stanley Cup does not disappoint. There's a reason why it is the most coveted trophy in all of sports. It is the hardest to obtain. I know little about hockey, but if you didn't enjoy Game 1 of this Stanley Cup Finals, you clearly have no pulse for sports. The way this series has been going with how both teams play, this should go seven and I wouldn't be shocked to see a couple more overtime games thrown in the mix.

The U.S. Open. First of all, NOBODY WENT UNDER PAR! Justin Rose won with a +1? You got to be kidding me right? The red baskets really made that much of a difference? No silly, it wasn't that, it was the rain. Nuh uh, it was the treacherous rough and the horrible set up of the course... Who knows why a +1 won the tournament. If anything it was hard the watch and if the USGA wants this trash being put out their for the public to see for their national championship, then be my guest. I think it's interesting that they try to make the U.S. Open so hard for the players but when it comes to the Masters, they need everything to be pristine. While at the U.S. Open if they put lumber in the fairway, the USGA would lick it's chops. I think the bigger story is that Phil finished runner-up for the 6th time in his career. On his birthday, on fathers day, and on the day where he entered the final round the tournament leader, everyone-and I mean everyone-was pulling for this man. Lefty just couldn't quite get it done and a young man by the name of Justin Rose pulled out his first Major championship in his career in the most unlikely of fashions. +1... USGA you confuzzle me.

Let's get to the side news real quick.

"We're doing whats best for our team." Ala Bill Belichick after Tebow questions. #LoveItttttt. Tim Tebow is a circus and I'm excited to see it shut down in New England. Best possible place for Tebow to be for this nonsense, bible thumping, former famous college QB to go.

Hey! Everybody! PACMAN JONES GOT ARRESTED AGAIN! Where my sirens at? Oh wait, nobody cares.

The Dodgers and D'Backs brawled on Tuesday, and the P.E.D. era keeps spilling over on the field... Can we be honest for a second, this fight was WEAK! When I heard about it I thought blood was spilled, cleats were kicked, and bats were whaled. None of that happened. Yes, it was a brawl, but come one people. If you want to see a real brawl, go to a hockey game. Let me know when somebody gets hit in the head with a pitch up the middle... oh... that happened.... Again? By the way doesn't everybody recognize these keep happening in Tampa Bay? The last 2-3 of these have happened in that dump of a ballpark. Again, you all know my opinion on this because honestly, it's part of the game. I hope Cobb gets better, and gets back out on the field ASAP.

Jason Kidd is now a head coach. No big deal. HE'S LIKE THE FIRST PLAYER TO BECOME A HEAD COACH RIGHT AFTER HE RETIRED EVER! The only thing close to this I can think of is Lenny Wilkens for the Sonics back in the 70's. People should be more aware of how incredible and rare this accomplishment is for anybody and understand that cutting to the front of the line can happen in this day in age no matter the circumstance. I hope he is successful and does a great job in leading the Nets next season.

We'll end it here with the Chicago Fog. Last Monday, the fog was so bad that the Cubs and White Sox were thrown off guard by the random Chicago fog that rolled into the city. It was very fascinating to see how it was dealt with also, but to see that the Cubs decided to play through the fog and that the White Sox decided to postpone their game because of the fog should let you know who has more guts in the city of Chicago. North Side!

I'll see y'all next week, and I anticipate a parade somewhere in the NBA, more Stanley Cup discussion, and some baseball chatter. See you when Summer is here!

Monday, June 10, 2013

NBA Finals underway. Stanley Cup on deck.

The NBA Finals is now underway as it is now a best of 5 series after the Miami Heat throttle the Spurs in Game 2. The Game 1 spectacle on the Tony Parker AND1 shot quickly faded after the 33-5 run the Heat went on against the Spurs in the 4th quarter of Game 2. The wild wild west will now host the NBA Finals for the next three games in this upcoming draw between the big three duos. We'll see how each teams adjusts, because after these first two games, I don't see momentum being a factor one bit now.

Speaking of big time sports, the biggest trophy in all of sports is now set to be fought for as the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks are ready to duel in the ultimate championship format; The Stanley Cup Finals. The Bruins just got off a series of sweeping the inept Penguins and the Blackhawks just got done slashing the defending Stanley Cup champions, L.A. Kings, in 5 games. This is the first original 6 match-up in the Stanley Cup Finals since 1979 and should be an instant classic especially with the way these two teams are playing. Hopefully their styles of play make for a battle worth remembering, because when the conference finals began, all four teams had won the last four Stanley Cup championships. So neither fan base is thirsting for a championship, but both franchises can start making the motion towards dynasty talk if either put together a great Stanley Cup performance.

Let's see what other big sporting stories happened this week... Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal won their respective french open singles titles. The Mariners played in one of the longest scoreless games in Major league history while also hitting a game tying Grand Slam in extra innings, which had never been done in the history of Major League Baseball... they also lost, but what else is new. On Saturday their were two other really long extra inning games. The Mets hosted a 20 inning game against the terrible Marlins, while the Rangers beat the Blue Jays in an 18 inning marathon in Toronto. My lord, remember when the days of day-night double headers were a thing in baseball? That pretty much happened in New York and Toronto on Saturday.

I'd say the biggest story in all of baseball within the past week though is this Puig character in the Dodgers uniform. I almost feel like this is a Jeremy Lin story with a Cuban-defect rub to it. This guy has been absolutely lighting up L.A. this past week and the explosion of Puig across Southern California has Dodger fans thinking they actually may live up to their potential this season. As depressing as that might seem, the Dodgers really have not played that well with the type of talent they posses. Considering this rise of Puig and his ability to raise the cities hopes, hopefully the Dodgers can get Vin Scully excited one more time.

BioGenesis. The new destruction of Major League Baseball. Again, people, I'm telling you they need to make a separate section in the Hall of Fame to allow this era of Major League Baseball to be placed away from the actual clean players. As sick as it makes me see the faces of the game again brand the sport of baseball in it's cheating fashion, I embraced watching these players as I grew up and if all the media does is bash the last two to three decades of what could be deemed as "fake baseball," Major League baseball will become the NHL very quickly. That is not to bash the NHL, but the popularity of baseball will virtually disappear similarly to what happened to hockey within the past 15 years. If anybody hasn't already noticed, the MLB is already being sponsored on TBS during the playoffs. If that doesn't raise your hairs as to where the popularity of baseball is heading, beware to duck and cover for what networks will be hosting the World Series 10 years from now.

Back to the NBA before we head out of here. George Karl got fire for winning coach of the year. So now he should coach the Clippers and make them the new mid-90's Seattle Supersonic's (Blake Griffin = Shawn Kemp, Chris Paul = Gary Payton). Honestly, what are you doing Clippers and Nuggets? Unless you are getting Phil Jackson or Gregg Popovich you might as well keep your stud leaders instead of throwing your lead generals to the wolves. Grant Hill and Jason Kidd retired within two days of one another. I found this to be a really cool symmetry story as both men won co-rookie of the year in 1995 and retiring at such different places to where their careers were thought to have ended up. Jason Kidd is retiring as a top ten point guard and looking for coaching positions, while Grant Hill retired as the man we all thought could have been the next Jordan. Both these men are leaving at the right time, and both had illustrious careers and at least one of them will have a pivotal role at the NBA Hall of Fame in 5 years.

Oklahoma won the College Soft-ball world series. What a great way for these girls to at least take their mind off of what was occurring around campus these past couple of weeks. I hope they could find some peace with winning it all, along with representing their school in such a great time of need. Speaking of peace, I hope the greatest defensive player in NFL history rests in peace after this week. Deacon Jones, who is regarded by many NFL Alumni of being the greatest player they ever saw on the defensive side of the ball. If sacks would have been a stat back in the era he played, he would be the Cy Young of sacks and nobody would ever reach his mark of the sack total he would hold. He was that good, he was a beast among men in the era he played, and he will be sorely missed.

One last thing, Titus Young (the guy I ran track against in college during a Boise State meet), C'MON MAN! $50,000 bail bond and could have had 10 years in prison? Again, just because you're a pro athlete doesn't mean a thing.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hello June! You came quickly!

On a Sunday where I was supposed to do nothing and play some golf, I had to work an amazing 7+ hours at my job. The best part about working at my job though, I FREAKING LOVE IT! It's still hard to trump the feeling of what sports gives me, even though the benefit of helping others is absolutely amazing. Enough of the soft mushy stuff, let's get to the business.

Duke decided to show up after the first quarter in the NCAA Lacrosse National Championship putting a destruction on the Syracuse program that has always shown up in the lacrosse department of the world. I don't know a lot about lacrosse, but the one thing I could see while watching the game was the attitude of Syracuse disappear after Duke took the lead in the second half. Lesson to you young athlete's, don't play like that... Ever.

Adrian Peterson isn't with the gay marriage... All I need to say is who cares! Is this really a sports question? Also is the whole Gronkowski back surgery really front page news worthy along with the Rutgers AD news? Let's get this TMZ crap off of my sports news feed and let me know some of the amazing things that are happening on the field like when Jacoby Ellsbury has 5 steals in a game. That right there is news worthy and an amazing achievement that got brushed over unlike the Rutgers AD crap. The last time I remember somebody getting that many steals was when I read about it in a Ty Cobb biography. When a dead ball stat is brushed over around like that and 100+ years of history means nothing to an AD getting judged because they didn't make a decision to fire a coach who threw basketballs at his players should give you an indication of where our head is as a sports nation. Come on ESPN, I'm talking about you guys! I love you guys, but lay off the rating grabbers for a bit, I know you have ESPN 47 coming out in a couple years. Chill.

Speaking of baseball, how about that Cardinals/Royals rain delay? They played the game until 3 A.M.? You have got to be kidding me right? When I saw that it made me wonder where did the common sense go. It was also a weeknight game, you know the fans are not going to stick around for that. You are an umpire, you can call the game if the game goes past 5 innings! Also, the Cardinals were up 2-1 heading into the top of the 9th inning and lost it. Talk about a great way to screw over the fans who went home and used their brains understanding life is more important than a regular season game. Joe West, seriously dude? Also congrats to Patrick Corbin on the D'Backs for absolutely dominating the first two months of the season. He is now 9-0 after today and is on pace to get 25 wins this season. Get it done sir.

Let's get to the real sports now. Hockey has all of the previous four Stanley Cup champions in the Frozen Four this year, which should only boost ratings to see who can at least approach an idea of getting into the discussion of dynasty. I personally hope the Penguins win it all so that the teams who destroyed the path of the Canucks winning the cup can get knocked out. Let's be honest though, the Blackhawks deserve this title more than the rest. They came into this shortened season ready to beast-mode everybody out of the league and getting a tittle would be the best way to seal up an unforgettable season.

NBA let's go. The San Antonio Spurs are in the NBA Finals after getting the brooms to Memphis. I was thoroughly impressed with how we dominated the Grizzlies especially considering their dominance they presented in the post. Tim Duncan has a time machine. Every federal agent needs to check his house for roids and science that hasn't been found by other intelligent people because this man is literally the 2003 Tim Duncan. I feel like I'm about 12 years old when I've been watching Tim play these last couple of weeks, and Tony Parker... don't even get me started. Best point guard in the league, no debate, let's stop the conversation now. When that man hits his mid-range jumper the way he has the last 6 games, you Can. Not. Stop. Him. We all know the man can drive the lane quicker than a cheetah approaching his pray, but when the middy is poppin, stop the games. People also forget this guy plays about 40+ minutes a game and is literally the key to the engine because when he runs those double screens at the top of the key and can toy with the best players in the league, you honestly can't tell me anybody else is better other than LeBron. Name a quicker, intelligent, harder working point guard in the league? Also name the last point guard to win the NBA Finals MVP besides Parker? Ba-Ba-Ba-Billups! Outside of those two? Isiah Thomas for the 89-90 Pistons. That's the class Tony Parker is getting towards and if anything would become the 2-Time Finals MVP as a point guard, if the Spurs win it all, for the first time since Magic Johnson who did it three times.

Game 7 is coming for the Pacers and Heat, and I can tell you one thing: If the Heat lose this series, it won't be LeBron's fault. The man has put the entire team on his back and can't really do anymore. His supporting cast looks old and is deflating around him, and if they finally fall against this Pacers team come Monday night, it should be the Pacers who should receive the credit and not an excuse of the Heat choking. Let's get this straight first of all. If the Pacers win on Monday, the Spurs dominate the Finals and you heard it here first. If the Heat win on Monday, get your popcorn ready, sit back, and watch a damn... damn good show. If I had to pick, you'd have to look at my NBA Playoffs prediction blog to get an idea of how I'll be thinking this series goes. At the same time, with the way the Heat have been playing, I don't know what's going to happen. To be honest though, who is going to stop LeBron? NOOOOOOOBODY! But Tony Parker, ha, good lord.

Chris Paul cried about losing, Vinny Del Negro. Good. I'm glad common sense is hitting some players these days. Even though Chris Paul is the most talented point guard in the league, I think he'll get out of LAC asap to get a real pay day that he is due with the work he has put forth. With the head shaking the Clippers franchise has put together the last... well... forever, there is no way Chris Paul will stay. Also, Blake Griffin, get out of there please. You are probably really pissing off some Lakers fans knowing your in the red and white when you should be in the purple and gold. If you were smarter, you would leave that terrible franchise and settle in a market that can handle your talent outside of the B squad in L.A.

I'm done with this blog for today, catch me next week as I'll go in-depth with how the Finals goes the first couple games... Expect some bias with how the Spurs will be playing, but I'll be as even keel as I can be, especially if the Heat make it to the Finals. I'm a big LeBron fan, so if it's a Heat/Spurs Finals (first of all I'd be right with my prediction), I would be happy either way. But you know I'll be pulling for that black and silver! GO SPURS GO! See y'all next week! Hello June... Summer, you're next!