Sunday, August 4, 2013

Holy Dog Days Batman!

So I saw that the year turned over to the month of August the other day and apparently this year has started heading into its own dog days. Somebody forgot to tell the NFL, because it’s all getting started with the Hall of Fame game tonight! We have lots to discuss in this inaugural August edition of the Early Bird Sports Blog, so let’s get it.

Before the month turned to August, Adrian Peterson said he would break the NFL Rushing record before the end of the 2017 season. With me being the self-proclaimed Minnesota Vikings fan (going into my 15th season as a loyal fan) I hope he gets to that make by then because his 7 year/ $100 million contract will be up after that season. Realistically, I think he can attest to it. The real problem I have with all these predictions he’s been throwing out their he is just setting himself up for failure and to be quite honest, it’s relatively frustrating to hear a guy say such blasphemy all because he has the authority to do because he just had one of the biggest superhero seasons in sports history. The predictions I want to hear him say are wanting to see his “team” go 16-0, win the Super Bowl, say Christian Ponder will actually live up to his first round draft pick status, and other team related predictions. I’d rather hear him put the ridiculous expectations on his team instead of himself, because let’s be honest, his team didn’t tear an ACL & MCL. My point: stop putting so much weight on your self when all you had was one great 2,000 yard season. Look at Chris Johnson after he had 2,000 yards rushing, he fell off hard and also Adrian isn’t a young 23 year old buck anymore. He’s heading into the later end of his prime, and with the pounding he’s expecting to take over the next 4 years with this potential record shattering career, hopefully his knee’s don’t follow suit with that same expectation.

The MLB trade deadline came and went prior to this August month changing and not many changes occurred. Jake Peavy went to the Red Sox, Brian Wilson signed with the Enemy L.A Dodgers, and a couple other minor deals that were not worth mentioning. It’s been this way the past couple seasons where the trade deadline has really been a complete crap shoot. Back in the day (like 5+ years ago), the trade deadline used to be the time of the year where teams would make the push to get that needed bat for a world series push, that reliever that would sew up the bullpen, or would dump their great players to rebuild for the next couple seasons. Remember that blog where I brought up how big time business is starting to ruin sports? Well, the MLB is starting to feel that pressure especially with its lack of excitement because its lack of in season off the field moves. They have these shows to host the trade deadline movement for baseball, and all that happens is Harold Reynolds going from station to station getting paid to sit on his butt and talking about fodder the MLB network feeds him to tell all 30 markets their fate at the July 31st deadline. If baseball wants to stay at the top with it’s exciting off the field coverage in the transaction world of the game, stop signing premier guys to 10 year/ $250+ million deals and get the smaller contracts back in the game so that the stars who are on washout teams can have the opportunity to play in the most coveted and dramatic month in sports: October.

Back to the NFL shall we? That Pro Bowl event, thing, All-star exhibition they set up at the end of the season is starting to actually look like a Waikiki vacation hot spot. Seriously, no kick offs and they only allow a couple of defensive reads to be played. Is this really a representation of the best players in the game or is this a powder-puff-let’s-see-if-you-can-dance-athon for the Defensive linemen and Offensive linemen competition? I can’t tell any more. With the lack of blitzing, actual hitting, kickers doing nothing, and Hawaii sunshine in a February setting, I can’t really determine what’s real anymore. All I can say is at this rate, the Pro Bowl will be gone in the next 5 years. Book it.

The College football preseason polls are now out for the viewing public’s pleasure.  Shocking that the dynasty Alabama program is at the number spot representing a potential 8th and final BCS championship game with an SEC team holding the prize again. I think this will be the year that College football actually gets the lowest ratings especially in the BCS Bowl Season because this is the last year before they put together the final four format starting in the 2014 season. Sorry College Football, you are just too stupid right now when it comes to what the fans have wanted for the past 6+ years, I think people are willing to skip a year of watching the final game to watch who actually wins the championship in 2015 with a legitimate playoff system in place. I’ll stick with my NFL where the players actually get compensated for the money they have earned for their respective organizations and have a playoff system where everything figures itself in the country’s biggest game of every season.

How big of a deal is the Cooper racism story to me? The only reason it’s news is because there is absolutely nothing else to talk about. The moment week 1 in the NFL comes back, this will all be water under the bridge and talk of X’s and O’s will dominate the airwaves once again. Everybody says stupid things. He deserves the criticism but at the end of the day, he didn’t kill anybody so let’s chill out with talking about firing this individual for saying a racist remark that he clearly apologized for.

Tiger shot a 61 on Friday, only 2 shots off of tying the PGA tour record. I was watching the round with my step-dad, and all I kept saying was how he is having a video game round. The things he did on Friday could only be duplicated by his own video game. His GIR was off the charts and considering how sharp he looked, the PGA Championship should not be out of the question here within the next month.

Greg Oden signed with the Miami Heat. Looks like they spent money on another IR spot on their roster. The most amazing thing is that this guy was drafted ahead of Kevin Durant who, without LeBron James, would be the biggest superstar in the NBA. Fascinating how time dictates legacies.

One last story before I get out of here. CLINT DEMPSEY IS A SEATTLE SOUNDER! How awesome is that! The Captain of the USA soccer team is representing the 206! Expect me to get to a couple games in the next couple seasons to see the best player in our country.

The NFL is back everybody! Enjoy the preseason injury report and hold your breath until opening day! See y’all next week.

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