Monday, October 21, 2013

Tim McCarvers last hurrah

So I’m sitting here getting ready to watch the worst Monday Night Football to date, and my Minnesota Vikings have the only win between the two teams, and they are not favored. Gives you an example of how ridiculous this matchup is tonight, but I am so glad there is something more important to talk about such as the World Series matchup which is a rematch of the 2004 World Series, the one in which the Red Sox broke their 86 year curse of the bambino. This time it’s much different, there is no Albert Pujols, there is no Manny Ramirez, and the nickname for the Red Sox is completely different today than it was in 2004. Either way, both these franchises are ready to build upon their legacies and ready to win a third world series in the last decade plus.

It’s been a tumultuous October for baseball this year as the unexpected has occurred more often than not. The Tigers gave up 2 grand slams in two games started by the eventual Cy Young Award winner in Max Scherzer, the Dodgers were beaten by an infielder by the St. Louis Cardinals nobody has heard of, and 2 pitchers have won their respective League Championships MVP’s. This World Series should be filled with some spice and I could see this one going 7 and becoming one of the best series in the last decade plus. That is saying something considering the 2011 World Series was possibly one of the best World Series of the Century, but this one could live up to the hype and I think it will. I’m going with the team of destiny in the Boston Red Sox especially in the way they have been playing. I think they will win it in 7 and they will get the Cardinal off balance in their ability to manufacture runs. I could see it going either way with the Cardinals pitching and the Red Sox offense, but I see the Red Sox offense prevailing after the way they handled the Tigers pitching staff in the ALCS and they can do the same with the Cardinals way of pitching. Boston in 7 games, it’s going to be a classic. I hope so especially considering it’s Tim McCarver’s final World Series he will ever call.

The NBA is back up in a week, who’s excited? I sure as heck am, especially since Derrick Rose and LeBron James will be tipping it off next Tuesday night. I know many people are football fans who read this blog or (from what it seems) baseball fans, but this should be one of the best seasons for NBA hoops in a long time. David Stern will be gone after February, LeBron James is going for his 3rd ring and could be going elsewhere at the end of the season, the Brooklyn Nets are the new Lakers of a year ago, and the West is wide open. I will be posting the best games on here and breaking down the games and the performances that I will be seeing. Just like last season, the suspense will not waver on this blog!

I’m not going to post college football news on here anymore at least until they decide to figure out their crap when it comes to their own off the field situations. I won’t cover a sport till they decide to let young men feel like men instead of children. Either way, there were tons of upsets this weekend and Florida State again is worth top two contingency as they again blew out a top 25 opponent and they are now lined up to play Alabama in the final BCS National Championship. I think it will happen, and Alabama will win their 3rd Championship and close out the BCS Titles in grand fashion as they decide to open up final four bracket for college football in 2014.

O.K. I’m out of here I’ll see you next week and hopefully the World Series won’t be over early unlike last season.

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