Monday, December 23, 2013

Slow Yo Roll

So this will be my year ending blog of 2013. This has been a year of some weird, intense, and magnificent story lines (if there were more words in my vocabulary bank, I would express them) but I also started writing my blog this year which should make all of you cringe with either excitement or pure fear. I've been grateful for the little bit of life I have to actually write these blogs over the past year and 2013 has been a year of exploration and success for me personally and I hope going into 2014 only more comes of it for me and for my audience that I am so humble to have on a weekly basis.

Weather you actually read my blogs, or you just click the link and think "Spam!" which I'm sure is about 80% of my views a week (it not 99%) then thank you anyways for taking 5 seconds out of your life to think how lame my time, effort, and love are for the world of sports. I do this for a hobby and if the cards line up correctly and somebody of great care see's this someday, maybe it could mean more :)

We started off the year with a fake girl friend, then we dabbled in many summaries of how the sports week came about. We got bored in the summertime, then we dunked into some stories of amateur article bliss. I, by no means, have the capability of writing like a Sports Illustrated article entrepreneur, but I could do this for the rest of my life knowing I've made someone's sporting interest spike maybe a tiny bit more than the day before.

2014 will be a year of great excitement as College sports should rule the landscape once again as I will be covering more college football, and College Basketball scores and stories will be on the horizon much more often in the coming weeks when I come back within the first week of January (I'll write my NFL Playoff prediction blog next week, but that will be about it before I come back January 6th with some more stories on college football and other important sporting stories). 2014 maybe the year where I decide to write my blog everyday once I get into a routine but we'll see what happens with my schooling and where my life takes me (It may be more of a 2015 project to do my blogs 5 days a week). I'll try to jump to 3 times a week, but again that's all dependent on what happens with life (because believe it or not, I have one).

Considering the huge number of views I get on my blog weekly (100+ on some weeks) I may just do it twice a week starting in February, but again, the cards need to fall in line with life. February may have a Friday and Monday Blog but again we'll see. I know many of you (many = very little) care about what I have to say about the world of sports and would much rather have me go on writing about things that actually matter (government shutdown, what my girlfriend wore to bed last night, ect.) than what I have to say about LeBron James's nose hair, but the fact of the matter is I CARE ABOUT THAT NOSE HAIR DARNIT! And darnit, I want to improve upon it in 2014.

I hope you all have enjoyed my blogs for this 2013 and I hope to make it much more enjoyable next year. Watch for my NFL Playoff Prediction Blog next Sunday Night/Monday as I'll more than likely pick something new than at the beginning of the season. Have a great Holiday Season!

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