Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This BCS is OVER!

The final BCS National Championship after a 15 year run, ends with one of the best games in college football history as Famous Jameis Winston becomes the greatest Freshmen in college football history.

This game had so many headlines: 7 straight BCS Titles for the SEC heading into this game, can FSU play as dominantly as they did throughout the season, can Jameis Winston play to the same level he did all year against the best SEC opponent? Everything was answered and then some with the way Winston played. That final drive will go down in history as one of the greatest moments in college football history. Jameis needed a touchdown to win the game after FSU had taken the lead on a 100 yard kick off return then Auburn responded with a drive leaving Winston less than 90 seconds left on the clock. With how great Winston had been all season, all the pressure was on him to come through and he did, helping FSU become the first None-SEC school to become National Champions since Vince Young did it in 2005.

As we say goodbye (and good riddance) to the BCS, we must remember all the good times it gave us. About how Hawaii played Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, how Boise State played Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, or how Notre Dame got pummeled in last years National Championship. The countless times undefeated squads got ousted by a one loss SEC team, or a team with a better "strength of schedule." I think anybody who wants to keep the BCS really wants a fat wallet because it has defied the essence of who a true champion should be for almost 15 years. Yes, it had some perfect matchups (2005 USC/TEXAS is the perfect and best example) but they also found a way to still have split National Championships where a playoff was clearly needed. This season wasn't really the case, nor was it needed in 2005. But how would we have known how Boise State would have done (after they beat Oklahoma and went undefeated) if they would have played the eventual National Champions that season? Nobody knows.

That is what the new system should bring about. It should open our eyes of who should be playing in the title game, not who we think deserves the opportunity. This is only the beginning of what people really want to see college football evolve towards which could hopefully become a similar circumstance as the NFL where we have an entire month of playoff football when it comes to the National Championship hopeful. They could easily still have the bowl games, but they could (and should) still incorporate a way to have a 4 week setup leading up towards the true national championship. I think America would fall in love more with the college football landscape and the money would pile in so much more than it already is, but considering the corporate sponsors won't have it, my dream may never come true.

For now, we start a 4 team playoff tradition starting in January 2015. Let's enjoy it till it gets better, and good riddance SEC and BCS. Both of your times are up.

I'll see y'all next week! 

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