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Flacco Gets Paid

So It's the first weekend in March, meaning I should only be hearing about basketball, and only basketball (at least in the college realm). I should hear very little about the World Baseball Classic because, let's be honest, nobody really cares. If you do happen to care about the World Baseball Classic, I'm sorry for offending you. But seriously, if you like to watching this schmoozer of a joke that ESPN hosts, be my freaking guest, because I would rather watch paint dry. I'll talk about it once they hit the championship rounds which will be the same weekend as Selection Sunday... which means I AIN'T TALKING ABOUT IT FELLAS! Plus, by then, women will be wearing sun dresses, and do you seriously think I'll pass up looking at sun dresses for the first time in six months to watch some pointless baseball in the middle of the night... NO!

Jimmie Johnson won his second Daytona 500 only solidifying his spot as a top five driver of all time. The one thing that bugged me was that in the last five laps, nobody wanted to make a move. I thought this was called racing? I thought the goal was to try to win. Either way, Danica finished  8th solidifying her spot within a sport that nobody cares about. Good for her, I hope she succeeds and allows 2 x 3 inch sponsors on her car that only NASA can see from space. I'll get my binoculars out to check that out... NOT.

An even more important thing than NASCAR, the NFL combine 40 time. Marquise Goodwin now has the fastest time ever by a wide receiver with a 4.27 40 yard dash time. That's pretty quick, but remember he was also in the Olympics so it isn't really that impressive. With the way they hype these 40 times, you would think Goodwin will become the next Jerry Rice and catch 200+ touchdowns in his career. If you watch film of him, he still runs very stiff routes and has a hard time making defenders miss. His speed is NFL ready, but his catching is also suspect. I'm a Vikings fan, so I'll be doing a vlog prior to the draft on which receivers I will ultimately want in the NFL draft. This guy posses as a great potential deep threat. He might make an appearance in my list.

Quick baseball news before I get to basketball. Curtis Granderson broke his arm last weekend and he is projected to be out at least the first month of the season. This is a huge blow to the Yankees who will be banking on his success to ride them to another playoff appearance. I also thought Granderson had a great opportunity to take the AL MVP this season, but with his first month of the season gone for 2013, he'll have to make up a lot of ground to even think about being a consideration. I'll have an MLB prediction blog on the weekend before the regular season begins about month from now. Make sure to catch that!

Oh yeah, let's get into the basketball talk shall we! Click here!

Let's hit the college landscape first than touch up on the NBA.

Ryan Kelly scored an astounding 36 points on Saturday night after being out for nearly 2 months with an injury. He reminds me of a young Adam Morrison, a shooter who can light it up in college land but will do nothing at the next level. Either way, his shot was hitting from every where as Duke beat Miami 79-76 in an epic battle of ACC foes.

A boodle of upsets occurred this week only solidifying the Zags as the number one seed heading into this week. Minnesota, Tennessee, Penn State, and Virginia all took down top ten teams this week only making the tourney that much harder to predict this season. VCU also seems to be making another run after they destroyed Butler by 32 on Saturday. Shaka Smart seems to always get his team to play loose in March and I anticipate another sweet sixteen run by them.

There were two double-overtime games this week. One of the NBA variety and another of the NCAA variety. LeBron could barely hold off the Kings to keep their winning streak alive. Apparently they didn't give their best effort with videos like this popping up all over the Internet. Since when did America forget how to dance anyways? I'd like a documentary on that, pronto please. I guess it doesn't matter since the Heat have won 14 in a row, tying a franchise record... They can do the Harlem shake when ever they want when they are on a run like that.

The other double-overtime game consisted of another Big East classic. You tell me why the Big East is splitting up because I could watch games like this every day! Georgetown and Connecticut had a showdown for the ages on Wednesday night. Games like this just make me scratch my head when conferences split up. Imagine the cash money that college basketball could put together keeping this conference aligned, but I guess that's why they are splitting up, right? DOLLAR, DOLLAR, BILL, Y'ALL.

Another thing happened on Wednesday that I haven't even brought up yet and that is the smooth and silky shooting of Stephen Curry. ARE YOU SERIOUS! This guy shot the lights out of the Garden with his 54 points on his 11 three pointers, and they still lost. You know why they lost right? It's because David Lee wasn't there helping clean up half of Tyson Chandlers 28 rebounds. Yeah, you heard me right. 28 freaking rebounds. Wrap that around your head before you ooh and awe about Curry's magical night. Unfortunately, Curry can't do this because he's too short, because if he could maybe he would have scored 60 and won the game for Golden State.

What else do we got here...

We got Ty Lawson beating the Thunder on Friday, Tony Parker sprained his ankle so bad his own coach ousted him, the blown call at Iowa State versus Kansas... by the way, did anybody see that when Elijah Johnson was chucking it up from three point land like he was at a dance party? Dude had zero regard for anything when he was shooting at the end of the game. If you don't believe me just watch some of his shots in overtime, they were a bit ridiculous. It did win Bill Self his 500th game which is another congratulations for the week.

If you missed the classic in with Michigan vs Michigan State, you missed quite a show by Trey Burke! The guy put on a show solidifying his spot in the NBA draft as a top lottery pick. Also, if you missed this, prepare to laugh. Put that clip next to the definition of embarrassing.

Let's get away from basketball and run through the rest of these stories really quick.

Alex Smith got traded to the Chiefs for a second round pick. Everybody should look out for the Chiefs next year. These are the kind of moves that turn your team from zeros to heroes in a heartbeat. It also doesn't help that the 49ers have fifteen picks in the NFL draft now. I'm more terrified that the 49ers will stack up in the draft in April now that they have almost every pick, or that they will use those picks to fill a void on their team, A.K.A Darrelle Revis. I seriously want to be the coach in this clip towards Jim Harbaugh for taking all those picks and freaking me out as a Vikings fan. Damn you Harbaugh!

The Atlanta Falcons released bubble-butt Turner, Dunta Robinson, and Johnny Abraham to fix their cap situation heading into the off-season. It makes me wonder how competitive they will be knowing that they lost a heavy chunk of their backfield, a solid defensive back, and a defensive linemen that teams will be drooling over and lining up for in free agency. I don't think they will be as dominant as last season, but you can count on one thing, with letting go of Turner, that passing attack will not let up heading into 2013.

I'm going to end on a passionate note this week with something that truly pissed me off as a sports fan this week. On Friday, it was reported that Joe Flacco received a 6 year/ $120 million contract from the Baltimore Ravens. First off, congrats to Joe and his agent for getting that contract signed, sealed, and delivered because that is a fat chunk of cash heading his way. It doesn't mean it doesn't bug me. This guy won a Super Bowl, O.K., good for him. What needs to be realized by people is this: The guy is not a Top five QB and any knowledgeable human being would understand this. Name me five QB's better than Flacco... and GO! Brady, Peyton, Brees, Rodgers, Eli, Big Ben... Oh wait, that's six guys. He's not even near a top five QB and he's getting paid this? Not to mention this isn't just the biggest QB contract, it's the biggest contract in the NFL! Let that settle for a second... I'll let you wait... So Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson you are not the highest paid player in the NFL, How does that make you feel? Also let me remind you that, yes, Russell Wilson in his rookie season had a better year than Joe Flacco did last season with a better passer rating, more TD's passes, better completion %, and was drafted in the 3rd round? Joe Flacco wasn't better than Russell Wilson and I'm not a Seahawk's fan! I'm just stating the facts! You know who also had a better season than Flacco in 2013? Tony Romo. Oh yeah, and he's not elite, remember? The only thing Romo has in his knock against Flacco is he had 19 int's to Flacco's 10, but Romo still had better stats in every other category and by a huge margin. Here are other names who did better than Flacco last season, let's make a list shall we! All in 2012!

Higher Passer Rating (Playing in most games)

  • Rodgers, Peyton, RGIII, Wilson, Ryan, Brady, Big Ben, Brees, Schaub, Romo, & Rivers
More Passing Yards
  • Brees, Stafford, Romo, Brady, Ryan, Manning Bro's, Luck, Rodgers, Freeman, Palmer, Schaub, & Newton.
Completion % (of at least 300 completions)
  • Ryan, Manning Bro's, Rodgers, Romo, Schaub, Rivers, Brees, Brady, Dalton, CHRISTIAN PONDER, Palmer, Fitzpatrick, & Stafford.
  • Brees, Rodgers, Manning Bro's, Brady, Ryan, Romo, Freeman, Dalton, Rivers, Big Ben, Wilson, Fitzpatrick, & Luck.
Players in all four of these categories: Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, & Tony Romo.

Players in 3/4 categories: Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, & Matt Schaub.

Players in 2/4 categories: Andy Dalton, Matthew Stafford, Carson Palmer, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, & Josh Freeman.

So is Flacco worth $20 Million a year? No, and if you think he is, find him for me on this list of Total QBR for 2012. The dude is a middle of the road QB and just happened to have a good run this past post-season and good for him for doing that, but he is no elite QB. If Joe Flacco wins a second super bowl title, this argument will change, but for now, his contract is despicable and a slap in the face to all the other players who are better at their respective decisions. Good for him for getting the money, but it is not deserved at all.

Alright everybody, I'll see you on the 10th... conference tournament time. Have a great week!

***I may not post next week because my computer broke down, hence why this blog was late. The blog next week may be late or not even up so just be weary of that***

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