Sunday, March 31, 2013

Houston has the best team in baseball...

Astros are 1-0 and are the best team in baseball as of April 1st... April fools, it's early.

March Madness has cooled off quite a bit, Tiger Woods is #1 again, and the regular season for baseball is now under way. With spring in full force, I think I'll hit this blog off with a bang.

The Miami Heat had their streak ended by the Chicago Bulls in Chicago on Wednesday ending the second longest winning streak in NBA history at 27 wins. LeBron haters also came back with moaning about his complaining that the Bulls were a little too rough in the way they played to end the streak. Can we step back and enjoy what we just saw instead of criticize LeBron for his complaining? Yes, he has been a little whinny about the officiating, but the guy just did something only one other great at his level (Wilt Chamberlain) has done: have a monster winning streak. It was a monumental night Wednesday, and to see the NBA in full force and to see competition at the level to the point where the post game high-fives and love taps were non-existence, it shows you how much better the product could be if players didn't take nights off in the regular season. Speaking of Wilt, Kobe passed him for fourth on the all-time scoring list on Sunday. Way to go Kobe!

Some NFL News, the Dolphins changed their logo to a really lame helmet-less dolphin in a league now predicating itself on safety. Ironic that a pansy logo such as a dolphin can now look mildly tougher (or depending upon how you look at it, the league looking weaker) with it's helmet being taken off. Tony Romo signed an extension to give the Cowboys six more years of misery as they now have officially relinquished themselves as being called Americas team. How the heck are you supposed to instill hope into your franchise if you re-sign the guy who has prevented you from doing anything when it comes to post season play? Not to mention, this guy does nothing but create havoc with his consistent inconsistency. I know Cowboys fans will hate it when I say this, but he does give the Cowboys an opportunity to win ball games in the 4th quarter and to be honest, who else is out there? Even though the guy doesn't perform to the standard that Cowboys fans want, he does give them a better chance then most of the QB's available. Sorry, but not sorry Cowboys fans. The Falcons made another big move by signing Osi Umenyiora to a two year deal, which should nicely replace the loss of John Abraham in one of the big releases they made prior to the free agency period. Other then that, not much free agency movement during the week.

The Major League Baseball section of the blog is now up and running as real games are finally starting to be played! This is where I lose about 80% of my audience for the summer because Football and Basketball run this country when it comes to mainstream popularity, but it's O.K. baseball is still hanging around as #3.

Justin Verlander and Buster Posey signed big time contract extensions on Friday making it truly a "Good Friday." Justin signed for 7 years 180 million dollars, and Buster "Gerald" Posey signed for 9 years 167 million dollars. To be honest, both these guys are the best at their respective positions in the game, so both of these contracts are well deserved. Texas and Houston opened up the season with an Astros victory, something you should take a picture of because many of them will not happen this season. The Astros start the season as the #1 seed in the American League. They better enjoy it because they got 100+ losses coming their way.

The Heat beat the Spurs without their superstars because they were injured. Funny how when the Spurs didn't have their superstars playing in November they got dinged quite a bit of cash but when the Heat have injuries they are O.K. It's interesting how interpretation can cost a franchise $250 K. Either way, both these teams may meet up in the Final this season, and this was just a mere tuneup before the playoffs begin in a couple weeks. Popovich's comments before this game was hilarious and Bosh doing something clutch for once was a serious mind boggle.

From sweet 16 to the final 4, we are squeezing out the rest of this College basketball season in style as Atlanta is now set for championship basketball.

Thursday and Friday had two of the best games in a very poor showing in the sweet 16 games. Ohio State and Arizona was a game to remember with Ross' game winning shot (Click here!), and who could ever forget Trey Burke and his shot from the suburbs (Click here!). Other then these two game, the sweet 16 was pretty weak. The only really good game during the elite 8 was between Wichita State and Ohio State. Ohio State had one heart wrenching weekend huh? The only reason this elite 8 game was intriguing was because Wichita State almost let the game go in the last five minutes. They eventually pulled it together in the final minute and made it to Atlanta as the unexpected team to make it out of the west region.

The saddest moment of the tournament was the final Elite eight game with Duke and Louisville when Kevin Ware broke his leg trying to block a shot in the first half. Both teams were shaken up, and if you watch the video, if your squeamish beware  (CLICK HERE!). It was really sad, and very gruesome. A very rare sight and something that almost makes you barf when you watch what happens. We all hope Kevin Ware successfully heals and comes back next season ready to play. But for now, Louisville gets set to play Wichita State in the final 4.

The Final 4: (Wichita State vs Louisville) & (Syracuse vs Michigan)

Juwanna man could not couldn't finish his career out at Baylor with a National Championship this season. Oh, my bad, I meant Brittney Griner. Louisville beat them 82-81 in what is viewed as one of the biggest upsets in women's college basketball history. I'm kind of glad to see Brittney Griner go and see what she can do in the WNBA because now we get to see how dominant she can be in the WNBA. I hope she breaks Bill Russell's record and gets 12 rings to put in her jewelry box. She's that dominant in her sport.

Happy Easter Everybody! I'll be posting a new blog up on Monday night April 8th after the National Championship game!

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