Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cue the "Dead-Zone"

So today we cue the heart of the dead-zone when it comes to the sporting world. Most people could care less that sports is slowly grinding to its overheated halt hear in the dead of summer, but the fun will kick back into gear as the British Open and All-Star game happen this week and some topics can actually be discussed. But I digress; we do have some things to discuss! Alas! The blog can recommence!

Some large wads of cash were thrown around this past week. Victor Cruz got paid his well-deserved 6 year/ $46 million deal for the New York Giants. If any of you know who I am, I absolutely love Victor Cruz and think he is one of the most really liked guys in the NFL. He’s earned this contract and his play on the field will only get better. Matthew Stafford also earned an extension making him one of the top paid players in the NFL. I guess he’s earned it, especially after a 4 win campaign last season and losing his last 8 games of the regular season. I thought QB’s were supposed to get paid for winning. Look at Joe Flacco. Here’s the funny thing (I’m going to go ADD on you and switch topics, but stay with me), Joe Flacco is not as good as Matthew Stafford, but he wins. Matthew Stafford is better than Joe Flacco, but he losses. How the heck are these fools getting paid? The emphasis on the NFL QB is getting to the point where it’s beyond ridiculous and the sad thing is, they are getting more and more rules to favor them being safe. HELLO! By the time I have kids, I’ll raise my boy to become a QB for the NFFL (The National Flag Football League). Are you serious? A 3 year/ $53 million extension for a guy who lost the last 8 games he played in the regular season and only won 4 for the entire year? Hey Christian Ponder, looks like you’ll get a pay raise if you just show up to the stadium next season.

How about another terrible contract; Andrew Bynum (it’s going to be one of those trash blogs). This guy didn’t touch the floor last season and is getting guaranteed at least a couple million and potentially $12 million in incentives. How great is it to be a 7-foot basketball talent with no college education making millions of dollars sitting on your tush. I like where these giant contract days are going. Players making millions of dollars, pulling a peter griffin (, and sitting out an entire year to feed their family. I love America, and I’m going to leave it at that.

Oh and another really great thing happened this week! Freddie Freeman was voted in for the final vote of the All-Star game and was just shy of 20 million votes giving him the record for the most votes… and now he can’t play in the All-Star game, because he has (you’ll laugh), a BRUISED THUMB. The white hot player in Yasiel Puig got screwed both ways especially after Freeman got replaced by another brave in Brian McCann. How Yasiel Puig didn’t get into the All-star game is a shocker especially with the unlimited voting capabilities of the Final Vote set up by the MLB. You L.A. Fans just got your manhood stolen from you for this pathetic performance of not getting in the hottest player in baseball into the All-star game, along with having to beg the softest NBA superstar ever to stay in your market. How do you feel L.A. sports fan? I don’t want to hear it.

Let’s get off the soap box and wrap up this dead-zone update blog with the cool stuff that happened over the weekend. BAH-BAH-BAH-BILLUPS goes back to Detroit and can actually help make them a legitimate playoff contender next season especially with the signing of Josh Smith. It brought me back to my childhood when I saw that signing… Andre Kirilenko getting signed to the Brooklyn Nets. Now they are definitely contenders in the Eastern Conference for this upcoming season. Lopez, Garnett, Kirilenko, Pierce, Terry, Williams & Joe Johnson? Miami definitely has some competition now. Monta Ellis signs with the Mavericks giving them a legit shot at contending once again especially if Dirk can muster out another 2 years of productive basketball. If any of you know me, I’m a huge Monta Ellis fan, he’s the real deal.

Some baseball quickly! Tim Lincecum, you represented the North West well with your no-hitter on Saturday! It wasn’t the most exciting no-hitter I ever saw, but nonetheless what an outstanding performance and a congratulations! Chris Davis now has 37 homeruns heading into the break tying him for 2nd all-time before the break. I hope he is clean, but to be honest, gosh darn it I hope he hits 74 this season if he is clean. Enjoy the rest of your week, and enjoy the outdoors! 


  1. Had to google half of these people, but NOW I KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT THIS PAST WEEK! :D