Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another Dead Week

Well, it’s another week where I have to unfortunately fill fodder till all the men in the NFL decide stuff their jerseys full of padding for an actual football event they call the preseason. Hello their America and welcome to another Dead-zone edition of my blog! It will be short so you can get back to your tequila sunrise hangover and can get back to sleeping with a women, or man, you have never seen before. Roll the stories out.

Did I mention NFL players got back to work this past week? Everybody is back to business. The country’s most popular sport has all 32 back on the field to finally hold up the idea that someone will once again be crowned number on the biggest stage in sports. Super Bowl 48 will be played this season in one of the coldest stadiums in the country on February 2nd 2014. That is about 6 months away from now. They need to rename that green day song to wake me up when July & August end because there are actually no relevant sports stories occurring in these months. Either way, training camp has started and excitement in every camp is building except if you are a Jaguars fan.

Percy Harvin got injured. As a Vikings fan, all I have to say is: Wah. Just look at his history and don’t tell me you didn’t think there wouldn’t be some sort of risk. The guys injury record has been about as eminent as King Kong chilling on the empire state building in 1930’s. Oh wait that was a movie? The world wasn’t in black in white in the 1930’s? My mind has been blown. I’m bored. Let’s move on.

The NFL isn’t testing for HGH this upcoming season and Ryan Braun is now known as Ryan Fraud for lying to everything and everyone he’s ever known because he was involved in the biogenesis epidemic that occurred in major league baseball. So can we now finally have the discussion of the two way street the NFL has on it’s plate. They either need to invest in a ton of flags for players to wear or they need to just have robots playing the game. Seriously? Guys doing HGH, running 4.3 40 meter dashes, weighing 250+ pounds and smashing other players with 3 tons of leverage is going to stay out of the courts for the next 30 years? This league is turning into the most hypocritical piece of crap I can ever remember. Football: the game of warriors (while Quarterbacks can only be touched between the belt and the neck, and ducking your head is illegal if you decide to use it as a battering ram…Yeah I just said that). At this point it’s either robots or flags because HGH isn’t going to be tested for in the NFL then what kind of message does that send to baseball. Yes, I’m aware, they are unrelated, but at a young age, kids will point to the popular sport like football and say HGH doesn’t matter while in baseball it shouldn’t either BUT the purists are bitching and complaining that the Steroid era will keep players out of the Hall of Fame. What’s it going to be sports world, Steroids or no Steroids? I need answers, and I need them quickly because I literally have nothing else to talk about.

LeBron is done on team U.S.A….. Shocker? Not really. He’s been on 3 U.S.A. Teams in his career, he doesn’t need to prove it at the international level any more. Good for him. Alfonso Soriano is back on the Yankees, I feel like I’m 12 again (yay). The Clowney hit would now be deemed as illegal… I’ll politely say, LOL to that one simply because if you want the sport of football to continue and you consider that hit illegal, don’t expect football to make it to year 2020. That’s all I’ll say about that topic.

Go outside, no juicy news here. Aaron Hernandez hasn’t missed much either, his hearing is in another month because everybody is on vacation. Toodles. 

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