Monday, February 10, 2014

Basketball runs the land again; Deadzone ahead

We are here in 2014 starting this journey towards another run at the Madness of March, the ides of NBA Playoffs, and a summertime still far off into the distance, but not as far as it seems with where we are in the sports calender. We are heading into another dead zone in the sports world as the NBA All-star games gets closer and closer, the calm before the storm is February for college basketball, and NASCAR is set to kickoff in a couple weeks but for now, basketball is what runs the nation. It's the first Sunday without football and will be for the next 150+ days till August decides to roll around again where the boys of fall will rise again. For now, it's the men of the hardwood and the ballers of the streets who run the sports world today.

Marcus Smart pushing people in the crowd, double overtime games filling update boards on countless sporting news stations, and Dick Vitale speaking the language of diaper dandies across the land. It's not quite football, but it's the second best thing in this country. We'll adapt, we are malleable creatures who can find peace with the orange ball. The hardwood doesn't have elements that will dictate strengths through mother nature, but the spirit of the game cannot be matched by anything but soccer. The smell of the grass won't apply, but court side seats will. The pounding of pads will be replaced with the screeching of shoes across the wooden surface. Fantasy may take some time off and it won't be the same, but this needed break from the gridiron might do us some good.

It will help us reunite with our family's, help us recreate bonds that we left stale during the fall, and things around the house will actually get done on our day of rest. Yes the madness of March will be here soon, the Masters will come faster than later, and Major league baseball will roam daily across the land. But, the king will be basketball from now until the summertime comes back. Our first deadzone will be here very soon, and NBA All-stars will roam the television screen for many sports fans here in the next couple weeks. Till then, find something to do, get away from the sports for a bit. It's valentines day on Friday, find a nice girl, take her out on a date, and plow her cornfield till the cows come home. Puns are appreciated, and this will be the worst blog I write for a while. You can anticipate some awesome All-star weekend material next week, but for now, a break is needed.

Go watch some Olympics, and read up on the terrible news going on in Sochi, because I guarantee you you'll be entertained.

See you all next week!

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