Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sam I Am

Potentially the first gay athlete in the NFL.

As headlines strike across the land and chaos ensues because a gay man will be coming to an NFL stadium near you, people are in upheaval over this decision... as people would say to the classic American Dream seekers still searching for the 21st Century. Times have changed people and maybe we should turn off this talk of sexuality once and for all.

Michael Sam, co-defensive player of the year in the best conference in all of sports (The S.E.C.), came out on February 9th, and will be the first openly gay player in NFL History. Yes, I know I said potentially to start the blog, but let's be honest, how many First Team S.E.C. defensive players not get drafted to the NFL. Not very many, especially if they were co-defensive player of the year in that conference. 

See, here's the thing with sexuality people, it means nothing between the white lines. Whether it's baseball, basketball, curling, or NASCAR, I don't think it's relevant to be pushed into my face in the realm of sports. I understand it is a ground breaking, Jackie Robinson-esk, type of story and I know it is very important for those who are part of the LGBTQ community to have someone come out in such a public manner. At the same time, this story only sheds light on how far some people still won't accept the ideal of at least a third sex within our nation. Look at how the media misconstrued the words of Sam's father and how they perceived him of having a negative outlook on his son's sexuality. The next day, the father had to defend his own words that the media drew a disgusting picture of. Where the money is is where the money flows, and it should show that our nation still has some acceptance issues to spell out.

They say his sexuality will have an issue in the locker room. Really? You think the Missouri Tigers had an issue with his 11.5 sacks this season and his ability to cause havoc in the backfield. Shoot, if I had a gay player in my locker room have three 3 sack games, I would care less what genitalia he preferred in his private life. It's not like NFL players live, dine, drink, and club in the locker room. The chemistry is built there, but it's not like everybody has to get along. They merely need to respect one another, stay flexible, and understand each others roles and find each others strengths to suit the best opportunity for the team. OH! Doesn't that sound like a regular business within america? Where sexual preference isn't an issue among 99% of the businesses by what their standards require? If the media says it's going to be an issue within the locker rooms, than maybe players need to become more professional in and out of the locker room because honing in on a mans sexuality and pulling an Incognito is not something that most locker rooms support. Buttons are pushed, words are said, and ignorance is portrayed in many locker rooms, all athletes know this. But their is a line and just because a guy is LGBTQ won't change anything of the sort. If it does, than clearly there is a larger issue in that said locker room.

Oh, he's going to get serious shit on the field.

And so does everybody else, whether they are black, fat, have braids, talk to much, talk to little, drop passes, have an ugly family member, everybody gets crap told towards them on the field. So just because Michael Sam is gay, do you really think he's going to be more "sensitive" to the choice in his sexuality? I think he'll embrace the negative remarks and use it to his advantage to become a standout player because it only gives him more fuel to the fire.

Let's also make another point about this. Just because he's gay doesn't mean he's now all of a sudden a bad person. It's a choice he's made and a decision he's living with. He's doing it because it makes him happy and comfortable in his own skin. OH! What a concept America, a human being being more comfortable in their own skin. With how much media mamba-jamba is out there about needing to take this drug to calm you down, or this drug to make you focus, or this stimulant to make you more comfortable in your own skin because of X Y Z, this guy is making it known this is who he is. With all this criticism of how someone is, maybe the people waving the banners of "what god would say" should actually talk to god and tell him how they find another human being less worthy of them because of a choice they have made to become happy. We can get into more politics about how religion is super hypocritical anyways, but you didn't click on this link for that reason. 

You wanted to hear my view on Michael Sam.

Well, Sam... I am on your side. Be free, be happy, and I accept who you are. I hope those who clicked on this link can join me in that sentiment and can also understand that a sexual preference doesn't matter on the football field.

Also, it's 2014 for goodness sake. Let's evolve shall we?

I'll see you next week.

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  1. Good job, Chris. Proud of you for standing up for your beliefs.