Monday, May 19, 2014

Can I Coach in the NBA?

I mean this seriously has to stop.

When I saw the money thrown at Steve Kerr this week, I had to find a way to react and what a better place than my free, google, BlogSpot format to leap from. I might as well dig a hole and jump from below sea level because it’s the same type of platform.

5 years/ 25 million dollars and he has no coaching experience. You might as well hire the bum on the side of the street who has a fantastic voice to take over Steve Kerr’s current position at TNT because it’s the same scenario with what Steve Kerr is doing going to Golden State.

Good for Steve Kerr, seriously. He won the lottery when it comes to becoming a head coach. He did play by play for years, and now he’s getting a multi-million dollar deal to do something completely different. Only in America right?

We can think up all of the analogies in the world to describe the ridiculousness of this deal and how it compares to coaches who have proven themselves over decades of assisting, scouting, working with players individually, watching tape, finding roles for players, and dealing with issues that the media knows nothing about when it comes to how the players work within the organization. He knows nothing about doing this.

He may know a little bit from the perspective he took as the Suns GM a little while back, but can we be honest in saying his efforts were poor? The team did nothing when he was in that position and how does that warrant his ability to run the organization from a player personal perspective by being the frontline guy who leads the troops into battle? He was a three point specialist and occasional role player off the bench, the only positive spin I could see him having is helping the already shooter friendly back court in the Splash Brothers, outside of that, I don’t see how he can contribute to the effect of a 5 million dollar a year contract.

Jason Kidd received a job offer as quickly as he did and he was a newly retired former player. Maybe this hiring of a long time, broadcaster and former arc specialist is the new wave of branching out to reach for coaching prospects in the NBA instead of pulling guys from assistant coaching positions who have earned their stripes. I guess as a GM (when I eventually become one; not) I have to just watch a ton of TN, pull Charles Barkley out of the studio, and pay him millions of dollars to sound good in front of multimillion dollar athletes. That’ll sell season tickets right?

See you next week.

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