Monday, June 9, 2014

Cowards Way Out

Steve Coburn is the actual coward in this entire endeavor as he absolutely reams on the way the Triple Crown process spells itself out.

It's the Triple Crown man!

The only reason you couldn't get it is just like the last 12 horses who came up short, it's freaking hard!

If the Triple Crown were easy than we would see it more often than we do.

Steve Coburn stated that the only horses that run in the Belmont are all horses that decide not to run at the other 2 Triple Crown events. Well let's get one thing clear man, all three races coincide but that doesn't mean that only particular horses should be allowed to run in the races. Each horse that races in either of these three events has earned it one way or the other and if the owners and trainers don't want to run in the other races, than they don't have too! Yes, maybe they should and attempt to win the races that define the greatness of horse racing and gain ground on legacies they could potentially be shaping, but this is America at the end of the day and for you to be completely upset at the way owners and trainers decide to run their horses at these grand stages of the sport, it's not your decision nor should you make the effort to criticize how the sport should be laid out just because your pony couldn't put together one of the greatest runs the sport has ever seen.

California Chrome was a fantastic story... until this moron decided to open his mouth and bash all the other respectful, beautiful people the sport of horse racing has to offer.

Face it man, when your wife is in the background telling you to "stop it" in the interview post race and the winner is getting covered in roses, your best opportunity to build your horses legacy is to back off and say "Hey, we gave it a great run. It's frustrating, but at the end of the day, I love this horse, and today just wasn't our day to win the triple crown."

Class 101, you need to put that in your schedule, because apparently it's not apart of the aura that is the sum of you.

See you next week.

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