Monday, June 30, 2014

The Greatest Free Agency Period in NBA History

This might be one of those free agency summers that NBA will soon never forget...

Or, it could be relatively predictable.

The side stories are absolutely insane, the speculation is over the top, and the suspense is riveting.

Where will Carmelo Anthony go? Where will the big three reside? And where will Dirk end his career? These questions will be answered in this upcoming month, and up until the beginning of the NBA Preseason.

Since the escapade of the LeBron James offseason seems to be going nowhere, and all he wants is a a max deal, it's fair to say this guy is going to stay on the beach in Miami.

As for Carmelo, who knows what this guy is thinking. This guy might go anywhere and quite frankly the talks about him potentially going somewhere is a shot in the dark. His best career option is to go to the Bulls, and that's where I ultimately think he's going to land, but my guess is as good as winning the billion dollars in the NCAA Tournament.

Wade will stay in Miami and if he doesn't I'd be in total disbelief. Wade is opting out to take less and help the Heat. But the real question is where will Dirk go? It sounds like he's more than likely going to stay in Dallas but you never know. Dirk is the equivalency of the Peyton Manning of the NBA, at least when it comes to career success comparisons. So when it comes to his chances of staying, they are high but you never know when it comes to where he may want to settle his career.

The other big men with Pau Gasol and Greg Monroe, these two players could dictate where the big man power goes in he NBA. Pau Gasol is looking like he may stay in L.A. but something tells me that he isn't going to. I think that he is more than likely going to head to the east coast and maybe even help the Knicks start a new with Tyson Chandler now back in Dallas. As for Monroe, he's about as predictable as Melo and where he will end up. I think he could have a serious impact on any team he goes to, but if he's smart he has got to go to Lakers especially now that Julius Randle is in the mix and with Randle's finesse game, Monroe would compliment him perfectly with the skill set Kobe still possesses.

The two small forwards that teams have a large interest in are Parsons and Deng. I think Deng goes to a team that desperately needs him and that might be a place like L.A. Now which L.A. that is is the real question. If he goes to the Lakers with Monroe, look out in L.A. But if he goes to the Clippers, then they will become an instant title contender. As for Parsons, he's another player I have no clue on, but I see him going to a large market maybe the Knicks would find him as a solid replacement for Melo if Melo doesn't return.

No matter what happens, this free agent period will have headlines, but how they will be made will dictate the outcome of where the league will go the next 3 years.

See you next week!

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