Monday, August 11, 2014

Shark Week?

Is it truly that time of year again where the ratings have plummeted to this debacle again?

Say it ain't so. Well it looks like it has.

Well the sports world also had its own Sharknado while instead of sharks, it was one man by the name of Johnny Football who's preseason opener stole every headline out of the sports chronicles this past Friday night.

I wouldn't necessarily call it, "Friday Night Lights" but it might as well have been that way because of who was out on the field.

Have I truly resorted to this? Talking preseason snaps of a guy who has yet to prove anything? Well clearly its a big deal if that game is still being talked about 4 days later.

He looked good. Didn't look like the greatest piece of lettuce in the bunch but overall made a pretty good meal for an appetizer special to the regular season. I ultimately think that Brian Hoyer looked better and did a very good job on his part and as of now I would give him the starting nod, but here's Johnny, making a statement. a subtle one but enough to make you go, "whoa."

Let's just say that considering there has been such a down time in the state of sports recently that maybe Johnny was just a blip on our radar that became so big that nothing else could truly pull us away from the TV screen because we wanted to him either crash or succeed. You might as well watch a train run down the railroad at 100 miles an hour these days, because it's about that exciting.

Doesn't this just scream Tebow mania from 3 years ago? The drama, the magnitude this individual holds and the grasp he has on the entire sports landscape? One thing is for certain, Johnny Football will create a brand new sector of fans, whether he's great or just that; a blip on the radar.

Enjoy the Sharks!

See you next week!

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