Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Where to now?

There once was a song done by Drake about 8 years ago (yes, before anybody knew who he was) on his Comeback Season Mixtape which honestly is some of the best Music I've ever heard. It's a short song that just spreads the idea of youth and how a young man thinks. It's nothing intellectual, it's just a young man telling all that he wants through the lyrical sensation of rapping about it to a sick beat. But that's what this blog's title has come from.

Now I understand that may cause a lot of people to back away from reading this blog, but listen to the song before you make an ultimate judgment. Drake - Where to now (Click Here)

Ultimately the best song by Drake that I will claim is the greatest song I've ever heard by him till the day I die is called Give Ya (on the same mixtape) Here's the link if you want to listen to that (CLICK HERE!). But this is not a blog about Drake, it's just what I want to Give Ya because I'm searching myself because I keep asking "Where to now?" But the sports world is in the same debacle especially after the past couple of weeks since I've written my last blog.

We have the NFL starting up now with the Hall of Fame game in the books for 2014, we have about 7 weeks left in the MLB regular season, and the NBA will be around the corner before you know it. Oh, and don't forget about the start of the College Sports year for 2014-15 with the opening up of possibly the most anticipated College Football season in years because of the new playoff system put together back in 2012. We are gearing up and we'll have more than what we know to write about in the upcoming weeks but I ultimately want to talk about Paul George & Derrick Rose this week.

What a crazy symmetry these two guys have with what their careers may end up revolving around by the time these two guys retire from the sports they love. Both guys this summer participated on the USA Men's FIBA team and one did it at the expense of 2 years of injury rattled seasons where he needed massive reconstructive surgery and extensive rehabilitation to come back, but he decided to come back in the Summer instead of just get ready for Day 1 of the NBA Regular Season in late October.

Derrick Rose, the guy I'm speaking of, when healthy is the most athletic Point Guard this planet has to offer. In 2010-2011 he won the MVP award when guys like LeBron James were in their prime, he was that stupid good and people just gloss over it because of the past 2-3 seasons with his injuries. I'm personally confused that he came back when he has because of his contract, his ability, and the severity of his health these past 2-3 years. But the ultimate story now even though I'm still confused on the decision of Derrick Rose, but now it's all about Paul George.

How sad is it that this guy, who is a top 10 player in the NBA when he's on his game, is now going to miss the entire 2014-15 season because he had a "Kevin Ware" like injury with 9+ minutes left in a scrimmage between Team USA Blue & White. If you haven't seen the injury yet, just imagine what happened to Kevin Ware but slightly (and I mean barely) less tragic. It was still horrifying, and especially sad because it wasn't during any serious game, just a scrimmage. Now you see why I'm so confused on why Derrick Rose decided to do what he did by coming back when he has. Either way, it's crazy how these two superstars have truthfully coincided with one another and how their careers may revolve around the "Ken Griffey Jr. Statement": 'Imagine how great they could have been if they would have stayed healthy?'

It's a very sad statement when it comes to the way sports works, but in this case, it's crazy the comparison and now Paul George carries the load of Derrick Rose and his troubles that he has had the past 2-3 years. Hopefully, for his sake, he comes back stronger in 2015 than he did before, because dangit he's a buh-buh-beast on the court!

Next week I'll start mentioning more about the NFL, and expect the giant preseason NFL prediction blog to come here in the next couple weeks. I'll start researching in about a week. Should be awesome! If you haven't seen the 2013 one, here it is (CLICK HERE!)

See you next week, and have a blessed day!

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