Sunday, October 26, 2014

Heeerrree's Madison! Giants take 3-2 Lead to KC.

I'm not going to breakdown the game because all you need to know is how incredible Madison Bumgarner is. He could literally host his own nightly show with how magnificent he is on the mound, I just think his ratings would be low because of how drool he is as a human being. But, his ability on the mound, let's put him up their with the greats right now.

The Giants win game 5, 5-0 as they head back to Kansas City with a 3-2 series lead. Brandon Crawford squirted across 3 runs, and Juan Perez hit the game clinching two run triple in the 8th that was an inch away from being a three run blast off a guy in Wade Davis who hadn't given up an extra base hit since August. As baseball ended in San Francisco for 2014, the Giants walk into the Kansas City ready to clinch a 3rd world title in 5 years.

But the only story that needs to be discussed is how incredible Madison Bumgarner is.

The guy has only given up one run in his World Series career and his earned run average is now below .30. This guy has 4 World Series starts in his career and nobody can seem to figure him out. If anybody is interested, listen in on my October 25th 2014 podcast about how outstanding Madison Bumgarner is and how I compare him to Tom Brady, yes, this guy is on the cusp of being like a Tom Brady in the world of baseball when it comes to the Starting Pitching position.

I think if he can start establishing himself in the regular season here over the rest of his career, you'll see this guy in Cooperstown before you know it.

Giants take the World Series back to Kansas City as Madison Bumgarner gets a complete game shutout in Game 5 of the World Series. Moon Shine Stupid. Take a freaking bow.

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