Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Settling in for Game 7; Royals Blow the Doors off Game 6

This game, by itself, is not worth talking about. The Royals laid a 7 piece on the Giants and 5 of the, came off of Yusmeiro Petit. That was when you knew the game was over and Game 7 was in the cards for 2014.

The one sparkling light from this game came for Yordano Ventura. The guy only gave up 3 hits in 7 innings pitched on exactly 100 pitches. You talk about the outing of a lifetime for a 23 year old, unbelievable stuff.

Outside of that this was one of those games that nobody will remember in the lore of postseason history with the final score of 10-0, but the setting it opened up for Wednesday night is only what movies could project in an on sight visual for the Kansas City faithful. Nobody in their right minds had Kansas City playing Game 7 of the World Series come late winter of 2014, and tomorrow that crazy idea will become a reality.

Tomorrow night is where the epicenter of sports takes place and where the intensity ratchets up to a level that can cause fans to literally fall into a coma if their team falters one ounce away from expectation. And with both of these teams seasons the way they have unfolded, don't expect a cleanly played baseball game, expect a layout of many peaks and valleys, where as the expectation won't be the outcome no matter what we project or how we think.

Game 7's are the ultimate Wildcard. They could be the greatest classic we've ever seen, they could be a shoot out of the unforgiving, or they could be one giant blockbuster flop. Either way, this game tomorrow night requires no need for introduction, Game 7 of the World Series is the greatest day sports can provide, and those of you who think other wise, I don't know what planet you are from.

Just shutout the noise, shutout the crazy fast lifestyle we lay before us everyday, and enjoy the final day of baseball in 2014 on Wednesday.

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