Monday, December 22, 2014

Update on the writing stratosphere for sports!

I know, I haven't been up to speed on my blog over the past month and it's mostly because I haven't had anything to write about and... well, the stuff I do want to write on, my opinion has been quite wrapped up into my radio shows.

I'm here to update you and let you know that this Blog will now just become a sports prediction blog site. A place where you can go to view my long winded predictions on what's to come in the major sports either before the season, before the playoffs, before awards are handed out. You name it I'll write about it and write my predictions down here.

That doesn't mean I won't be writing freely here ever again, it's just going to be a rare sighting from now on. If I find a topic and write about it, I'll let you know about it. But for now, this will be mostly 98% prediction heavy blogging.

Which reminds me, If you are excited for the NFL Playoff predictions blog, that will be coming up next week about a week from tonight!

For all of you enjoying your holidays and watching the bowl games, Please spend as much time with family as you can this holiday season, for it is the people that we surround ourselves with that make us the people we are and the people that love us are what provide us the foundation for the future.

Enjoy your Holiday Season, and I'll see you in about a week!

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