Monday, November 24, 2014

Personal Blog for Thanksgiving!

I know thanksgiving is in a couple of days and I wanted to personally write a blog to all the people who have been reading my blogs over the last couple years. I have been writing every week since January of 2013 and for those of you who have stayed loyal and, or, are friends of mine just taking a quick gander at what I write on a weekly basis, I just wanted to say thank you because with another year coming to an end here shortly, I just pray for everyone and their families for this upcoming holiday weekend. Please have a safe one.

As to what is to come in the sports landscape, I'm heavily disappointed in the high importance of football games for he NFL this upcoming Thursday. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited, but at the same time I like having some quality time with family that I hadn't seen in a while and with important games this Thursday I just hope that they are all blowouts because honestly, unless you are a complete loner, you'll more than likely have grandma chewing at your ear about the latest fling, or the most recent film she saw and if you decide to ignore her to watch these magnificent matchups on Thursday afternoon, then consider yourself a complete douche bag for ignoring your family.

Now if you can find a way to stay awake after gorging yourself with some amazing feast, you (one) didn't eat enough and (two) will get to watch some awesome football that is bound to be memorable. Hopefully you'll have some really cool family members to watch with, but if not either way, I hope you have a wonderful week reuniting with your family and shopping on those amazing deals that should be starting sometime Tuesday afternoon (especially with how Black Friday has turned into a weekly thing these days).

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

See you next week!

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