Sunday, February 3, 2013

7 months of no football starting...NOW!

Now that the NFL season has been capped off by another Super Bowl full of bonanza, societal debauchery,  and millions of dollars spent on thirty plus seconds of mainstream american advertisements, you can now bask in your pit of despair of manly proportions for several months untill predictions and excitement fill the air once again for NFL Football.

We all know nothing happens in the sports world after Super Bowl Sunday. Us men, we cry in shame every Sunday until the undergrads kick it off in the heat of late August.

While we all wait for that unforgiving violence of the sport we call football, there are some things that happen within those long and arduous months.

Rednecks show up in Daytona Florida for some race I can't even spell or say without sounding like I failed a G.E.D. entry exam. There's a weekend dedicated to healthy basketball players attempting to stay healthy in basketball related events along with some game they play on Sunday that allows gamblers to make back their money they lost on Super Bowl Sunday. There's this madness tourney where young men put a spherical object inside a cylindrical object and get excited for no particular reason. There's also some golf event where they play for a green jacket in April along with some horse race in Kentucky in May. Oh yeah, and they have two more races after that along with three other so called major golfing events. We also have at last, and least, two Texas teams showing up somewhere in an american league for the first of 162 games on March 31st. You could definitely say, "Houston, we have a problem."

I also forgot to mention, this is just the beginning. I forgot about the awesome soccer, tennis, and cricket events that are also going to occur on ESPN26 this summer.

Oh, the humanity! Doing something other than sit in front of my TV for eight hours on a chilly afternoon. Now I have to go outside and be productive? Meh... I think I'll just turn on some NBA Showcase on ABC, vacuum the rug, and wait till the sun comes out.

I'll go grab some deer antler spray, workout for a month and a half, and see you all at the NFL combine. Or, maybe I'll just see you next week with another Blog. I'll probably talk about the NHL and Lord Stanley because its the only trophy better than that Lombardi thing lifted today.

Either way, no matter what happened today, Ray Lewis you have been a joy to watch perform on the field and your antics fit in perfectly with this self driven society today. Congrats on being a first ballot hall of fame player, and I plan on hearing your God speech in Canton come August 2018. That is, if brain trauma doesn't strike before then because, for all of our sake, it would be another sad sign of NFL mistreatment of their players. That is a blog for another day...

R.I.P. Caleb Moore, no human should die this young. Prayers to the family. Keep them in your hearts. 25 is too young.

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