Saturday, February 16, 2013

LeBron James < Kobe #FACT

Ryan Braun caught for steroids... Wait... Hold on people. I thought this was 2013! Not 2012!

NBA all-star weekend = bust. Until LeBron actually decides to suit up and prove he is one of the best dunkers in the land, he'll never live up to that lethal comparison.

Apparently this thing called rivalry week in college basketball happened, but with all the boobs, murder, LeBron, and valentine's day action, I couldn't really find the love. After the Michigan State rout over Michigan, I really got tuned out of the whole rivalry week. So I decided to eliminate that from the discussion and talk about what really mattered this week; the disappointment of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013 edition that came out on Tuesday along with NBA action and South Africa news.

Let's get to serious news first so we can end this catastrophe on a high note. Oscar Pistorius apparently murdered his girlfriend, former model and humanitarian for domestic violence and sexual assault victims, on an alleged accident when she came home late on valentines day. Personally, I don't find this to be sports news worthy, but I'm going to stay on the positive side and believe this was an accident. This man is too much of a hero and too much of an inspiration to all disabled individuals to have done what he did even if previous domestic violence accounts had taken place around his household. The blade runner, what Pistorius is known as, performed a terrible act no matter the outcome and unfortunately will stick with him for the rest of his life.

Let's get back to happy time shall we? The SI Swimsuit edition!

I'm not going to lie, last year's magazine was outstanding! I thought most of the pictures were amazing and Kate Upton was really incredible in the place they put her in for the main piece. This year though, just not as good. First of all, did anybody notice that Kate Upton boosted her breast size from the previous year? It's absolutely ridiculous. Not that she didn't look great, because she did, but her boobs really were the only thing I could focus on because they were so over the top and on the verge of slipping out of her outfits.

Her boobs totally changed from last year's edition to this year and it disturbed me. I like a nice pair of jugs, don't get me wrong, but when the consistency changes so drastically in the span of a year, you wonder a little what's going on behind the scenes. It just goes to show you models always need to update something or else they just don't stick around. I find it despicable personally because I loved me some Marisa Miller a couple years ago, now she is non-existent. Apparently Marisa Miller didn't do enough to improve her image.

Kate Upton's boobs don't even look real fellas! I understand that all of the photos are photoshoped and put together in a fashion that are meant to sell products and get women to buy things (or men to buy things for their woman), but this year just didn't do it for me. This isn't a shock to me personally because the swimsuit edition has done this to me every other year where one year is bad and the next year is amazing. This was the year it was another crap shoot... but anyways let's get back to what really matters and why you all are here.

LeBron James is not from this planet. The man took his greatness to a whole other level and his 60%+/30+ points for six straight nights was beyond ridiculous. This stretch of dominance was the only thing that reminded me of Kobe when he had that 50+ point game streak back in March of 2007.

The four letter network is not helping when talking about this greatness when they keep pouring on the Micheal Jordan 50th birthday celebration and asking Jordan who is better. Of course you know he's going to say Kobe, the dude never left his city and won 5 championships as a scorer emulating all of what Jordan did in his career. Also, why do we need to keep comparing LeBron to guys like MJ and Magic? He's his own guy and he just proved it doing something that only Moses Malone did before Magic and MJ were in the league.

Oh, but wait a minute, they forgot to mention that Kobe actually performed in a Dunk Competition. Let me be clear when I say this about LeBron. He can win all the rings, all the medals, and all the awards that he wants. But, when it is all said and done, if he doesn't even attempt to be in a slam dunk contest once, he will never be in the discussion of the all-time greats, period. End of discussion.

Percy Harvin was in the news again for his antics off the field and what he is doing to the Minnesota Vikings front office. I have a Vikings vlog on it if you would like to see: Click Here! You can subscribe to my new channel if you would like to follow my Vikings vlogs during the off-season and follow every Sunday when the season starts! Click here if you would like to check out previous Vikings vlogs on my old YouTube channel. Again, feel free to subscribe.

Joe Paterno was in the news again. This time so that his family could defend him during the release of the Freeh report. I think we can all agree that Paterno's sports legacy was fantastic and up there with one of the most legendary, but his family is only doing this in the interest of what every family would do. They should defend him. Why would they say anything else about the legendary figure of their family? He didn't do enough when it came to the actions of Jerry Sandusky, but neither did hundreds of other people. To me, this doesn't take Joe Paterno off the hook, but at the same time, neither should those hundreds of other people who failed to stop the disgusting Sandusky parade. Either way, Joe has been dead for over a year now and this story has thankfully hit its conclusion. Hopefully, some form of justice has come to the victims. Let's just close it at that.

Back to sports!

Nerlens Noel, the astounding freshmen out of the University of Kentucky, tore his ACL during this week opening up another discussion about one-and-done athletes in college basketball. It also opened up another idea of how athletes should be compensated especially for college football. Most people have heard about the Maurice Clarett trial and how he tried to enter the NFL Draft after his sophomore season. Well, JaDaveon Clowney is trying to do the same thing. Fortunately, he's not going to be allowed to. He'll play one more season at South Carolina. People have brought up several different ideas on how to compensate for NCAA athletes because some of them only have aspirations to go to the professional level when it comes to athletics. Here are my two cents and I think it should seriously be considered. CLICK HERE!

A couple more things before I get out of here and head into this dead zone of the sports world and prepare myself for that race in Daytona.

Boston and Denver played a three over-time game. Cool story bro, but did you watch college basketball last weekend? Impressive but eh... not so much.

San Antonio beat the Chicago Bulls with no superstars on the court Monday. only proving more and more that coach Popovich is a top five all time NBA head coach.

Mike Vick received a one year deal from the Eagles. I think it was a good signing considering QB's are hard to come by this off-season along with Chip Kelley's style of offense which will either suit Vick or kick him out of the league all-together. Also the release of former Heisman trophy winner Charles Woodson from the Packers, and possibly the quickest defensive end the NFL has ever seen in Dwight Freeney when in the prime of his career was released by the Colts. They will both find somewhere to work during this off-season, I have no doubts about that.

Micheal Bourn signed a 4 year/ $48 million deal with the Cleveland Indians. He'll have fun being the only hope in that city besides Kyrie Irving.

By the way, Brandon Knight still can't find his ankles. Click Here!

Thank you all and enjoy the All-Star Game! Hopefully the stars will actually show up and do something, and hopefully they won't crash the party like this Click here!

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