Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So on the same week Carmelo Anthony goes off for an average of 40 points every night, the Final Four was played in Atlanta capping off a captivating National Championship on Monday night. Although the way Louisville got there was through the pain of Kevin Ware, they pulled it out in a classic over Michigan who again are wondering about the days of the Fab 5 and keeping Chris Webber under wraps yet another year. USC also picked up the Florida Gulf Coast coach, it looks like they will try to bring some excitement to their program similar to the high flying Cinderella story of dunk city in the 2012 tournament.

Shaq also got his number retired by the Lakers this week, and Kobe Bryant answered the party with a triple-double as the Lakers kept their playoff hopes alive. By weeks end, they were struggling to stay with the Jazz to keep their playoff bubble going.

Britney Griner is thinking of going to the NBA, or at least it's an idea that was thrown out this week. Do I really have to discuss this? Mark Cuban would take her and I would commend him. I legitimately think she could play about 5-6 minutes a game in the NBA, but for her to be anything more would be a disservice to what the NBA represents.

The MLB opened up this week with it's buttload of home openers. Yu Darvish was one out away from a perfect game, Harper hit 2 home runs on opening day, Clayton Kershaw hit a home run to propel him to his first win of the season, and Middlebrooks hit 3 home runs in Boston on Sunday. Talk about a first week of crazy things that happened.

Matt Flynn and Carson Palmer went to different teams this week. Flynn went to the Raiders and Palmer went to the Cardinals making them a legit contender heading into this next season. Other than that, the NFL has been pretty quiet on big time moves again. It looks like they are just now starting to prepare for the NFL Draft here in the next couple weeks.

O.K. so the big story that took over the week was clearly the Mike Rice news at Rutgers. This story to me wasn't that big of a deal considering I as an athlete have been treated similarly in other sports. I have never had anything thrown at me directly, but I've been pushed, shoved, kicked and berated by coaches when I didn't do something right. I also have had things thrown to get my attention, but not directly at me. I feel this story was completely overblown, and considering how it was handled by the media, they disappointed me by making this a headline news story because it is nowhere near the level of coverage the Penn State scandal deserved. If you want to fire the entire campus for it's lack of institutional control, but for the over reaction that has come about this, it's flat out ridiculous.

I'll see y'all next week on Sunday night April 14th!

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