Sunday, April 14, 2013

The 2013 Masters; Kobe Injury

On a week where I was not inspired to focus on the sports world as much as I would have liked (because I'm a senior in college, and I have school work to focus on), the Masters was on and I wrote my rough draft of my thesis while listening to the whispers of Jim Nantz and Verne Lundquist during the last couple rounds of the Masters. First lets get to Kobe.

Kobe Bryant. One of the ultimate competitors in sports today ruptured his Achilles on a drive to the basket in a pivotal game against the Golden State Warriors to keep the Lakers playoff hopes alive. The Lakers won, but Kobe Bryant's career may have taken a harder landing than one would have hoped for. My favorite part about the Kobe Bryant injury is that people second guessed after he got hurt, "Oh he should have played less minutes!" "Oh he should have listened to Mitch Kupchak!" Guess what people, Kobe doesn't quit and no matter what we think, Kobe wasn't going to listen to anybody. He was going to play to will his team into the postseason even if it meant averaging 46 minutes per game the last 7 before his injury. The man is an absolute beast, but on a day like Friday, we are reminded that he is only human. I just hope that he can come back and take storm of the league one last time in October when he is healed, and we all know he won't pull a Derrick Rose.

There was a base-brawl on Thursday! That was all I really heard about. Some dude tackled and dislocated Greinke's collar bone. I also saw that Jose Reyes twisted his ankle sliding into second on a steal... This is why you slide head first (I'm kidding). Other then those fireworks, not much has transpired when it comes to baseball excellence here the past week. There were some more opening weeks, but other then that, just your typical baseball. I'll have a report next weekend on what I've seen so far throughout the season.

This whole Tiger penalty thing, I'm sick of hearing about it. The guy followed the rules and did what the PGA asked of him. Yes, should he have considered Disqualifying himself? Of course! The guy didn't have to though, and considering the amount of money he brings to ratings and endorsement dollars for golf, do you seriously think the guy would have left? No! So stop the arguing about morals. Tiger is just that much bigger than golf and without him, the Masters would be broad casted on TruTV.

Louisville couldn't get the women's team to follow through by getting the sweep in college basketball championships. Looks like UCONN's 2004 reign will stay another year. Speaking of basketball, the NBA Playoffs start in a week, and Stanley Cup playoffs start soon after that. This is sort of like the calm before the storm for next weekend when the playoffs for these respective sports start. For for this week, it's all about the Masters.

Angel Cabrera & Adam Scott played one of the most epic 72nd holes I've ever seen. Adam Scott with his long birdie putt to take the lead at -9 with Angel waiting to take his second shot which would not disappoint. Cabrera needed a birdie as well and stuck his second shot about three feet from the hole in the mucky Augusta weather. He nailed it and the playoff ensued. On the second hole in the playoff, Cabrera missed a crucial putt to force Adam Scott to continue the round, instead he missed and gave Adam a golden opportunity. Adam Scott hit his lengthy putt to win another incredible Masters Tournament. Adam Scott was 2013 Masters Tournament champion, and boy was it well deserved. The first Aussie to ever win a Masters Tournament. Fantastic stuff.

I'll see you all next week as it should be a big week for news as the NBA Playoffs will get started and we will already we 1/8 of the way through the MLB Season. See you next week!

***I should have a special NBA Playoff prediction blog. It will be really quick and informative on who I think is going to win it all. This year should be rather easy considering that one team has the best team in the NBA is still dominating.

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