Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Unknown; The NFL Draft

So here we are in the last full week of April and the NBA playoffs are already heading into round two with some teams waiting in the wings. We have The Miami Heat, and San Antonio Spurs as of Sunday, and we'll see where the remaining teams end up. There was some hardware handed out this week as well.

Paul George for the Pacers won most improved as he can now pretty much do everything for the Pacers as he showed earlier this week in one of his games. Marc Gasol won first place in the Defensive Player of the Year award. There were many up for the award even LeBron James who finished second. Speaking of LeBron, his former coach Mike Brown was rehired by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The L.A. Lakers had their show finnish on Sunday after getting swept by the Spurs, and Dwight Howard along with the star studded crowd left as the Spurs put the Lakers away early making this Lakers team possibly the most over hyped team in sports history. Russell Westbrook was also injured later in the week and eliminating him from playing any more time this post season. Time will only tell how much further the Thunder will last. Also did anybody see that Bulls/Nets game on Saturday? Nate Robinson was doing his best Michael Jordan impersonation as he carried his team in the fourth quarter with 23 points in the quarter, only 1 point shy of Jordan's record. The Superstar from Seattle Washington ended the game with 34 points as the Bulls came back from a 20 point deficit to win in a triple over-time classic!

Shall we talk some football? Barry Sanders was voted to be on the new Madden 25 video game as Madden NFL Football has reached it's 25th year in existence and they now dawn a player who his own opponents would say his style of running was only suited for a video game. He received 58% of the vote and beat out the Minnesota Vikings superstar running back, Adrian Peterson. Speaking of the Vikings, in round one of the NFL Draft the Vikings were the first team since the 2001 Rams to have three first round picks. The first round entailed another first as they had no running backs selected for the first time since 1963. Other then that, the NFL draft is something that really can't be discussed because it's one of those things that can never really be criticised because nobody knows how the good the players will be.

The NHL Season ended today and hockey will be back in the mix soon as the playoffs begin this up coming week. It was a short week this week, have a great rest of the week everybody!

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