Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ugh... Where's my NFL?

So this week I heard a lot of vanilla sports talk radio discussing how they wanted the NFL back and how the dead zone in the Sports world is slowly creeping upon us and I nearly wanted to strangle somebody and say, Uh.. HELLO! We have the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, the U.S. Open going on all in one week. If you can't find something to talk about, then go on vacation or something because this was one of the most jam packed sports weeks of the the entire year so far. So let's get it going shall we?

Hmmm, where to start. Oh I know, basketball!

How about those NBA Finals huh? Danny Green. Best Finals Performance behind the arc ever! 25 threes and counting! Gary Neal in Game 3 also showed up providing a huge spark in that one giving the Spurs a 2-1 lead on Tuesday. Then the Heat struck back with 80+ points from their big three, making it look like a business trip in San Antonio as they annihilated the Spurs in Game 4 with Dwayne Wade pulling out a great performance of days past. With a 2-2 tie heading into Game 5, it was the beginning of a three game series on Sunday. The Spurs came out hot and Manu Ginobili went back in time to bring back the crafty euro-step he perfected about 10 years ago. Another thing I noticed was that Tony Parker attacks the rim more often then LeBron James does, and LeBron doesn't have a bum hammy. This series is going back to Miami and I don't need to write a blog to get you hyped about the next two games. I'm nervous as hell as a Spurs fan, but at least I can say it's at a minimum going seven games.

4 Overtimes, 3 in Game 1, 2 games, 1 Overtime in Game 2. Boy, the Stanley Cup does not disappoint. There's a reason why it is the most coveted trophy in all of sports. It is the hardest to obtain. I know little about hockey, but if you didn't enjoy Game 1 of this Stanley Cup Finals, you clearly have no pulse for sports. The way this series has been going with how both teams play, this should go seven and I wouldn't be shocked to see a couple more overtime games thrown in the mix.

The U.S. Open. First of all, NOBODY WENT UNDER PAR! Justin Rose won with a +1? You got to be kidding me right? The red baskets really made that much of a difference? No silly, it wasn't that, it was the rain. Nuh uh, it was the treacherous rough and the horrible set up of the course... Who knows why a +1 won the tournament. If anything it was hard the watch and if the USGA wants this trash being put out their for the public to see for their national championship, then be my guest. I think it's interesting that they try to make the U.S. Open so hard for the players but when it comes to the Masters, they need everything to be pristine. While at the U.S. Open if they put lumber in the fairway, the USGA would lick it's chops. I think the bigger story is that Phil finished runner-up for the 6th time in his career. On his birthday, on fathers day, and on the day where he entered the final round the tournament leader, everyone-and I mean everyone-was pulling for this man. Lefty just couldn't quite get it done and a young man by the name of Justin Rose pulled out his first Major championship in his career in the most unlikely of fashions. +1... USGA you confuzzle me.

Let's get to the side news real quick.

"We're doing whats best for our team." Ala Bill Belichick after Tebow questions. #LoveItttttt. Tim Tebow is a circus and I'm excited to see it shut down in New England. Best possible place for Tebow to be for this nonsense, bible thumping, former famous college QB to go.

Hey! Everybody! PACMAN JONES GOT ARRESTED AGAIN! Where my sirens at? Oh wait, nobody cares.

The Dodgers and D'Backs brawled on Tuesday, and the P.E.D. era keeps spilling over on the field... Can we be honest for a second, this fight was WEAK! When I heard about it I thought blood was spilled, cleats were kicked, and bats were whaled. None of that happened. Yes, it was a brawl, but come one people. If you want to see a real brawl, go to a hockey game. Let me know when somebody gets hit in the head with a pitch up the middle... oh... that happened.... Again? By the way doesn't everybody recognize these keep happening in Tampa Bay? The last 2-3 of these have happened in that dump of a ballpark. Again, you all know my opinion on this because honestly, it's part of the game. I hope Cobb gets better, and gets back out on the field ASAP.

Jason Kidd is now a head coach. No big deal. HE'S LIKE THE FIRST PLAYER TO BECOME A HEAD COACH RIGHT AFTER HE RETIRED EVER! The only thing close to this I can think of is Lenny Wilkens for the Sonics back in the 70's. People should be more aware of how incredible and rare this accomplishment is for anybody and understand that cutting to the front of the line can happen in this day in age no matter the circumstance. I hope he is successful and does a great job in leading the Nets next season.

We'll end it here with the Chicago Fog. Last Monday, the fog was so bad that the Cubs and White Sox were thrown off guard by the random Chicago fog that rolled into the city. It was very fascinating to see how it was dealt with also, but to see that the Cubs decided to play through the fog and that the White Sox decided to postpone their game because of the fog should let you know who has more guts in the city of Chicago. North Side!

I'll see y'all next week, and I anticipate a parade somewhere in the NBA, more Stanley Cup discussion, and some baseball chatter. See you when Summer is here!

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