Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hello June! You came quickly!

On a Sunday where I was supposed to do nothing and play some golf, I had to work an amazing 7+ hours at my job. The best part about working at my job though, I FREAKING LOVE IT! It's still hard to trump the feeling of what sports gives me, even though the benefit of helping others is absolutely amazing. Enough of the soft mushy stuff, let's get to the business.

Duke decided to show up after the first quarter in the NCAA Lacrosse National Championship putting a destruction on the Syracuse program that has always shown up in the lacrosse department of the world. I don't know a lot about lacrosse, but the one thing I could see while watching the game was the attitude of Syracuse disappear after Duke took the lead in the second half. Lesson to you young athlete's, don't play like that... Ever.

Adrian Peterson isn't with the gay marriage... All I need to say is who cares! Is this really a sports question? Also is the whole Gronkowski back surgery really front page news worthy along with the Rutgers AD news? Let's get this TMZ crap off of my sports news feed and let me know some of the amazing things that are happening on the field like when Jacoby Ellsbury has 5 steals in a game. That right there is news worthy and an amazing achievement that got brushed over unlike the Rutgers AD crap. The last time I remember somebody getting that many steals was when I read about it in a Ty Cobb biography. When a dead ball stat is brushed over around like that and 100+ years of history means nothing to an AD getting judged because they didn't make a decision to fire a coach who threw basketballs at his players should give you an indication of where our head is as a sports nation. Come on ESPN, I'm talking about you guys! I love you guys, but lay off the rating grabbers for a bit, I know you have ESPN 47 coming out in a couple years. Chill.

Speaking of baseball, how about that Cardinals/Royals rain delay? They played the game until 3 A.M.? You have got to be kidding me right? When I saw that it made me wonder where did the common sense go. It was also a weeknight game, you know the fans are not going to stick around for that. You are an umpire, you can call the game if the game goes past 5 innings! Also, the Cardinals were up 2-1 heading into the top of the 9th inning and lost it. Talk about a great way to screw over the fans who went home and used their brains understanding life is more important than a regular season game. Joe West, seriously dude? Also congrats to Patrick Corbin on the D'Backs for absolutely dominating the first two months of the season. He is now 9-0 after today and is on pace to get 25 wins this season. Get it done sir.

Let's get to the real sports now. Hockey has all of the previous four Stanley Cup champions in the Frozen Four this year, which should only boost ratings to see who can at least approach an idea of getting into the discussion of dynasty. I personally hope the Penguins win it all so that the teams who destroyed the path of the Canucks winning the cup can get knocked out. Let's be honest though, the Blackhawks deserve this title more than the rest. They came into this shortened season ready to beast-mode everybody out of the league and getting a tittle would be the best way to seal up an unforgettable season.

NBA let's go. The San Antonio Spurs are in the NBA Finals after getting the brooms to Memphis. I was thoroughly impressed with how we dominated the Grizzlies especially considering their dominance they presented in the post. Tim Duncan has a time machine. Every federal agent needs to check his house for roids and science that hasn't been found by other intelligent people because this man is literally the 2003 Tim Duncan. I feel like I'm about 12 years old when I've been watching Tim play these last couple of weeks, and Tony Parker... don't even get me started. Best point guard in the league, no debate, let's stop the conversation now. When that man hits his mid-range jumper the way he has the last 6 games, you Can. Not. Stop. Him. We all know the man can drive the lane quicker than a cheetah approaching his pray, but when the middy is poppin, stop the games. People also forget this guy plays about 40+ minutes a game and is literally the key to the engine because when he runs those double screens at the top of the key and can toy with the best players in the league, you honestly can't tell me anybody else is better other than LeBron. Name a quicker, intelligent, harder working point guard in the league? Also name the last point guard to win the NBA Finals MVP besides Parker? Ba-Ba-Ba-Billups! Outside of those two? Isiah Thomas for the 89-90 Pistons. That's the class Tony Parker is getting towards and if anything would become the 2-Time Finals MVP as a point guard, if the Spurs win it all, for the first time since Magic Johnson who did it three times.

Game 7 is coming for the Pacers and Heat, and I can tell you one thing: If the Heat lose this series, it won't be LeBron's fault. The man has put the entire team on his back and can't really do anymore. His supporting cast looks old and is deflating around him, and if they finally fall against this Pacers team come Monday night, it should be the Pacers who should receive the credit and not an excuse of the Heat choking. Let's get this straight first of all. If the Pacers win on Monday, the Spurs dominate the Finals and you heard it here first. If the Heat win on Monday, get your popcorn ready, sit back, and watch a damn... damn good show. If I had to pick, you'd have to look at my NBA Playoffs prediction blog to get an idea of how I'll be thinking this series goes. At the same time, with the way the Heat have been playing, I don't know what's going to happen. To be honest though, who is going to stop LeBron? NOOOOOOOBODY! But Tony Parker, ha, good lord.

Chris Paul cried about losing, Vinny Del Negro. Good. I'm glad common sense is hitting some players these days. Even though Chris Paul is the most talented point guard in the league, I think he'll get out of LAC asap to get a real pay day that he is due with the work he has put forth. With the head shaking the Clippers franchise has put together the last... well... forever, there is no way Chris Paul will stay. Also, Blake Griffin, get out of there please. You are probably really pissing off some Lakers fans knowing your in the red and white when you should be in the purple and gold. If you were smarter, you would leave that terrible franchise and settle in a market that can handle your talent outside of the B squad in L.A.

I'm done with this blog for today, catch me next week as I'll go in-depth with how the Finals goes the first couple games... Expect some bias with how the Spurs will be playing, but I'll be as even keel as I can be, especially if the Heat make it to the Finals. I'm a big LeBron fan, so if it's a Heat/Spurs Finals (first of all I'd be right with my prediction), I would be happy either way. But you know I'll be pulling for that black and silver! GO SPURS GO! See y'all next week! Hello June... Summer, you're next!

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