Sunday, June 23, 2013

Championship "Summer Time" Heat

So how bout them Heat huh? Who was the guy who picked them to win the series back before the playoffs started along with facing the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals? You're reading his blog ladies and gentlemen. (Click here to view my Playoff prediction Blog from April) I first of all want to congratulate the Miami Heat on winning their third NBA Championship. Also as a life long Spurs fan, I would like to send my congrats to their organization for winning their 2nd title in a row, something the Spurs have never done. This Miami Heat team was a top 10 all time NBA Team with the way LeBron won his 4th MVP (which should have been unanimous), LeBrons streak of shooting 60% from the field, the 27 game winning streak (2nd longest in NBA History), 66 wins (which led the league and was also one of the highest in NBA History), Didn't lose back to back games since January 10th, and a included Big Three with 2 first ballot Hall of Famers. This team was stacked when it came to their talent and it prevailed for a 2nd title in 3 attempts. Congratulations and celebrate this team, because the chances of seeing this domination again is very unlikely.
Stanley Cup had some seriously entertaining games and it's no where near done after this week. The Blackhawks lead the series 3-2 going into this upcoming week and are looking to end it Monday night to cap off one of the quickest NHL Seasons in the history of the sport. The team that heads into this week with the 1 game lead was the same team that started the season with the most rampant pace this league has ever seen. The Bruins are not going to go down without swinging though especially with the fight they have put together in this Stanley Cup Playoffs to this point. I see this series going seven. The Bruins will win Game 6 on Monday, and I still see Chicago winning it in the 7th game on Wednesday, to be honest though, I have no clue. Both teams are so evenly matched it's absolutely ridiculous.

I think we all know what the real news from this entire week entails though. Aaron Hernandez, how does "home" feel right now? Yeah, it doesn't really feel so homey when you kill one of your "friends," destroy your phone, have your security system trashed, and have every national media reporter pitching tents on your front lawn. There is no way you are innocent in this case, although I feel like this is going to be another Ray Lewis/OJ Simpson situation where some way, some how, the richer man in this murder will get the benefit of the doubt because the richer man's group of friends is a bunch of bums compared to an All-Star Tight End who plays for the New England Patriots. Face it Aaron Hernandez, you are now in the same breath as OJ, no matter how this case figures it self out. Even if you didn't kill this "friend," the smell test is not in your favor. Even if you rat out your friends to get your self back in the league to take Gronkowski's starting spot while he's recovering from back surgery, the crowds, tabloids, T.V. Shows, radio, and twitter are going to mention your name in every single murder pun they can associate with you and football. So just come clean, take the 20 years, and let's all just remember you for the cold blooded murderer you are. All the signs lead down that path, even if you bail yourself out, you're the new murderer of the NFL.

This is a relatively short blog compared to what I usually do but this was a relatively dead week. I anticipate more of these in the coming months leading up to the NFL season, but I'll do my best to break down the biggest off-season moves, scandals, and corny stories the sports world offers till the real sports news comes back to fruition. Next week should be relatively good considering next weeks blog will contain the half way mark of the MLB season along with the End of the Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Draft, and potential rumor mills about potentially league tilting moves in the NBA. This was a short week, next week will be better. Welcome to Summer Time! While it still rains here in the Pacific Northwest, you can enjoy you're 112 degree weather at 4 am in the morning in the grainiest areas America has to provide. Freedom. Let it burn.

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