Monday, September 23, 2013

Nothing But Money

Another week. Another day. Another season. This summer went by way to quickly and with how much I have to say about this week, I’m not going to recap the summer with a bunch of similes and adjectives to describe how it was like. I’m too fed up with the NCAA to really care about a seasonal change and the only thing to really change my mood will be the feel of the MLB Postseason which is literally around the corner. The stretch run is upon us and Major League Baseball is heating up in some races along with Champaign already popping in others. But let’s get to this NCAA bullshit shall we?

Nothing but money. The title of the blog this week. Why? Because the NCAA has not just turned into a money driven scum bucket, it’s turned into a form of used condoms and paper contracts that spell out the inconsistency of the American Constitution. Why used condoms? Because they are literally fucking over individuals who lack the resources. I was reading the second part of the Oklahoma State investigation in this past week’s sports illustrated and I had to stop reading after a couple pages and step back to realize these are all young men who are being extorted of their situations and used for the benefit of their natural abilities ONLY. I could not believe how much they actually picked up players through recruiting then threw them to the curb if they didn’t perform to the level of their scouting number. That’s all these athletes are now today, they are just numbers. They don’t just go to class, they get picked up, taken advantage of, and let go if they don’t make the cut. I thought a scholarship was supposed to keep these kids in school, to help free them of the incessant bullshit they have been a part of for a majority of their lives? Apparently not. In fact, it’s the opposite and it was one of the most disturbing reads I’ve ever come across and to believe a place as prosperous as college can turn into a meat grinder like this article made Oklahoma State seem to be, it’s absolutely disgusting and to see how young 19 year old me can get extorted for their 4.3 speed, and their 430 pound bench pressing while being ignored for their 1.0 GPA’s in their magnet high schools that are run into the ground because of the values our society has preached towards to lower income portion of our country. Why don’t we just reverse this trend instead of push it forward to make these unfortunate individuals with the backgrounds they have get no opportunity to shine in these 40,000 deep public institutions? You know why? Business. It’s killing these individuals and nobody cares because it will only turn their stock up to make the American economy look good for yet another 24 hour period. That’s what my feeling was for this Oklahoma State story for this past week, and if it’s happening at Oklahoma State what makes you think it’s not happening anywhere else? The NCAA is such a money murk that it makes me want to actually punch a baby in the face. Get the youth here for the right reasons, not for a game that is played on a grass field for 60 minutes.

In other news Trent Richardson was traded to the Colts making them a legit Super Bowl thought in the process now. Big time fantasy trades occurring in the NFL like it’s nothing.

Alright, the new Drake album just came out. Bye.

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