Monday, September 9, 2013

Peyton Manning for President

There was a bamboozle of NFL Games on Sunday which really felt like Christmas Day for football fans. Peyton Manning definitely didn't disappoint in the teaser either as he had 7 touchdowns tying a record set in 1969. The guy is a Hall of Famer no doubt and his performance lit up the record books on a night that the lightning decided to delay the NFL opener.

Peyton Manning is a quarterback known as the most precise, on the button player the NFL has probably ever seen. The guy makes everyone around him better with his perfectionistic characteristics that border on verge of psychotic. With this much intensity you would think it would leak out towards the rest of the team, but apparently it doesn't when guys like linebacker Danny Trevathan decides to showboat and drop the ball a yard short of a pick-6. What should be made of an example for the rest of the league fortunately did not overshadow what was an exceptional performance by the great Peyton Manning who helped the Broncos blowout the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens on the Thursday night kickoff game.

At the same time, considering it is the beginning of the regular season, it is only week one. The New York Jets won a game, indicating the NFL season is still relatively young. Speaking of relatively young, how about some of these upsets in college football this past weekend? Miami destroyed Florida, the Mormon people wrecked the overrated Longhorns, and some team from Pullman decided to show up in the Southern California and win a PAC-12 game for the first time in forever. All I know is college football has it’s rematch of the year with Alabama and Texas A&M this Saturday and all eyes will be on CBS Saturday afternoon.

In other news, Floyd Mayweather is getting paid 41.5 $million this Saturday which will put him around 80 $million in prize money just from his two fights this year. You think you’re getting bank? This guy is easily the highest paid athlete in 2013 and all he has to do is fight tomato cans along with promote to those who think he’s the hottest thing under the sun. There’s no doubt he’s the best boxer of his era, but does that mean he is the most entertaining thing to watch? I’d argue he’s the least entertaining boxer I’ve ever seen, and I’d rather watch a one round destruction of Mike Tyson in the 1980’s. No disrespect to Floyd Mayweather, but boxing as we all know is just not the sport it once was, and with the way he finagles around the rules of finesse and defensive fighting, making it ever more boring to watch from a bird’s eye view, it won’t get much better.

Check out my new Basketball blog on here it’s called One Hoop, One Ball, One Dream and it should take you in-depth with stories about the game I dearly love along with NBA news with a twist, NCAA coverage and awesome insight about NBA2K, Fantasy Basketball, and passionate stories from my past with fictional, motivational, and insightful pieces that hopefully you can enjoy. My first post “The Playground” is up and ready to view. More posts will come in about a month as this is just a preview post for when basketball season is back up and running.

It’s really nice in the Pacific North West and I’m going to enjoy my week of beautiful weather and enjoy what is left of this summer. See y’all next week.

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