Monday, September 16, 2013

What is Defense?

Defense. It’s an art that requires discipline and the ability to withstand your opponent. It’s an ability that has seriously been lacking in the sport of football within this first month of the season in both College and the NFL. With what happened this weekend, which was one of the best weekends in sports for 2013, defense was not the mantra except for one entity which involved the sport of boxing.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather has the best defense of any boxer in the history of the sport. The guy is so good, he makes other potential stars look absolutely awestruck with his tenacious speed and cat-like reflexes. Watching the fight on Saturday night, the guy was absolutely unhittable. The guy made Alvarez look like another tomato can when Alvarez is actually one of the best fighters in the entire world. Both these fighters were undefeated and clearly Mayweather dominated like he has since 1996. The man is now 45-0 and nobody seems close to even hitting him with the prowess they think they can. In fact, Floyd is so great, he makes fights look almost unwatchable because when competitors try to hit him, he dodges them like the ghost he is. Also, every couple of rounds, he changes his stance and his angles for which his fighters can take, he constantly changes his approach and with his speed it seems nearly impossible to attack. Money is the greatest defensive fighters of our era, so much so it’s almost not entertaining.

When it comes to football though, defense is something that’s been lacking. A key example of what a shootout looks like is what the Alabama and Texas A&M game was this weekend. This was clearly one of the most hyped games of the year and it lived up to expectations, and defense was not part of the equation. As Texas A&M ran up and down the field, Alabama matched them step for step along with actually shutting down Alabama mid-way through the game. But the definition of shutting down definitely meant holding Johnny Football to 42 points. In the 49-42 win the Alabama juggernaut showed no mercy as they made Johnny Football finally recognize his place, an SEC superstar who does not have National Championship capability. Maybe it’s because of the defense he has, but either way, he couldn’t get it done.

The NFL this entire season has had plenty of games where defense has not been the factor in the outcome. Several big time matchups have had games decided in the 30’s and the games almost have a basketball type feel with back and forth scoring where defense seems non-existent. One game this weekend really broke that mold as a team in the great northwest decided to dominant in the thunder. In a 29-3 game that felt like 59-0, the Seattle Seahawks came out and played like the team they represent on paper. Their defense and home field advantage was a huge deciding factor in the NFL’s currently best rivalry. With the Seahawks now 2-0 and having a clear advantage in the division, they are on pace to have one unforgettable year.

To other news that happened throughout the week, U.S. Soccer got it’s qualifying on when it came to the 2014 World Cup. It’s always exciting to see our country represent the way they can especially in the world’s biggest sport.

Jim Furyk hit a 59 which is always impressive no matter what course you are playing on. Anytime you shoot a -10 you are having an unbelievable day on the golf course. Unfortunately he became the 3rd person in PGA history to shoot a round of 59 and lose the tournament. Either way, a 59 is something worth mentioning and giving dap too.

What happened in Tempe was another ridiculous story worth mentioning this week. Speaking of officiating, how about how Wisconsin got screwed over when it came to time management and the referees letting the Arizona State player laying on the ball. 20 seconds left as Wisconsin tried to get the clock down to a couple seconds and instead the clock ran to zero. Talk about controversy, it more or less sounds like home field advantage. Wisconsin did get screwed, but at the same time, they should have just kicked the ball to win the game instead of get greedy.

That’s my blog fellas see you next week!

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