Sunday, March 16, 2014

Denver Broncos Statement Signings

It seems as though the Seattle Seahawks really did send the Broncos into a tizzy and made them go crying to their mommies this off-season as they are still trying to re-cooperate one of the most embarrassing losses in Super Bowl history whether Peyton Manning likes that term or not.

This week marked the beginning of a new collective bargaining year for the NFL, a look at who will join new teams as the 2013 officially changes over it's season officially and the Denver Broncos have already made the biggest statement sending shock waves through the entire AFC.

Aqib Talib (CB), T.J. Ward (S), DeMarcus Ware (DE), and Emmanuel Sanders (WR).

Name me 4 other players at their respective positions (other than possibly the banged up Revis going to New England to replace Talib) who could compliment the Denver Broncos needs at an even higher level than these guys. Yes, the WR choice could have just been Eric Decker, but we all knew that wasn't possible especially with the market out for Decker. But other than Sanders, those three defensive upgrades will keep Denver as the AFC favorites for Super Bowl 49.

Honestly, tell me who you think is going to compete for their spot other than a heroic effort from the late great Tom Brady? With a now 'cleared to play in 2014' Peyton Manning how does anybody think the Broncos won't repeat in the AFC? We all know the NFC is determined by who has home field between San Francisco and Seattle along with potential upgrades and comeback seasons by Atlanta, New Orleans, and Green Bay, but realistically who is going to compete with Denver in the AFC?

I really don't have an answer nor do I plan on searching one out because I picked Denver strictly to win the AFC this past season because of their offense strictly and I didn't particularly give a rats behind about their defense. Now? You really think now anybody is going to compete with this team in this upcoming season with these three major defensive upgrades? Before (in 2013) all you had to worry about was the offensive juggernaut that the Broncos would throw at you, now take into account a blitzing DeMarcus Ware, a HEALTHY Von Miller, and a secondary with a legitimate case to contend against the odds of the Legion of Boom. I'm aware that the Legion of Boom is in their own category, but this Secondary has now leaped to a top 5 maybe top three level.

I know they lost Bailey and Rodgers-Cromartie, but those were two guys either past their prime or had looming character flaws holding back the growth of the defense. Talib and Ward? Forget about it. All their will be is growth and improvement and the blitzing schemes will be terrifying heading into 2014 and it's not even near the end of free agent chatter.

Who will compete with Denver? We'll have to see in Super Bowl XLIX.

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