Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Madness is strong with 2014

Wow. That was a blur. The first 48 games are in the books and you couldn't ask for more upsets, busted brackets, and lack of production from the past 100 hours. Well, we are here to break it down as Spring has finally begun and we couldn't ask for a better topic than the epitome of sport itself. The NCAA Tournament.

The Shockers couldn't come out unscathed as they played in probably one of the best games of the weekend. Kentucky defined the "one and done" overly talented program while the Shockers defined the "developed" underdog program. It was an absolute classic as both teams were on their A game, but unfortunately the real talent won as they nipped Wichita State their lone loss by two points setting up a Blue Grass Showdown in Indianapolis as one of the best rivalries in basketball play just north of the state they both reside in.

Outside of that, their were upsets for days as Mercer, Harvard, North Dakota State, Tennessee, and Stephen F Austin all made splashes in their upset bids, but Stanford and Dayton were the real upset champions of the weekend as they head to the Sweet 16. Dayton beat their Varsity in-state rivalry in Ohio State and then beat Syracuse in a nail bitter till the very end. The team Dayton will be playing is probably the ultimate Cinderella story even though they are not the highest seed in the tournament. The smartest kids outside of Harvard made a major step in their name when it came to the sport of basketball. They beat the school that nationally has always been known for it's basketball strictly and Stanford hung in their all game and eventually pulled through. I can tell you one thing, who ever wins this game of Cinderella ball, will more than likely play the Florida Gators. Who ever plays them will have the ultimate shot of fulfilling the dream of becoming one of the ultimate underdogs in the history of the tournament.

When it comes to the tournament, every single year I tend to rip my bracket within the first 48 games. Not this year as I still have 3 of my final 4 teams left and my national championship game still intact. Hopefully it stays that way, and I hope your bracket is still good too, because this March has been strong with the Madness and I can't remember a year with this much mayhem outside of the early rounds of 2012. The gap of overall talent in this country when it comes to basketball programs is definitely widening and the way the tournament is contorting itself to this point, really sets up for a strong run to the Final Four next after next weekend.

Enjoy the rest of the tournament everybody, my Baseball preview will be next weekend. Enjoy this week!

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