Saturday, April 26, 2014

April Recap

Well after watching Vince Carter tear my heart out, I guess I should really jump back on the blog!

I have been gone for a while. I have also been watching quite a bit of sports, working, and getting ready to promote a new radio show that I will begin on July 1st. It will be called Daily Craze and it will be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and more information will be available in the next couple months.

I have also been outside, running, working out, and playing lots of basketball so I'm sorry but I've been busy doing real life things. I will help you with my recap of this month though, because there has been a lot going on.

Bradley/Pacquiao II was quite the fight except for the part where Bradley stopped strategically fighting and wanted to actually get one good punch in past the 3rd round. When watching this fight, I could not fathom how Bradley won the first time. He didn't even attempt to really battle as Pacquiao seemed to have a complete leg up the entire fight past the half way point. If Bradley beat Pacquiao the first time, granted controversial, why didn't he just come out with a similar game plan and fight him step for step with maybe an extra ounce of fireworks but no, he came out firing to kill. You can't plan to kill Pacquiao, sometimes it just happens.

Bubba Watson won the Masters again and he did it in a very impressive fashion of staying consistent all day on Sunday. I was originally going to write about his performance the night of, but I needed it to sink in for a while for me to understand how great he was. I only watched the final round, but he looked so focused that if a 5.8 earthquake occurred, he still could knock in a 13 foot birdie putt. He wasn't Tiger like, but he was just so calm and collected and never really made any major faltering mistakes which is always a tough thing to do on Sundays at the Masters. Bubba deserved it, and he earned every bit of what he got winning the green jacket with ease.

The NFL Schedule's finally decided to come out near the end of the month and honestly, I don't know what to think about it. I mean, I could see my Vikings starting the Season 0-5 with their brutal schedule and I could also see the Seahawks starting 0-3 before the bye week in week 3. How can you simply predict something before the actual draft occurs and before all the over weight players come back from the buffets across America this offseason? I simply will look at the schedule more in-depth (outside of my own team) come August when the rosters are more concrete.

And finally, the NBA Playoffs are here and they might as well mimic March Madness because nobody is safe outside of the Miami Heat right now. I'm currently watching the Thunder/Grizzlies and Memphis looks good, the Spurs are a bit shaky, Indiana looks awful, and the Wizards look like they will win it all playing Chicago. I think this will be one of the longest playoffs in a long time because outside of the Miami Heat, we really don't have a definitive team to pinpoint championship contention on, and Miami is the defending one from a year ago. It'll all get more straightened out in round 2, right now all the jitters are slowly getting released, just wait till all the game fours are done, then the picture will start to become more clearly overtime.

There is also some huge news coming up about the owner of the Clippers and I might write something about it, when more information is released during the weekend.

I will get back into the regular routine of writing blogs every Monday night, and they should be up by Tuesday. Their should be one up this Tuesday morning and the routine will be back. I will also have more information up on Facebook about my new show, Daily Craze, starting July 1st.

See you Tuesday morning!

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