Monday, April 7, 2014

Madness turns into a Lull

Well now that the Connecticut Huskies have won the National Championship, it's time to take a quick break before the beginning of the real basketball season; the NBA Playoffs.

This was one of the craziest March's in the history of the tournament as the first #7 seed won it all. There was no way anybody was winning the Billion Dollars that Warren Buffet said he would give to anybody who went through unscathed. That went away before day three of the tournament. I was telling people before this tournament even started the ability to predict this years tournament will be impossible. With upsets like Dayton over Syracuse, Stanford over Kansas, and Baylor destroying Creighton, how could you even come close?

When the field of 68 gets stretched out with more and more talent throughout more and more teams and conferences become more and more watered down with this spread of talent, the likelihood of predicting such an event which is already unpredictable, you may as well quit trying to fill out a bracket. I'm not saying there is no hope of winning a Billion Dollars from Warren Buffet because even he said he would like to see someone win the Billion Dollars with maybe a slight change in the format of the way it is won going into 2015. But let's be honest, that will be practically impossible with people claiming they will have brackets outside of the online variety along with the still unpredictability of the Tournament.

I think the NCAA Tournament is clearly the best thing in sports because it is the ultimate way to decide a champion in the best format where there is over 200 teams trying to stake their claim into the National spotlight. The committee does a fantastic job every year and when I make this statement, I won't be knocking them, I'll more be knocking the state of the situation in college basketball.

At some point, a 16 seed is going to beat a 1 seed and I honestly could see it happening within the next 5 years and when it happens it won't be that big of a deal. Look at the way the talent throughout the land is being scattered and the stake that big time programs have on recruits these days. Big time recruits will still go to big programs, but it's the 3 and 4 star talent that will start scattering across the land. Why you say? Well because players are starting to get so much better at the high school level athletically, programs can simply stack up on 3 and 4 star recruits and eventually every program will be even. This won't be a swift change but in those next 5 years, don't be surprised if there are some more conferences sponsored by ESPN and CBS.

With college basketball now over till the weather turns cold again, we switch over to the warmer weather sports along with the beginning of the NBA postseason next week. Expect a break from me (unless there is a big sports story this week), and I'll be writing my prediction blog for that event leading up until the middle of the month. It's my spring break for writing but I may be back earlier... maybe.

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