Monday, April 28, 2014

Sterling Problems

I put food on their table.

Disgusting, & inexcusable.

But, his privacy was violated and his livelihood was tainted and how many of us would get slashed if we had someone recording our conversations with friends or significant others?

This whole situation is a mess whether we want to accept what the message delivers or not and no matter the outcome, it seems to create a nasty spell that will only take some time to recover which ever way it goes.

A breach/recording of a private conversation between an 80 year old man and his girlfriend where the man is a multimillionaire along with already being married and may have a downgraded taste of minorities.

I can name three disgusting things right there in that previous statement and the worst of all of them is that the man could be considered a bigot among minorities.

O.K. I understand that the man doesn't respect the outlook of the average minority or that his opinion of them may be the equivalency of dirt, but honestly we would have never known that if someone wouldn't have ever recorded that conversation and set it up in the first place.

Why was the conversation recorded at all? Oh, because the girlfriend said she would find a way to get him back for an embezzlement case in which she felt she was owed money. Which is where I find myself wondering if the conversation is really authentic in the first place, or were there parts of the recording that were snipped in to make him sound worse than he really was to try to get him to fess up on his relationship with minorities in his business world?

Listen to the recording and don't tell me you don't find it odd how he interacts with the girlfriend or how she keeps mentioning black people and how he actually tries to avoid her set up. He bit a couple of times and that is all the media is really repeating which granted, they should because it's inexcusable but he didn't really lash out at minorities as much as one may think when listening to the extended version of the interview and if you really pay attention, the girlfriend makes a big effort to set him sound like he's saying worse things.

At the end of the day this was a set up and granted his words were terrible and awful but also this guy is 80 years old and also in the recording sounded drunk and off his own rocker which should be a giant hint to people who are his age or older, MAYBE HE SHOULDN'T BE RUNNING AN NBA ORGANIZATION IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Just a thought. He's 80. He was 20 in the 1950's and more than likely grew up in a pretty wealthy household meaning his views on minorities would make sense and considering where the mind wanders when an individual is 80 and when a women (who he was already with on a strange disgusting level outside of his wife) set's him up like this, what else is he to do? Yes, this is a terrible thing and I'm not disagreeing but can we cut through the butter and see that maybe he's just too off his rocker to own an NBA Franchise? I think a lot of what was said in the recordings was purely meant to frustrate Donald Sterling and to frazzle him and make him think and say the thoughts that were clearly over the line. Unfortunately, they happened and those snippets show that maybe his words were skewed to grab a large media outlet like ESPN to get more ratings on a topic that quite frankly seems to be a set up.

I think Donald Sterling quite frankly is just too old and too over the hill to be owning a franchise and considering how the recording sounds I don't think he's a bigot, I just think his age is getting to him, and unfortunately this lady really pushed him over the hill to cause him to cave. It's sad... so sad that he fell for this the way he did, now the rest of the country wants to watch him burn because some broad wanted his stuff. Well, looks like she has the public on her side, because now Sterling will face the consequences the more the clock ticks.

Do you think he really cares though? I think he does, I don't think he wants to be viewed this way, at the same time, he's probably thinking, "really people? You are believing this women?" I also think considering his age and where he stands at this point in his life, I think he could quite frankly care less about the public for his life is about to be over shortly anyways.

Note to self: don't own an NBA franchise past a certain age if you want to hang around other women outside of your wife, you might get caught in a culture shock aimed directly at your wallet.

Karma is a beach.

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