Monday, July 14, 2014

Griffey & Cespedes

I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed the format of the Home Run Derby for 2014. I thought the 7 out change affected some players to where they couldn't get warm fast enough, but that's what separated the ones who belonged from the ones that can't. I like the bye, except it killed those who got it (Stanton & Bautista) and didn't allow them to recharge later on. But it did allow for one guy to repeat for the first time in 15 years up against the greatest player (if not top 5) of all time.

Yes I said it, Griffey is he greatest player of all time. Why? 600+ Home Runs in an era filled with hormone stuffed players and an injury riddled career which if it wasn't would have given him easily 100+ home runs. He also did something that hadn't been repeated till tonight and that was to repeat as champion of winning the Home Run Derby Contest. Yoenis Cespedes joined that topic of discussion.

With a slow start in the opening round, after he had the swing off, he didn't look back. He went into round two, destroyed Bautista, then we went up against the upstart Todd Frazier, and wrecked him enough to shut down his attempt to even have a chance.

This post of greatness might be one of the few things that Yoenis will ever do to compare him to he likes of Griffey, but to be honest, he's young enough to where he might surpass Griffey in the not to distant future with some hardware Griffey never got a chance to witness. A World Series Ring.

This Oakland A's have the best record in the league heading into the second half of the season. Their pitching staff is lethal, their offense is productive enough to get them by. But, now they have a two time home run threat and a guy who when he turns it on and is feeling it, look out.

It's been 15 years since this has happened, and with all the roid rage that has been going on since then, you have to be happy that two players have done it the right way Back-to-Back. And as Magic Johnson says it Have a great night.

See you next week!

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