Monday, July 21, 2014

The Great Outdoors

With the second half of the MLB season beginning and Rory Mcilroy putting his name in the conversation of Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus at the age of 25 by winning the Open Championship handily, I'd like to talk about the great outdoors for a bit and help you understand why you should get out there.

I recently have been picking up golf a lot more than usual and it's not because of the Major championship we just had. I have thoroughly embraced the older gentlemen sport and have been working on my game a lot more, especially since the weather has been nothing but amazing here in the Pacific Northwest.

I know, it's not 73 degrees with a slight chill breeze for a majority of this country, but you should still go out and enjoy this before it gets back to cold miserable and dark. Yes I'm aware it's 120 degrees in Nevada and about the same in Arizona, but go on a drive for the weekend, go to somewhere away from the blazing homeland and get to somewhere with water and a lawn chair. Maybe a cold refreshment would do some good too and don't forget that beach towel.

Fortunately I love the smell of fresh cut grass, pounding a 200 yard drive down the middle of the fair way, going on long grueling runs, and crossing over some random player in the park while settling for a step back fade away for good measure. Camping would also be nice, going for a walk on the beach wouldn't hurt either, or maybe even a good hike with people you love. For now though, I'll enjoy the sporting aspect of the summer and get back to doing so instead of watching the hot air come out of my television.

Oh, and don't forget about fishing... Probably something I need to be doing right about now...

Time to go plan a trip 😅

See you next week!

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