Monday, September 15, 2014

An NFL Nightmare

Beyond a PR nightmare, this was a week where the NFL was questioned most in the history of the sport.

Domestic Violence. Child Abuse. Shaky Institutional Control.

Ray Rice. Greg Hardy. Ray McDonald. Adrian Peterson. Roger Goodell.

It's more than just a week that opened our eyes to how a multibillion dollar industry can face scrutiny. It was a glimpse at how our country reacts to such cases.

The perspectives, the ideas, and the comments flooding towards this powerful league we root for as a country has truly come into question what moral ground is being stood on and where do we go from here?

We know the stories to all these individuals and what they have against them at this time, and we know it looks severe because it's nothing to take lightly. The only real question is, what will the ultimate outcome be of the main honcho of this whole business. Yes, Roger Goodell, you're up next.

The real question I have is how come those tapes went unseen by you from April on and how were they "misplaced" by the NFL?

You run a multibillion dollar industry and you can't muster up the knowledge to find tapes regarding an incident as violent as this? Ray Rice at the end of the day, doesn't have a wrap sheet of being a careless individual, but the actions themselves viewed for the public show that something fishy has occurred with how you (Roger Goodell) have been running your organization.

If it does comeback that Rodger Goodell did in fact see those tapes or just neglected to look at them knowing they were available to him to confirm, If he's still in office by the beginning of 2015, I'll be done with the NFL and I'll gladly neglect the sport that doesn't do it's due process in investigating situations involving domestic violence in this new era called the 21st century.

Covering up something so violent to the public and doing barely anything to resolve the situation shows that ultimately the value of $$$ is higher than the moral of societies stance on these types of issues. I can't live my life knowing that he could still be in office after he knowingly knew about the tapes since April and I'll be glad to leave the NFL until he is gone, or even forever.

I love the NFL, but, I don't love it enough to accept a cover-up over the violence that has been displayed over the past week on my television. If he truly didn't know about the tapes and someone was hiding them from him for some reason, then that is a whole separate situation and that person should be gone for good, but if it's Roger that neglected to do his process of the tape watching, then I'm through with you NFL.

I'll stick with my Steroid infested MLB, corrupt College Football, and my favorite entertaining sideshow called the NBA. I won't stand for a league that backs it's Commissioner covering up something as severe as this.

See you next week!

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