Monday, September 1, 2014

Seperation in the Preperation

No, I'm not Russell Wilson, but I like to think I am.

Kenny Hill... More like Kenny Heisman! Goodness, you talk about a guy who made a coming out party last Thursday night. Way to knock Johnny Football's name out of the stadium for the most total passing yards in a game your first start in College young man. You Kenny Heisman are the reason why College Sports are so great! You put the work in, you do the dirty work behind the scenes, and you show up on opening night to make a fool out of a top ten team in the nation on their home turf. Talk about a barn burner! He gets my nod of the weekend warrior in college football.

Football season is officially back and if you haven't seen my previous blog breaking down each division in the NFL, then what are you doing with yourself, go check it out!

We have Seahawks and Packers this up coming Thursday and I don't know anybody that isn't stoked in this neck of the woods out here in the Pacific Northwest. What an exciting time to live out here. This time of year out here is the best weather we will get all year, the Super Bowl champions will kick it off this week, and for those that don't know, the state of Washington is a big time state for football. Those who are from here would compare it to the south because that's how big the sport is up here.

I'm going to give you my week 1 predictions this week because honestly I don't have much else to talk about outside of Kenny Heisman, but I know all of you are just geeked out for some NFL Football. So, here are my week 1 picks.

Seahawks over Packers
Saints over Falcons
Bears over Bills
Ravens over Bengals
Steelers over Browns
Chiefs over Titans
Raiders over Jets
Vikings over Rams
Patriots over Dolphins
Eagles over Jaguars
Texans over Redskins
49ers over Cowboys
Buccaneers over Panthers
Broncos over Colts
Lions over Giants
Cardinals over Chargers

My Lock of the week is: San Francisco over Dallas
The Game of the Week will be Seahawks vs Green Bay

Those who played well this preseason will show their stuff in this first week, those who didn't shall suffer! Also, for the good of the order, love football every Sunday! AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

See you all next week, I'll have a better topic prepared next time, but I wanted to get you all hyped for the beginning of the season! FOOTBALL BABY!

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