Monday, September 22, 2014

Entertainment, Sports, CNN?

I've had it. I've just had it. Sports, what are you turning into?

I turn on my TV today and I see the Owner of the Ravens talking about something that has been going on for 2 weeks now. Please, can we stop with the CNN like coverage on my television screen when it comes to the news of sports that I intend on following?

It's been this way for 2 weeks now. The constant revisiting of these ugly cases that only 3-5 players have been involved in and we aren't talking about anything that has to do with action on the field. We have to keep talking about "getting it right" when in actuality we are laying to much attention on the negative when we should be focusing on moving forward, especially considering none of these topics revolve around stats, box scores, and action on the field of play. They lay in the houses of people and their individual lives and frankly, I'd rather turn on CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC if I really wanted to know more about it.

I turn on ESPN to watch the highlights, the blunders, and the daily forthcomings of what to expect on the field. Every now and then an update on the news of what's going on off the field is nice to be informed of, but to be be-raided of the constant thwarting of these events on channels regarding the outcome of games, scores, and interesting plays or events, it takes away the joy and the escape that sports provides for many of Americans. It's one thing to have the discussion of the topics from time to time for maybe a segment of the show (10 minutes at the most) but when the entire show, and entire programing of these events gravitates the entire pulse of the channel or environment of the world of sports, it's beyond frustrating and I find myself gravitating towards other entities such as cartoons or terribly replayed movies on some god awful network clinging to it's repeats of the same great TV series for over 20 years.

I don't turn on sports to watch sidebars of what someone did in their personal home or how an entire league possibly is crumbling beneath itself, I look to find out what kind of cool things I can learn about certain players or what kind of crazy stat those stations prove to make a certain player compare with the greats when in actuality they are no where near as special. I want my aura of sports to open my mind to the possibilities of which players and teams have a better shot at being successful ultimately and who could make the push for the postseason or a push for an improvement, not the lazy news of what negatively is happening off the field. Find the positive, find the cool aspects of sports that we have been missing over the past month and lets get back to why the world of sports was something enjoyable to watch instead of something dreading to turn on since this whole Ray Rice thing occurred.

I get that it is a historical event and something that should have been figured out better, but can we just get back to sports a little better than what this whole thing is wrapping itself out to be? I'm tired of seeing and hearing about this negativity in sports and I get that people want their news on the world of sports in many different outlets then just the cookie cutter variety that allows great plays, game highlights, and documentary type reporting on in depth information on teams leading up to a big game or series. At the same time, can we get away from the in-depth, investigative reporting style that mimics the way these other 24 hour news stations report things on an overly critical level to the point of mind numbing beating of a dead horse? I know you're sick of it, and I know we want to see more positivity.

I feel that it will get better from here on out. I'm just tired of the comments made by people who don't understand the sports culture and those digging into how "pathetic" these athletes are when in actuality it's only maybe 5-10 guys who made a mistake. Last time I checked, nobody was perfect. That high horse needs to topple over eventually because the words are beginning to fade from that perfection pedestal. Let's get back to sports please, and make a mockery of things happening on the field instead of humane events that other news outlets can run with and make their hypocritical statements so John Stewart can make fun of them and their idiocy on a nightly basis. Not that he's probably already doing it with ESPN.

See you next week.

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