Monday, November 10, 2014

AFC North Greatness

Yes, it is nearing the middle of November and I am writing about the greatness of the AFC North? A division that many would deem puny and unworthy the last couple of seasons, but this is 2014 and clearly a lot changes in a year.

The Baltimore Ravens (as of the end of week 10) are in last place in the AFC North. You are probably reading this in the year 2016 and saying who cares. They are 6-4. Think about that. Every team in the AFC North is at least 2 games above .500 while you have a team in the NFC South at 4-5, New Orleans Saints, who will be hand gifted a postseason birth sometime in the next 7 weeks.

To make things even more insane, along with ensuring an end of the world scenario playing out in front of us, the Cleveland Browns are leading the division and Johnny Football has had nothing to do with it. They are 6-3 and could very well have their first winning season this decade and it would be in the toughest division Race since the 2007 AFC South race.

As much as we could write about this division, I think the hardest thing to bring up is how come one of them won't make the postseason when there will be an NFC South team that will find a way into the Postseason? How about this, just for the 2015 playoffs, we have the last place AFC North team play in place of the winner of the NFC South winner this season, because nobody wants it in that division.

Similar to how the NFC West was won in 2010 when the Seahawks won the division at 7-9, nobody seems to want it in the NFC South as no teams are at .500. How fascinating will this already 2014 NFL Season become if every team in the AFC North finishes with 10+ wins in the AFC North and nobody finishes with 8 wins in the NFC South. The NFL will have some explaining... Not that they already do *cough* Roger Goodell *cough*.

See you next week!

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