Saturday, May 4, 2013

Go Outside; May Flowers

Today is Cinco de Drinko. It's 80+ degrees in the Pacific Northwest. So I'm going to write a quick blog because you shouldn't be spending your time online reading this self promoting litany that I will undoubtedly place on your Facebook wall or throw on my Twitter. Anyways, it's a fun read and I highly recommend it. So please, re-tweet and share my blog where ever you go! Let's get to this last weeks action shall we?

Some cool things did happen this weekend. May the fourth be with you had an Orb win this 139th running of the biggest horse race in the world at some place in Louisville Kentucky (which is where I will be in a couple weeks). Orb literally came out of no where. I love how there is so much hype to this fastest 2 minutes in sports and some horse from absolutely no-where with a legendary trainer wins it on an outside push on the final leg of the derby. There is something about that outside lane on the final stretch that gives a random boost to horses no matter where they are coming off that final turn. It's like they troll the field and then see an opening (like a great running back) and just jet through it with a reckless abandon. Now the talks of Orb getting a triple crown will spark, and the wondering if he can do it will roam the pages of ESPN for the next couple weeks.

Seattle was denied relocation by the NBA because commissioner Stern doesn't want to deal with the hassle of swapping the league like he did with Oklahoma City. I don't think this deal is necessarily done though, if David Stern actually reads the deal the Seattle group has with the Maloofs, this has lawyers written all over it and nothing but a dirty finish in site. Seattle has a huge bid offer on the table and the city of Sacramento will suffer if they keep the team there. The amount of money the general fund will be seeped of will run that city dry and if anything, anger those who want nothing to do with professional sports. The amount of dollars Chris Hansen is willing to spill into this offer will only boost the popularity of the NBA and also help the product stabilize itself in a much better market such as Seattle. The common sense card is being stripped of David Stern currently, and I think emotions are clearly getting in the way. I don't understand why David Stern has such a stick up his butt about not wanting the NBA back in Seattle. If dollars is what it's all about, you have an easily top 15 market with a Mt. Everest size opportunity staring you straight in the face with this Chris Hansen human being. Do the right thing Stern, for the sake of your product where if you're not going to rip the Kings out of Sacramento, at least expand to get more money into your business. You said you wanted to make the NBA a global product and eventually place more teams internationally, why not just give Seattle a team and start the process now before you leave office. Just a food for thought...

Tebow got cut. Sorry, but not sorry. Adrian Peterson also said in an interview that his goal for rushing in 2013 is 2,500 yards. Who is going to stop him especially with the better threats on the outside. He will also come into next season healthier, more prepared, and with a better offense then last season. is 2,500 a little high? Yes. But why not shoot for it especially when your previous year you had 2,097 yards rushing. Go get it Adrian Peterson.

Also did you hear about this Jason Collins guy? Apparently he's gay? I heard that it's really hard to be a gay athlete? Apparently the media is still stuck in the 1950's ideal that the hetero-normative, white picket fence ideals still should exist today because obviously they blew this story up to the point where national media even made an appearance. I loved Jason Collins humbleness with how he basically said he didn't want to be first but that somebody needed to step up, I believe him and I think it was honorable. At the same time, THIS IS 2013!!! A day in age where gay rights are slowly getting more and more accepted! Why does the media make this seem like such a big deal? I understand it's a lesson for those who are young and don't understand why individuals are the type of sexual orientation they are, but at the same time.. Jason Collins is no Jackie Robinson. He didn't break the "sexual boundary" of active athletes in professional sports. He's another person, an individual who is lucky to have the ability to speak out about his sexual orientation even though it is against the sadistic hetero-normative society america has portrayed among it's youth over the course of time. It is a big deal, I'm not trying to reduce how great this news is, but at the same time I think a majority of LGBTQ individuals would like to have a sense of "normalcy" when it comes to their sense of life. What they do in their relationship area of their life is their own personal business and I'm sure a majority of them would like to be viewed as normal instead of this anomaly all because their preferences in one area of their life. So media all I have to say is accept the LGBTQ community because they are no different from me and you, because I'm sure you (who ever you are reading this) have some "non-normal" quirks about you too.

The NHL Playoffs started this week... I'm a little upset because the Canucks are playing horribly. At the same time, it's only the best time of the year. I wish I could go more in-depth but my hockey lingo is a little dusty. Give me a couple weeks and I'll be able to explain the deeper portions of the NHL Playoffs in the more important rounds instead of round one.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather proved again that he was the man in another unanimous decision beating Guerrero in a 12 round clinic as Money came, competed and won. Business. That's what Floyd does. That's why he is the best fighter in the world. He's not flashy, he's the San Antonio Spurs in the ring. He comes, he wins, he leaves, he trains, he promotes, he goes 44-0 for a reason. If you don't like it, stop paying the man his $32 Million which he reportedly earned in the fight on Saturday. If you don't like what you see, then stop paying for what you are seeing, nobody is forcing you to watch greatness. And with that statement I'm going to leave this great topic up in the air, and leave it for the critics to decide. Incredible piece of work by one of the best fighters ever.

When it comes to the NBA Playoffs, it looks like Kanye West will be living a little easier as his team beat out Jay-Z's Net's as Brooklyn hosted it's first Game 7 in over 50 years at a sporting event. The Bulls advance to the 2nd round to face the Heat in a second round match-up that would be relatively harder to call if Derrick Rock was in the picture, but the Heat are way too good. LeBron was awarded his 4th MVP award as he is now in his own elite class by having 4 before the age of 30. Let's be honest people, when it comes to LeBron we are watching greatness. Whether you like him or not, he is the Jordan of this upcoming era. Kids will start saying they are the LeBron on the street ball courts across America and kids will start trying to aspire to become him if not better. Yes, Kobe has 5 rings, but LeBron has 4 MVP's and that is nothing to sneeze at. The second round of the playoffs have started, let the real games begin.

One last thing before you go out and enjoy the beautiful weather, Damien Lillard was the unanimous Rookie of the Year, and deservedly so. This doesn't necessarily mean he will be the next big thing in the NBA, it just means this years rookie class was very weak and Damien Lillard is definitely the most NBA ready player coming out of the 2012 NBA Draft. He will become an All-Star one day, but for now he definitely fits in well  with that team in Portland.

GO OUTSIDE! I'll see you guys next week while I'm swamped in homework up to my ear holes and have finals for days.

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