Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day; Finals Week (Short Blog)

On this Mothers day 2013, this past week in sports has been relatively quiet when it comes to the sporting world, or maybe I just haven't cared because I have been busy with school and enjoying the beautiful weather here in the pacific northwest. Now it's back to the rain as the final finals week for me has begun and will go relatively quickly as I graduate a week from today. Le'go!

Spurs and Warriors game 1 was probably one of the most riveting games in NBA history with the unbelievable comeback by the Spurs to push the game to overtime. Then with an amazing shot by Manu Ginobili, the Spurs clinched game 1. The rest of the series has gone relatively even with the series now tied up 2-2 making it a 3 games series the rest of the way. Hopefully the rest of this series can be something in comparison to game 1, because so far, it's been a shocker of a series.

Derrick Rose is still injured... Memes for days...

The John Wooden, Vince Lombardi, and Phil Jackson of all sports retired earlier this week stepping down from coaching the Manchester United Men's Football Club. Alex Ferguson, for any of you non-soccer fans, is probably the greatest coach of all-time. Considering the popularity of soccer all over the world and understanding the significance that Manchester United has had in so many people's lives, it was Alex Ferguson who got the craze going. 4 league cups, 5 FA Cups, 2 UEFA Champions League Cups, and numerous other cups, making Manchester United easily the most recognizable sports franchise across the world. David Moyes will be taking his spot and keeping Manchester United where they currently are in popularity will be the biggest challenge he has to overtake what Ferguson has brought to the best sports club in the world.

Ronde Barber retired earlier this week as well. Eagles fans could care less. Ronde Barber is the well renowned closer of the Old Veteran Stadium in Philadelphia. With a little under 5 minutes left in the game in the 2003 NFC Championship game, the Eagles were down a couple possession and were within striking distance to cut it to a one score game when Donovan McNabb throws an errant pass into the arms of Ronde Barber who ran it back for the game clinching play of the game. Right after that play, they might as well have plowed the stadium right there. He sucked all the air out of the building and the vet would never be packed again. One play. It was Ronde Barber's highlight of his career, but he is a borderline Hall of Famer for how he played consistently every single Sunday while also being one of the top defensive backs in the entire NFL. Now please Ronde, hit stick your brother out of the analyst position ASAP!

J.A. Happ got hit in the head, guess how much I care... about as much as some of you reading this blog right now. You know why? I've been hit so many times playing pitcher and I understand the violent hits that you receive when throwing as hard as they do. It was gruesome and not pleasant to watch but yes, getting hit in the head by a pitch hit back up the middle lacerating a part of your ear is never going to feel good. At the same time, these guys signed up to get paid millions of dollars to do this and I honestly don't care how they feel if they get hit by a 120 MPH ball up the middle. I would gladly blackout on the mound if I were getting paid six figures plus to throw a ball 90+ MPH over the plate to guys who could slice my neck off with a laser up the middle. It's all good, because I'd also be doing something I love and getting paid for it. Stop the pity party media, it's sad I'll give you that, but I'm not feeling sorry for somebody playing the game they signed a contract to get paid millions of dollars to play.

Back onto the topic of baseball, I loved the umpire who stood up for his beliefs on instant replay and not going to the monitor for a home run call that he accidentally made a double. Yes! He blew the call! I guarantee he will tell you he made the wrong call, but while he was out on the field, he made the call he did and stuck with it. Maybe confirming with his crew would have been the better idea, but he still stuck with what he believed was the right call and that's how umpires should feel. Baseball is not about getting it right, it's about failure on both parts; officiating and player performance. It's a game with lessons and if anything this week was a great example to understand that the world is not fair and that even higher authority figures can make mistakes and make life unfair for what should have been "the right call." In life are the right call always made? NO! Life is unfair, and baseball is the game of life! If we worried about what should be right on the playing field compared to what should be right in life, a lot of stuff would be messed up... oh wait... they already are. Let's take a chill pill for a minute and understand that mistakes are made in this world and just because the highest of authority made a couple of mistakes this week that doesn't mean their heads should be put on a platter. These guys all made ONE big mistake, but they didn't cost lives, they didn't ruin an entire outcome of a game, they merely got the calls wrong and they didn't hesitate in the middle of the game. They were judged after the fact. Do you know how many people would get their heads torn off if they were judged after the fact they didn't "do something the right way." Our world would have about 70% unemployment if that were the case. I'm telling you, let baseball make mistakes, let them do it every once in a while. It's bound to happen, because in life mistakes and problems should occur. It wouldn't be called life if mistakes weren't made. All we should ask for is these umpires to not make these mistakes again and learn from them. If they make them again, you better believe I'll have a different tone in my statements. Baseball = human error. Live with it.

Seattle Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper Sonics. Oh yeah, Chris Hansen is now in the 12th round up against the ropes and ready to wale on that pansy Sacramento group that thinks they have their stuff together because they got a 7-0 vote on "consideration" of not relocating. Uh, hello, money speaks... and the Maloofs are only going to sell now to the Seattle group especially now that the Kings are worth $625 million (tied with the Miami Heat for the 6th most valuable franchise in the NBA and are also the reigning NBA Champions). Oh yeah, hard ball is coming to the courts for you Sacramento. Expect some blood and tears to come back to you, because remember just because you get votes doesn't mean Seattle isn't going to throw the kitchen sink in too. Unless you can outbid Nordstroms, Microsoft, and Chris Hansen, y'all are in for a rough road ahead. Unless the NBA is willing to now think of expansion, because at this point if they don't, the NBA is in for nothing but another chunk of fans ready to jump off the bandwagon again. Expansion. Get it done NBA, because this back alley is going to be painted red quickly if you don't.

Right before I head out of here I'd like to say one thing: never challenge a legend and bash him for making you struggle. Tiger did nothing to hurt your swing Sergio, and for that extra motivation, he now has another tournament victory under his belt. The Players Championship is generally known as the mythical 5th major even though there are only 4 majors. Tiger Woods played great this weekend, and proved that he is on pace to get a major this year and get back to his pre-2009 self in the near future by rolling the rest of the field like he did this weekend.

I'm out of here with all this. It's a quick week, I got finals, I need to graduate, and to this blog for now... AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! (Sorry if there are any glaring spelling/grammar issues)

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