Sunday, May 19, 2013

KFB (Kentucky Fried Blog)

This blog will be done via my mobile device, so bear with me while this format will be one of the poorer of the other blogs, I'm on vacation y'all!

First of all this blog will be done with heavier hearts than normal for those caught in the terrible tornado of Oklahoma early in the week. As we move into Memorial Day, besides the troops, those people should be at the forefront of our mind. What Kevin Durant did, and the rest of the Thunder team, donating $1 million dollars each was absolutely profound. It's good to see such a portion of these entertainers money going directly to those affected by this terrible disaster. Makes you wonder where the Saints were when it came to Katrina and their pocket books, but I digress.

In other NBA news, Vinny Del Negro got fired after coaching the LA Clippers to a 50+ win season and wining their first division tittle in the franchises history. First of all, what the hell, and second of all, where do I sign up to slap the management of this organization? We all know the business of the LA market won't let the Clippers overtake the Lakers, but if you have winning basketball on the other squad LA has to offer, then what is the issue. Lob city brought entertainment and excitement in a city that was getting twisted from the under achieving Laker squad with hopes of making a splash in the playoffs who got got dumped by the Spurs in round one. If anything Vinny Del Negro should have been given a 5 year extension for his ability to keep a B squad team in a two team market at such a high level, but we all should have figured the Clippers would find a way for everybody to shake our heads in a horizontal fashion.

The Cavaliers won the NBA Lottery. Yay! The biggest fix sports has to offer brings about another thought of conspiracy to the table. Kyrie Irving, LeBron with his contract up in a couple years, and Mike Brown back at the helm with another #1 pick? LeBron will be tempted to go back to Cleveland and win a championship for his home. I hate David Stern, but that is only because the area code 206 hangs over my head in disgust of him.

Tony Allen on the Grizzlies got fined $5K for flopping bad in game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. It was so bad that it partially dictated how the games final minute of regulation was played. As a Spurs fan, and being a Manu Ginobili supporter... It was a good call (winky face). Either way, you can't be flopping like that in a nationally televised event as big as the Western Conference Finals. Speaking of the Spurs, Tim Duncan got divorced this weekend, which was relatively sad... But the way he plays Saturday night was absolutely ridiculous emulating the Tim Duncan of 2003 instead of 2013. Last NBA story before we head onto football, Coach K will stay on as Team USA's head coach for another 4 years. All I gotta say about that is, cool, another Olympics of domination where winning by 20 will be another norm for Olympic basketball.

Apparently Everett Golson for Notre Dame got kicked off the team for academic integrity problems. I don't know about you guys, but after the Lennay Kekua incident, I'm on high alert for Notre Dame news especially when it's off the field crap. I still smell the conspiracy wind, but I'll let them dig that hole and let time do the talking. Sad news, Crabtree tore his ACL putting him out for most if not all of the 2013 season. Brian Urlacher retired because nobody wanted to sign his old ass so he decided to go out as a Bear. Good move in my opinion. If anything all the guy was going to do was slow down another teams linebacking core.

San Francisco and Houston were awarded Super Bowl 50 & 51 (in that order) this week only telling Miami to buck up and get a new stadium. Since when does the Bay Area get a Super Bowl bid? Well, New Jersey got one, so I guess anything is possible. Charles Woodson also resigned with the the Raiders this week. I can tell one thing, that front office will not look like it did since the last time he was in a raiders uniform in the early 2000's.

Let's get to baseball quickly. Mike Trout became the youngest player to ever hit for the cycle against the Mariners on Tuesday at the age of 21. I'm 22 years old, and when guys like this do something at a younger age than me, it makes me wonder, what have I done with my life? The real question should be what is Curtis Granderson doing with his life. The dude broke his pinkie and is now out another couple weeks. Seriously, a pinkie? On the flight to Kentucky I was reading a biography on Ty Cobb, the dude would get so hurt so much that he would legitimately ignore the doctors and go play just to prove a point, not for money. Let me ask this question athletes, why doesn't it matter anymore? How come guys won't nut up and play for their teammates when they have scars all over their bodies? We are getting soft America. You know what doctors are supposed to be used for, to prevent you from dying, not to keep you from playing because you have a broken pinkie. Pa-thet-ic.

I'm here in Kentucky and I love this great state whenever I come to visit. My family is amazing, the people that I am related to all have this amazing heart of gold that I just do not seem to posses sometimes, but I can always try. On Saturday, I got to go to Churchill Downs to see real horse racing in the turf club area where the prissy people sit and overdress so much that it makes you sick to your stomach. Either way it was an honor and my uncle and I won $76 on a horse (Dowopper) betting across the board (win-place-show) on a $6 bet. One of the most thrilling things I've ever done, and it was that much better doing it with family that I know and love. I truly thank them for this entire vacation for us, and for that experience at Churchill Downs.

We talking about racing! Quickly! Tony Kanaan won the Indy 500 for the first time in his career. It took him 12 years to finally get it, but now he does! Also at the Coca-Cola 600, FOX found a way to screw it up with their overhang camera holding up the race for a good 30+ minutes. The worst part is that people got injured in this accident, hopefully they are all doing alright.

Two major things before I leave y'all, go to bed and wake up for Memorial Day, Robbie Rodgers on this date became the first openly gay player to play in the USA. He came in late in a 4-0 game for the LA Galaxy against the Seattle Sounders (in Seattle). A pretty cool thing especially considering it was done at century link field about 40 miles north of my house. Also I don't if anybody heard but the 80 year old man on Wednesday who climbed to the top of Mt. Everest, but all I can pray for is to be functional at 80.

Enjoy Memorial Day and remember those who mean most to you! Have a great week everybody!

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